Old Establishment Fields “Reform Slate”

In an email sent by McHenry County Board member Joe Gottemoller, a slate of candidates for McHenry County Republican Party officers has been revealed.

The contents of the email follows:

Introducing the Reform Party Slate.

On Wednesday night you are being asked to set the course for McHenry County Republican party.

The current executive board has had four years to build the party to their liking.

This is their results

  • 25% fewer precinct committeemen; Reduced from 169 to 129 in just the past two years.
  • 83 empty precincts.
  • 49 empty precincts in Algonquin Township.
  • 52 precincts in Algonquin Township had more Democratic votes cast in March than Republican votes
  • $1727 total Republican cash on hand. No significant funds raised since September of 2016.

$21,976 total Democratic cash on hand.

Zero the Number of meetings held with of the full Republican Central Committee since Oct 2016.

2 members on the current board are running to continue the destruction of the McHenry County Republican Party.

We need a Board that encourages open Republican participation.

We need to keep McHenry County Republican.

Vote for a New Beginning

  • Mark Daniel Chairman
  • Jim Kearns Vice chairman
  • Jim Condon Treasurer
  • Tamara Valentine-Garza Secretary

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday night.


Old Establishment Fields “Reform Slate” — 33 Comments

  1. LMAO what deceptive Ol’ Joe failed to mention is that the majorty of empty precints are in THEIR Townships! He’s in township cmte. What did he do to retain or gain PC’s in his township?
    Gottamoller couldn’t even win against Mike Walkup for Co. Board Chairman for the Republican Party so I guess I wont be taking his misguided advice.

    It’s telling that he compares our bank acct to Democrats. Yet he fails to tell what he’s done to raise money or get in-kind donations for the party.

  2. Is Jim Condon the one who contracted disgraced Alg. Hwy Cmsnr Bob Miller in order to ‘take care of one of their own’ at the taxpayers expense? Danger Wil Robinson! …Birds of a feather.

    Mark Daniel (and his wife) heavily into the Progressive, League of Women Voters? and never found helping the Republican Party? A Pam Abortion-Althoff fan. Jack Franks cohort? No thanks!

    Jim Kearns, nice enough guy, county board member but not exactly memorable for standing up for what’s right. Needs to be stronger to be considered for GOP Leadership IMHO.

    Tamara….I don’t know her so she must not show up at GOP events and fundraisers.

  3. “War is Peace”
    “Freedom Is Slavery”
    “Ignorance is Strength”

    George Orwell, 1984

  4. Crooked Joes G and Condon! Yeah, put these losers in charge! Joe G: Big LGBTQ agendaist and Condon the McHenry Township Crook! Geeeeessshh!

    –they were both Miller minions!

    Have they NO shame!?

  5. I wonder if Chairman Jack told goat mauler that those were the people that he wants running the Republican Party.

    I hope he washes off that brown ring from around his nose before the meeting.

  6. Point by point:

    (1) The reason there are fewer PC’s than in 2016 is that the true Reform people were trying to take over the Party from 4 decades of Jourdanism and corruption. There was not as big a push this past year.

    (2) The higher Democratic turnout had nothing to do with local Party leaders and everything to do with the top of the tickets in the respective parties and the fact that this is a mid term election with a Republican President in the White House and a Republican Governor. That nearly always energizes the party not in power at the top. Primary voter turnout was also much lower than 2 years ago.

    (3) The cash on hand at any given point in time is meaningless. This time of year there is typically not much in the piggy bank until the run up to the Fall elections gets going. It’s how much the Party has in October that counts, not April.

    If the Return of the Good Ole Boy Jourdanaire wannabes is successful, they will be on hand to witness the possible loss of what used to be considered “safe” GOP congressional seats, especially Roskam’s and maybe even Hultgren’s, so they can explain that one in 2 years. Be careful what you wish for.

  7. Tamara Valentine-Garza?! No way José!

    She’s a Hillaryite, taxaholic and downright lazy-a**

  8. Landshark is right, but there’s a little bit more to it. Jacko Franks & Co. importing tens of thousands of Section 8 people from Chicago’s West and South sides.

    Look what they’ve turned the local schools into!

