6th Congressional District Race Between Sean Casten and Peter Roskam Begins with Direct Mail

Looking at the mail in the last month resulting in finding two pieces from Congressman Peter Roskam and one from Democratic Party opponent Sean Casten.

Incumbents, of course, have a built-in advantage.

One element is the ability to use tax dollars to mail non-partisan mesaages.

As an incumbent Congressman, Peter Roskam can send out mail without paying postage. This is the envelope of his April 2nd mailing telling constituents who paid their real estate taxes that will be due in 2018 thar they could deduct them from their 2017 income tax bill.

Roskam, a top tax bill writing Republican, supported limiting property tax deductions to a maximum of $10,000 per family.

McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller was set up to take prepayments of real estate taxes, but the IRS said, “No way!”

4,150 Algonquin Township real estate taxpayers took Miller up offer to accept payments for taxes not yet billed.

That was abmost 12% of that part of McHenry County where Roskam and Casten are seeking votes.

Foskam convinced the IRS to allow prepayments of this year’s soon-to-be-issued real estate tax bills to be deducted from last year’s income taxes.

Roskam, using the free mail “franking privilege,” sent letters, dated April 2nd, telling those who had paid their 2017 property taxes in advance that IRS would allow them to deduct those payments.

Good news for such folks as me and my wife.

The April 2, 2018, letter that Congressman Peter Roskam wrote about the deductibilty of real estate taxes paid in advance in 2017.

Making sure the message got through, Roskam also sent a post card as well at taxpayer expense.

Democrat Casten sent a pre-election piece attacking Roskam on gun control.

You can see it below:

Even some Republicans received this pitch from Democrat Sean Casten to vote in the Democratic Party Primary Electoin.

The back of the pre-Primary Election mailing from Sean Casten ties Republican Peter Roskam to the National Rifle Associaiton.


6th Congressional District Race Between Sean Casten and Peter Roskam Begins with Direct Mail — 13 Comments

  1. Roskam must be scared, as he should be!

    The BIG tax deal he is touting is for one year only!

    It has been proven that most of the tax cuts went to the wealthy and the wealthy corporations are not passing them on to employees.

    Also, those tax cuts are coming in the form of more government debt.

    Pretty poor representation!

  2. What a clever way to spend our tax dollars on his reelection campaign!

  3. Casten won’t get many votes out of McHenry County with that message.

  4. The usual nonsense spewed by a Democrat on guns.

    In fact, Democrat Obama and his administration made it harder for a gun dealer to deny sale of the gun to the Florida school shooter with their Promise program that was implemented in the school involved.

    Without the Promise program, the gun dealer would have seen that the boy shooter had a police record and would have denied the gun sale.

  5. Peter Roskam margin of victories over his Democrat opponents in U.S. House Races:

    2006 2%
    2008 16%
    2010 27%
    2012 18%
    2014 34%
    2016 18%

    Not even close in last 5 races. Given the usual boiler plate claptrap used by the current Democrat opponent of Roskam, there is no reason to believe that Casten has a chance to win.

  6. voting for Peter Roskam…only because he supports The NRA and the NRA supports him…..

  7. so he’s a democrap. he’ll take plenty money from unions! madigan, franks, abortionists and from US if he wins.
    Vote Roskam!

  8. Excellent! My conclusion is that given the margin of victory in the last 4 congressional elections, there is no reason to believe republicans will be swept next November…really? Hear the whisper. Lean forward. It’s the blue wave coming our way next November. It’s unstoppable, and overwhelming. My dear Peter, please update your résumé. They need help in the pizzeria right across the street from where I live. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  9. Wishful thinking by left wingers and Democrats about a so-called “Blue-Wave” that is promoted by the mostly left wing and Democrat loving main stream media. The sheepile and the useful idiots are the ones likely to believe this nonsense. If you tell a lie long enough, the gullible among us will believe it.

  10. Pete’s salutation to the Skinners shows the high regard and the careful attention given to letters to his constituents. Doesn’t it?

  11. Gus Philpott: quit sniffing bicycle seats at the Cary Library!

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