Illinos Leaks Criticizes NWH for Not Asking for Comment on Its FOIA Lawsuit Against Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik

The following article from Illinois Leaks is re-published with permission:

Algonquin Township – Blame-shifting coupled with deficient reporting leaves public clueless

McHenry Co. (ECWd)-In yet another example of why the general public is so fed up with their local government, we only need to look at what those officials tell the media and how information is being reported.On November 23rd, 2017, I sent a follow-up email to Karen Lukasik after her clear attempt at denying production of phone records.

I made my point very clear.

“Unlike other FOIA requesters you may have dealt with, I do not play games nor mess with AG complaints except for the truly questionable responses, of which yours are not.  We simply file lawsuits.”

Now that we did exactly what we said we would do six months ago, the local press [Northwest Herald] reports: “The latest legal barb comes from the Edgar County Watchdogs…“.  

Considering we were never contacted for any comment on the matter it comes across as a hit against us.

The latest “legal barb” comes from the Algonquin Township Clerk not doing her job, not us.

We warned her we do not play games and would file a lawsuit if she continued to play games with her responses that included misrepresentations, excuses, and outright ignoring of our requests.

Had we been asked, the public could have been informed of this fact in the original story.

Now that we have done exactly what we told her we would do, she makes this statement, and of course, the press reported it without a single question to us.

“This is just another political vendetta, which is wasting taxpayer dollars, and for what?

What do the Edgar County Watchdogs have to do with Algonquin Township, and are they paying for this suit?

I’d like to know who they have colluded with on the inside to file this,” Lukasik said in a text message.

“Quite frankly, this silliness needs to stop. Threats of lawsuits every other day, and it doesn’t seem to be ending.”

Political vendetta?

How on earth this is a vendetta is beyond me as we don’t have any ties to Alqonquin Township in any fashion.

I can only wonder who this claimed vendetta is against?

What we do know, this montre of “political vendetta” has been the drumbeat ever since the malfeasance from the past Road District administration was exposed.

The political infighting appears to be caused by nothing short of the elected officials who have either not done their job, not doing their job, or refuse to learn their job.

As a local government accountability non-profit, we have investigations going on all across the state.

We have approximately ten lawsuits in this state currently involving everything from local government to our State Auditor General for violating FOIA.

Those who know our work know we are not political with our work nor do we get involved in political infighting.

We expose malfeasance and do our best to hold those responsible accountable.

Are we paying for this suit?

Initially yes, however, thanks to the Clerk not doing her job and not providing the records as requested and in compliance with the law, it will be the taxpayers that pay for it as the law provides attorney fees to the prevailing party.

One of our recent lawsuits with Clark County Park District cost us over $9,000.00 initially.

The result, much like we expect in this case, the public body wrote a check after the appellate court ruled 3-0 in our favor.

That is a message for those that missed it.

Statewide, we don’t have a lot of faith in the local court system as it is very political with ties to those very public bodies we are exposing.

That tends to get rulings that are political rather than legal, thus our willingness to take things to the higher court.

Lukasik insinuates we have “colluded” with someone on the inside.

This statement is an attempt at deflecting from the real problem.

Karen Lukasik

The Clerk did not comply with FOIA, nor did the Attorney responding to FOIAs in violation of the law.

We have sued both the Township and the Road District so who on earth is it that she thinks we have colluded with and how on earth would that affect her failure at compliance?

What we do know, we have not colluded with anyone on the inside or outside.

We asked for certain records and the Clerk failed in her duties to respond in accordance with the law.

This silliness needs to stop?

Compliance with providing public records is not silly in the eyes of the courts.

This clerk took an oath to uphold the laws of this state and it’s clear she has not done that.

What is silly, is how none of these facts get reported to the people.

I did send this statement to the local reporter this morning.

“If you have questions and want accurate reporting on our involvement, please provide any questions you have and we will respond in writing.”

We suggest the Clerk get a mirror and take a hard look at it before blaming others for her own malfeasance.

Our other suggestion is that people take a hard look at what they are being fed from local media, as more often than not it is nothing but reporting what someone told them with very little, to no, fact-checking.

That fact-checking is where you expose how ridiculous statements as Lukasik’s really are.

That is the real story!

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Illinos Leaks Criticizes NWH for Not Asking for Comment on Its FOIA Lawsuit Against Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik — 17 Comments

  1. I’ve read the story in the NWH, it doesn’t sound like a hit piece unless this is really the issue:

    “Since he took office in May, Supervisor Charles Lutzow said Algonquin Township has received more than 90 FOIA requests from numerous parties. He declined to comment for this story.
    The records requests asked for surveillance footage; protective orders; credit card transactions and billings; phone bills; the board meeting agenda and minutes from Aug. 8, 2008; resolutions regarding the salaries of public officials; annual reports from former Highway Commissioner Bob Miller; a letter detailing Miller’s accumulated sick time in office; Miller’s emails; contracts; and subpoenas, according to the complaint.”