  9. Just observing:
    This group has three men and one woman
    Three caucasians, one Middle Easterner (Mark Daniel)
    All approx the same age group.
    None are heavily involved in the GOP but all are the minimum requirement of being PCs (with exception of Tamara being Sec of Norwest)
    Two elected paid positions (county board and township hwy cmsnr) and two regular working people.

    The other group is 3 women and one man.
    Three Caucasians, one Black.
    Three working people, one Retiree.
    One Senior, two middle aged, one younger.
    Two local business owners, one wife of a local business owner.
    Three heavily involved in local GOP and one somewhat newcomber PC, and Candidate.
    Two county employees (County Board, Acting Co. Auditor) and all four are county volunteers (PC, MCC Trustees, Dorr Leadership, Current County GOP Treasurer, Current County GOP Secretary-Acting Chairperson)
    Three Elected, one taking over vacated elected position and will be running in Nov for an elected countywide position.

  10. Tamara Valentine-Garza?! Did she not lose the position of Township Supervisor for personal use of a government owned vehicle – a bus – to transport her family to a wedding in Wisconsin?

    Condon hires Miller.

    Did Kearns not run for County Board because he want Ag zoning for his dog food business?

    Gottemoller (another lackey for Althoff for Franks) , was he not involved in some questionable activity in Oakwood Hills?

    We all know why Daniels wants the job of Chairman and it is not to ‘grow’ the GOP!

    Bottom line: We have an attorney putting forward a “Slate” which is clearly a violation of County GOP bylaws – but then who cares, he works for the “round mound” who is a professional at ignoring rules.

  11. I don’t know if that is actually happening Rickey nor do I know that they register to vote and actually show up at a usually low turnout primary. To get marginal people to vote you have to have an organized GOTV effort. I think that Franks was focused on influencing the GOP primary not ginning up Democratic primary voters.

    Even Speaker Ryan is deserting the sinking GOP national ship. When the Speaker of the House, who was a past VP candidate and hasn’t even been there all that long decides to bail, you know there is a problem.

    All politics has become national and the local elections mostly reflect national sentiment these days.

    The local GOP is really a virtual non factor at this point. They did virtually nothing for anybody under Chairman Salgado either. Diane and Co. may breathe some life back into it, but the Daniels crowd certainly won’t and may even collude with Franks.

  12. I can’t wait to vote against Daniels and Jack’s valet, Joe Goatboy, J.D. (Jack’s Dummy.

    It will be a PLEASURE!

  13. Isn’t the GOP Party meeting tomorrow night? Who is this Reform Slate Party? Where are they meeting because maybe someone can take pictures and get to know this new Reform Party! The only person worth while on that new party is Kearns. He is the most Republican of the Reform Party! Unfortunately the problem is that people like Gottemoller, Skala, Nowak, Kopsell, Bates, Aavang, Smith, McCann, Reinert, Jung all are cowards to Jack Franks. They are not for Republican values. Now throw Althoff into the mix by voting for this Equal Rights. It is all a disguise! Wasteful spending is all they are! Wonder where they all stand on the 2nd Amendment? Should get a poll from them!

  14. Interesting and valid reply from Republican PC John Pletz regarding Gottemoller’s email and his choices for Leadership. I’d also like to know the answers to John’s inquiries: seems rather clear that Gottemoller thinks his picks will be tolerant of RINOs and do-nothing’s (and perhaps they may even make a wenker like Gottemoller look good) see below


    I’ve not met anyone one of these folks. Mark did call me over the weekend to introduce himself. I’ve walked my precinct many, many times, stuffed envelopes many times and walked in Demetri and Joe Tirio’s parade in McHenry. I’ve been at 2 recent events at the Lake in the Hills airport, including the Corned Beef and Cabbage event last month. I’ve been to many fundraisers and candidate events. GOP Headquarters many, many times and Algonquin PC meetings and the Lincoln Day dinner last year, when Governor Rauner spoke. I don’t remember anyone of these people being at any of these places. Who are they?

    The property taxes in McHenry County are the 2nd highest in the state. When I tell people I’m republican, they say the taxes are high because the Republicans are running our county. I tell them we want to cut taxes and they say, then why haven’t you?

