Fire Death in Harvard

From the Harvard Police Department:

Fire/Death Investigation

On 04-19- 2018 at 0315 hrs Harvard Police and the Harvard Fire Protection District responded to 405 E. Blackman St in regards to a fire in the basement of the residence.

Hebron and Capron Rescues, Marengo, Woodstock, McHenry and Sharon (WI) Fire Departments responded to assist.

Two children (m/10 year and f/14 yoa) and one adult (f/55 yoa) escaped theĀ fire.

A victim was located in the basement and was declared deceased on theĀ scene.

The incident is under investigation.


Fire Death in Harvard — 7 Comments

  1. Was residence equipped with working smoke alarms and perhaps a fire extinguisher ?

    When stories like this are reported this info is all to often left out do to
    the laziness of the reporting media.

    When seconds count working smoke/Co alarms often can be the difference between life and death.
    So much protection for so little money is truly a bargain.

  2. Was residence housing 23+ plus mostly unrelated people in violation of housing codes? Check the water use?

    Oh, those laws aren’t enforced against illegal aliens. So, sorry!

  3. Wow assholes were weren’t illegal aliens! Not that that should matter! My mother and children made it out because of working fire alarms! We had 2 fire extinguishers, everyone was asleep, so you know how fast fire spreads! Ignorant assholes

  4. I know the family. Smoke detectors were present. There was no “illegal aliens” so, sorry!

  5. Survivors of the fire on the official police report do not match the faker’s imaginary ‘list’ here.

    Why do you lie?

  6. Anybody know what caused the fire and if the family had renter’s insurance?

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