McHenry County Salaries – Sa-Sc

Added later: Fair criticism has been levied that these figures include not only salaries, but fringe benefits.

The headline should have been “McHenry County Eemployee Compensation.”

The figures include not only salary, but also health benefits, vacation and sick pay, plus uniform allowance.

Sanchez,Maria G Office Assistant II $26,949.00
Sanchez,Rosalidia Registry – CNA $7,142.85
Sanders,Patricia L Housekeeper $12,271.35
Sandquist,Dennis A Director of Planning & Dev $152,371.96
Santeler,Anita E. Assessment Specialist II $41,094.96
Santos,Natasha I Registry – RN $15,600.00
Sarabia,Valerie Y Office Assistant II $14,901.07
Sarbaugh,Ralph A Asst County Admin – Finance $157,069.54
Sarbaugh-Mcnally,Peggy A WF Office Fiscal Mgr $72,350.62
Satkiewicz,Khalia Deputy – Union $112,588.48
Saunders,Carol A Chief Dep – Assess Officer $98,399.88
Savage,Laura J Probation Off II $63,821.58
Scarry,Michael E Court Security Ofcr – Union $66,545.92
Scharlow,Kimberly B Zoning Coordinator $65,116.74
Scharrenberg,Mark D Correctional Officer – Union $79,732.88
Scherer,Elizabeth G ZBA Mbr $5,720.00
Schlieben,Betty J Administrative Specialist III $53,730.96
Schmitt,Debra S Circuit Clerk Manager $62,558.34
Schmitt,Steven Deputy Sheriff SGT $121,823.68
Schnable,Kurt A ZBA Mbr Alt $5,720.00
Schneiderman,Patricia A Accounting Assistant I $29,991.00
Schnulle,Gary R. Systems Analyst $105,502.28
Schoen,Brian M Correctional Officer – Union $75,122.48
Schoen,Faith L Public Health Nurse CD $53,765.04
Schoen,Gregory C Systems Analyst $81,533.66
Schoen,Louis Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00
Schorsch,Jennifer C Asst Director of Nursing $67,694.12
Schrader-Chukwu,Cheryl A Human Resource Director $136,201.12
Schrei,Jeffrey C Env Health Rep $45,501.96
Schroeder,Brian C Correctional Officer – Union $106,148.88

One of the people listed on this page, Kurt Schnabel, pointed out that the compensation figure printed here is inaccurate, that it was too high.

I inquired and found that the figures are what was projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. This is based on the employee’s wage and the number of hours the position is budgeted to work in the payroll system. It doesn’t reflect actual wages.

So, in Schnable’s situation, he did not earn $5,720 for being an alternative member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

He only took home $1,430.

My apologies for not having the disclaimer at the top of each page of the report.


McHenry County Salaries – Sa-Sc — 2 Comments

  1. cal still makes more for breathing than most of these working stiffs. cal needs to send his stolen pension back to us tax payers.
    He worked less than 25 years and receives 100,000 per year.
    stupid money for such a weakling.

  2. We will forever have a debt of gratitude with our sunshine blogger. Without him and his courageous journalism, we wouldn’t know about his ugly cat, empty beer bottles, or useless campaign signs. Last but not least, who would know about Klaatu Barada Nikto without this sunshine blog? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

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