    The surveillance footage some judge has control over, at least most of it, the rest Chuck or Gasser have.
    Contracts since when, all of them since his first election?
    Sick time letter has been on this blog a few times?
    All the annual reports?
    Resolutions on wages?
    Etc etc etc?
    I’d call that piling on!
    A legal barb for sure.

  2. Ah yes, there’s that “transparency” issue that always
    bedevils those who have something nefarious to hide.

    You can run but you cannot hide, Karen.
    Sooner or later the inevitable will be exposed.

  3. Nob, come on. You think the FOIA request for which “contracts” wasn’t specified, because the NWH didn’t print it? The “sick time letter” exists then, but the blog is more trustworthy than a FOIA? I saw someone comment that the requests work out to be 2 per week, (given the figure is correct). Piling on? The ECWD’s aren’t personally invested, they are an unbiased government corruption exposure group. I’ve seen reports from them on many different IL counties.

  4. Nob, regardless of intent, the requests for information are lawful and must be complied with.
    Failing to comply is illegal, and therefore the ECWd suit is the result not of their “piling on” but due to an elected official refusing to comply with the law.
    If you don’t like that our state requires transparency, run for office yourself and submit bills to change it.
    I find it odd that anyone would come to the defense of the one person who could have avoided this suit in the first place by knowing and performing her job without objection.
    Maybe the clerk knows something but no one has offered her any form of immunity.
    At this point, she’s probably too toxic.

  5. Waltz it anyway ya want, but the Dog’s are piling on to the already over the top amount of legal fees that just continues to grow.
    The April 18th legal meeting with the union should be enlightening also.

  6. That’s how you get taken seriously: you tell the other side “don’t play games.” LOL

  7. Maybe the NWH was denied permission by the current County Board Chairman to contact the Edgar County Watchdogs. It would appear he controls the editorial policy of the NWH and even runs the County GOP.

  8. Just a random thought: Edgar County Watchdogs should consider changing their name. It does lead to confusion when a group with a specific place name in its name focuses its attention elsewhere.

  9. JoeK? That is probably the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on this blog. (And that is going some!)

  10. Cindy,
    The net average of what you post is 10x dumber than Joe’s post.

  11. Memo to Karen Lukasik and the Algonquin Township Board:

    Life is tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid!

    The victim card is not yours to play in this “game.”

  12. I think many on here are making the mistake of thinking that these people are just plain stupid. Basic understanding of evil may help you discern what is really going on. These people are desperate. All of them. They are all frantically tap dancing to make you stop asking questions. Why? Ask yourself, why?

  13. Here’s some choice replies to Clerk-Jerk Luka-SICK, from various folks:


    “No I’m not insulting you, I’m describing you.” (Alg. Township resident H. C>)


    “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” (TOI official)


    “Shock me, say something intelligent.” (A. Gasser)


    “Karen, I gave you everything! Please quit blaming me for everything! Bobby Miller!

  14. The Northworst Herald is an amaturish gossip rag that doesn’t have reporters. The ones that put their names on the articles want others to write the articles for them. They don’t cover NEWS anymore. That’s why we have to come here to get much of what’s going on!

  15. Not sure where to post this question, but as long as we’re discussing Algonquin Township and related issues – since Nunda Township hired Miller sons-in-law, Derek Lee and Andrew Rosencrans, does Nunda pay them Union wages? and, if so, aren’t their wages higher than what Nunda would be paying their current road employees? what is the hourly rate Nunda is paying Lee, and Rosencrans?

  16. Cindy nailed it. This bears repeating; “I think many on here are making the mistake of thinking that these people are just plain stupid. Basic understanding of evil may help you discern what is really going on. These people are desperate. All of them. They are all frantically tap dancing to make you stop asking questions. Why? Ask yourself, why?”

  17. Please don’t misconstrue my use of the word “stupid” in my previous post. I know that no one is THAT stupid. My use of the word is more appropriately directed to the whining and crying by Lukasik, et al. that they are at some unfair disadvantage and being picked on and them expecting the public to believe it. THAT is stupid and they shall pay dearly for it in the long run. Karma’s a b*tch and she’s working up a real storm for that group of misfits. Their reluctance to do what they are required to do is the proverbial “poking of the bear.”

    I doubt that those watchdogs are going to go away anytime soon. They have nothing to fear from the local politicians, from the idiot clerk up to the state’s attorney. They are on the outside and pi**ing in. No reason for them to stop as they don’t have to swim in this cesspool.

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