Vote Totals in McHenry County

The figures below become interesting for Republican partisans on April 18th at the 7 PM Party Convention that will be held at the McHenry VFW on Route 120.

Democrats will meet at the same time at McHenry County College.

Sandra Salgado

That is where the successor to GOP County Chairman Sandra Salgado will be elected by those who were elected Precinct Committeeman in the March Primary Election.

Diane Evertsen

Current offices besides Salgado, who did not run for re-election as Precinct Committeeman, follow:

  • Vice Chairman – Steve Rooney
  • Treasurer – Chuck Sheeler
  • Secretary – Diane Evertsen

Evertsen is seeking to succeed Salgado as Chairman.

The successors of Al Jourdan organization, last having Mike Tryon as County GOP Chairman, undoubtedly will field a candidate.

When Salgado was elected, it was Mark Daniel.

Mike Bissett

Democrats will also elect a new Chairman, which they call a “Chair.”

Mike Bissett decided to step down from being Precinct Committeeman, so he, like Salgado, is ineligible Β to hold the position.

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Perhaps one of our Democratic Party readers will fill other readers in on who is running for what.


Vote Totals in McHenry County — 16 Comments

  1. If Evertsen is elected GOP Chairman a lot of Republicans that are at risk of losing their races WILL lose thier races.

    You can bet that Illinos Integrity Fund and Breaker Press are getting their mailings ready.

    Not even the “Midwest Minutemen” will be able to stop it.

    You might as well carve up a tombstone for the GOP in McHenry County.

  2. Beware of Slivertsen and Pammy Althoff!

    Daniels is the stalking horse for these two.

    Slivertsen is a strange libertarian and Althoff is a RINO

  3. Diane Everetson is a beast she does nothing to support republican values. Bye bye Everetson take terrosit orv and and geriatric looser friend Ersel with you.

  4. TaxpayerX, do you mean “Erik Sivertsen”

    Methinks he’s good on the issues. Why do you call him a ‘strange Libertarian’ does he smoke dope or something? Is he an ‘open borders’ traitor?

    I need facts! He owns or manages a gunshop in Johnsburg, so he can’t be all that loopy!

  5. We got a goofball here who disparages a very competent possible board member and senior citizen Ersel. Ersel was targeted by some group of especially Evil people who mailed derogatory post cards and flyers to McHenry County voters in District 6. These Evil people used an address in Hoffman Estates and had their post cards and flyers printed by a union print shop somewhere in Chicago. Who in McHenry County Government did not like the possible questions and criticisms by an Ersel Schuster Board Member? Hmmm? Who might benefit by not having an honest and inquisitive Ersel on the Board?

  6. Have heard nothing from the local newspaper in our County to investigate, such as Woodward and Bernstein, the nasty and untruthful flyers/post cards sent to voters showing Tirio with a mask and lies about Ersel Schuster. Guess that newspaper is too busy covering stories about high school athletes that really should be the domain of high school newspaper/news websites run by students.

  7. Brian ‘the Sag’ Sager is Pam’s political mentor. They have ‘lunched’ regularly in Lake Geneva cafes, like the Red Geranium.

    Above picture shows how ‘Sweet Bri’ is doing his damned best to effect some kinda weird, effete Quentin Crisp type impersonation. ‘Bri’ undoubtedly idolizes, Crisp, and while the resemblence may be a bit off-putting, ‘Bri’ is hardly as witty as Crisp!
    Compare Sager’s pathetic pix in above article to this one of his ‘dahling-hero’ Crisp:

  8. Ersel and Diane and orv along with tirio are all part of the group who supported nick provenzano and his gay lesbian agenda all part of Agena 21 along with gasser and the likes of
    Mcsweeney. We are being lead by a group with an agenda of agenda 21. Read about the likes of these that currently lead us down
    The dark whole.

  9. Kudos to our high school athletes, as well as to all students who exceed in academics and the educators who prepare them to succeed. In the end, may God bless public education. See a teacher? Thank a teacher! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  10. Diane, Ersel, Orv and others must have some people very worried about the light of day shining in some very dark corners judging by all of the vitriol in the remarks from Pillbox, TaxpayerX, and a person who doesn’t even have the courage to use any name.

  11. Reublican party is sitting in jacks palm. Republicans in mchenry will not have a have another leader.

  12. to Bred Winner and others inquiring about the hate mailers against Tirio and Ersel; The smiley face poster’s comments of April 12th are suspiciously similar to a letter to the NWH Editor, signed by a Crystal Lake resident. Could it be that Kevin Craver in his new employment could be a ghost writer? style and technique are familiar. NWH letter writer has been a $ contributor to a familiar politician’s campaign. Another coincidence?

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