Dems Cancel Tax March

Not quite sure whether Democrats planned to march in favor of progressive income taxes for Illinois or against the income tax revision passed by the Republican Congress and signed by President Trump.

In any event, it was to be this afternoon at the Woodstock Square, but has been cancelled.

Here is what the McHenry County Democratic Party postedf:

EVENT CANCELLED  In the interests of safety, the Tax March for Woodstock Square has been canceled.  If you must travel, please be careful out there.

Instead, check out Tax March events happening across the country:

Looking at the event’s logo, I guess it was aimed at Trump.


Dems Cancel Tax March — 10 Comments

  1. I hope they’re not accepting the extra money they’re getting in their paychecks due to the tax cuts they’re protesting!

  2. The Trump tax reform act actually made Federal taxes much more progressive.

    Young people, renters, and those with children will pay significantly lower taxes.

    Upper middle class and rich people with large homes pay a higher burden.

    I wish democrats would be honest about this.

  3. Your 5:36 post didn’t show up right away on my computer.

    I thought Kohl-Aid was a deliberate shout out to the communist former Senator from Wisconsin.

  4. The global warming hucksters protest was cancelled due to snow/ice in Mid April! Love it!

  5. Russelville? It might be funny, except that the hucksters are the ones perpetrating the fake weather.

  6. What was going to be the purpose of the Democrat Tax March? Boiler plate narrative of the Democrat Party, left wingers, Bernie Sanders followers and kooks is to bash the rich. The rich don’t pay enough, the rich don’t pay their fair share, the rich get all the breaks, blah, blah, blah.

    Thank high income earners for paying the bulk of federal taxes. In 2015, those who had adjusted gross incomes over $195,000 per year paid 60 percent of the Federal taxes collected by the IRS BUT only accounted for 36 percent of all income.

    See a high income earner? Thank her or him. These people overwhelmingly contribute more than their fair share needed to run our federal Government.

  7. ^Not billionaire Pritzker who hides his money offshore. That’s who Democrats in McHenry County and statewide picked to take on Rauner and Trump. Very principled, very progressive.

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