    Are these the old Republican party that was in control in the past?

    God bless and let’s make it a great day,


  15. Condon as Treasurer? I will send cal his recent Home foreclosure.

  16. Dear Fellow Precinct Committeemen and Candidates,

    As you probably heard, I would like to be a part of the county leadership central committee team. If nominated, I would appreciate your vote. When our Chairman in Dorr Township left town I bacame chairman. I held meetings, obtained postage /supply assistance for PCs, offered proofreading for PC letters, asked permission to submit Letters to the blog, held candidate forums that extended to statewide candidates – all with no money in our budget! While chairman, I was also able to recruit 2 PCs and assisted another in getting elected. All three are quality individuals who are looking to do more! They’ll be volunteering to run for Leadership positions within Dorr Township!

    If I am fortunate enough to be nominated and then elected as County GOP Secretary, you have my pledge that I will gladly work with anyone who is chosen as Leadership. The time for building bridges is long overdue within our Party. I’m just a board within a bridge. We need all other necessary and flexible parts to make it possible to usher our Republicans past the finish line. We should never expect perfection but continually look toward improvement.

    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing you at Convention tomorrow night,
    Karen Tirio

  17. Ricky Ricardo said:

    “Jacko Franks & Co. importing tens of thousands of Section 8 people from Chicago’s West and South sides.at”

    What are you talking about Ricky? Give us some facts and details.

  18. No thanks Karen Nina Tirio you are not the right person to represent my conservative values. In the primary you were willing to break the rules to help your husband and your own agenda. If fact agenda 21 seems right up your alley. No thanks I will not vote for you or your group of misfits.

  19. Dear Mrs. Tirio: What is you detailed plan to help and support undocumented immigrants in our good old fashioned McHenry county? I understand it will be hard to surpass Lakewood’s president but you can try…Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  20. The proper term is foreign nationals.

    The good people of the United States should spare no effort to make sure that they can be returned to their homelands as soon as possible.

  21. No “reform” in the reform party slate, just echos of Al Jourdan in a slate of township officials.

  22. The mostly left wing media, Democrat politicians and the useful idiot citizens of the U.S. use the term “undocumented immigrants” in place of the proper term “invaders” or “illegal aliens”. These people are .dangerous and dumb. A threat to our nation because of their stupidity,

  23. http://www.nwherald.com/2018/04/17/mchenry-county-republican-party-to-choose-new-leaders/aypkfoo/
    “To Daniel, the McHenry County GOP has lacked direction and vision under the leadership of Salgado, who many Republican insiders have described as a “shadow.””
    From the County Salaries: Salgado,Sandra F., Assistant Administrator, $110,345.48
    Sheriff Prim made a smart political move I’d say, and the nice clothing allowance Sandra gets isn’t bad either.
    Maybe the Sheriff’s department should be consolidated into the IL State police to cut the waste of having The Shadow?

  24. Today we find out which Republican committeemen are as ignorant and gullible as a majority of the voters they represent.

    Two reasons for the lack of committeemen in some precincts:
    1. Bruce Rauner 2. Who wants to get involved with Democrat wanna bees (no insult to the insect intended) like “Joe” (long last name)?

  25. Jason Billin’s comment is a great endorsement for Karen Tirio. It’s clear that anyone Jason attacks with lies, and name calling is a person well deserving to lead the GOP.

  26. PreguntaInsidiosa has great insight. The Jeanne Ives campaign motivated those that were still engaged after Rauner’s was considered a Traitor to his base. and since Ives lost, they’re finding it hard to hold their nose and vote for Traitor Rauner. Come election time, they will opt for that over the guarenteed fail in not voting and allowing Pritzker to be the last nail in IL’s coffin!

  27. Pritzker is from a family having many, many members each of which are multi billionaires. Could he and his family voluntarily make yearly payments to the Illinois State IRS to help pay the lavish pensions of government and teachers pensioners?

  28. There’s no need to wonder why these folks have no pictures. They’re never at any Republican events!
    Like PC Pletz says ‘I don’t even know these people!’ They sure weren’t out helping the Republican Party.

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