Wilbrandt Shows $129,000 Spent to Win Judicial Race

Robert WilbrandtAdding up all the expenditures in Judge RobertWilbrandt’s campaign, the total comes to $129,130.08 since he formed his committee last November.

Add in a $5,000 in-kind expenditure from Liberty Outdoor Advertising for billboards and the total rises to over $129,000.

In addition, there is a $35,000 loan from the candidate reported on April 4th.

The committee has debts from the candidate and family members of $121,000.

$26,000 is from family members.

The additional $35,000 loaned the committee from the candidate could be used to repay debts to family members.

Or there could be addition campaign bills to be paid, which might mean the total cost of the campaign could be as high as $164,000.

That would still be less than one year’s salary for the position.


Wilbrandt Shows $129,000 Spent to Win Judicial Race — 4 Comments

  1. Demetri waited too long to concentrate on his “no pension” angle.

  2. How much did Dimitri spend? He ran radio ads, online ads, tons of newspaper ads….And like a million signs.

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