Number of Petition Signatures Needed to Township Abolition Petitions

The township abolition bill that State Rep. David McSweeney got passed Tuesday talks of two methods to trigger a referendum.

The first would allow a township board to schedule one.

That is what probably happen in McHenry Township, where township government opponent Bob Anderson can probably muster the needed three votes.

It is unlikely any other townships will follow that example.

That being the case, citizens who would like to save the 10% mandated by the prospective law will have to pass petitions.

The table below shows the number of needed signatures in each of McHenry County’s seventeen townships.



Some may think providing this information is way ahead of the game.

To them, I would point out that a member of the Senate Democratic Party Leadership, Terry Link, is Senate sponsor of McSweeney’s bill.

That means it will pass, leaving only Governor Bruce Rauner’s signature before it becomes law.

And, why is Link sponsoring the bill?

Here are two reasons:

  • townships are often the farm team for Republican candidates
  • Democrat Jack Franks would play a dominant role in the duties of abolished township governments into McHenry County government

Rauner has made a big deal about consolidation, of the lack of necessity for the tremendous number of local governments. so a bill signing is expected.

The deadline for filing the township abolition petitions is August 20th.


Number of Petition Signatures Needed to Township Abolition Petitions — 21 Comments

  1. People in Algonquin Township probably want to be “ahead of the game” so to speak. It might be preferable to paying half a million dollars in legal fees, an expense budgeted at 15,000…

  2. I’m sure someone will correct me if I misread it, but does not the 5% number apply to the “comparable election” portion?

    Meaning: do the 5% figures from a primary election apply if the goal is to have a referendum on a general election ballot, or would the 5% figure have to be determined by the last general election in order to qualify as a “comparable” election?

  3. I don’t know how Rachael got it. But she’s acquired some kind of super power, for attracting hot-take, pundit class f’wits like Jason

  4. That’s easy D J. She is hated by the Miller sycophants because she knows how to use her brains. They are seething with jealousy.

  5. AND Once again nob proves what a total idiot he is. Now he is making up numbers for a math no one understands.

  6. No, It’s Really More Like Rachael was the product of a Homeschooling Gone Wrong!
    DJ, I’m going to Bend over now so you can KISS MY A$$!!

  7. Jason! You are a bigger idiot than nob. How’d you get that dumb? That is quite a feat!

  8. No, Honey I think you win that award. You Can Kiss it too Sweety!!

  9. Jason, don’t get so angry.

    I’m just an outside agitator, here to trample on idiots.

  10. Poor little Jason has been triggered once again, and when that happens
    he will always express himself by ranting deranged and obscene immature insults.

    Such a little man with an even littler I.Q. but great entertainment for us all to enjoy.

  11. DJ You really are just a patsy with a passion for following wanna be political wanna bees.
    Did I spoil your evening because I commented on your friend Rachael?
    Pucker Up Sunshine!!

  12. And Honest Ape to the Rescue!!
    Pucker Up ABE! Ha,AH hahahahahahahah

  13. Cindy, in the last AT primary there was about 8000 votes cast.
    The last general election a little over 6000 voted.
    Depending on what numbers are used, 5% is somewhere between 300 and 400 for the petition which is what Rachael was suggesting.

  14. Townships are Great!

    Those who do not understand a thing, hate them!

    Township haters are fools!

    We NEED MORE TOWNSHIPS in IL, not less.

    Anderson is certifiable!

  15. I will get 100 sigs from my angry neighbors in a flash.

    When I heard Iron Mike Lesperance hired the rotton ‘Disneyland crook’ Bob Miller, I blew my cork!

    I voted for Lesperance … he only won by 3 votes!

    I shall never do so again!

  16. The bill says the last comparable election, which Rep. McSweeney says would be the General Election four years ago when stateside officials were on the ballot.

  17. zz? I think there is a lot of buyer’s remorse going on these days. Has nothing to do with townships. Has to do with liars and fakers.

  18. Cindy, Townships are a real nests of stinking high corruption.

    Too many taxing layers of government have impoverished me. I can’t sell my house thanks to the high taxes.

    I urge all to really look at the township racket and look at their golden pensions ……….. and look at your wallet.

    Did you know Nunda township paves the driveways of certain people for free? What’s that all about? Call Lesperance and see if he’ll give you stuff for votes.

    Something must give.

  19. New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation on average, yet has only 1344 units of gov compared to IL with 7000.
    There is no correlation of number of units of gov to high property taxes.
    New York has the highest total taxation and has way fewer units of gov than IL.

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