Shannon Teresi Gets GOP Fall Ballot Nod for McHenry County Auditor

McHenry County Board member Jim Kearns was one of the first to congratulate Shannon Teresi on her selection to represent Republicans as their County Auditor candidate in Nobember.  Both are elected Republican Committeemen in Grafton Township.

On Tuesday, Chief Deputy Auditor Shannon Teresi was voted Board to serve out the remaining months of retired County Auditor Pam Palmer’s term by the McHenry County Board.

She was nominate by Democratic Party Board Chairman after GOP members made it clear that

  1. they would not support anyone else and
  2. that they were not about to vote to put a referendum on the ballot to abolish the elected office.

Wednesay night, Teresi won unanimous approval of the McHenry County Central Committee to be its candidate for Auditor this fall.

The nomination came in a separate meeting after Republican Precinct Committeemen elected leaders for the next two years.

Democrats have not named anyone to run for the office.


Shannon Teresi Gets GOP Fall Ballot Nod for McHenry County Auditor — 18 Comments

  1. Poor Jim, The breath is overwhelming I know.
    And the dark roots, what’s up with the 2 tone hairdo?

  2. Truth be told here, Shannon Teresi is no more than cheep Gutter trash. A Knock off If you Will.
    Pam palmer’s Pick of the crop here who has No Idea How the Job is Done.
    I’ve worked with Shannon in the past and can tell you 1st hand, she’s a follower Not a Leader.

  3. Congratulations Shannon a job well done. Thank you for stepping up ro the plate. Looking forward to your victory in November!

  4. Congrats to Shannon! I’m confident she will serve the county well.

  5. I bet Murmuring Mutton Is That O’l Douche Pam.
    Pam The Scam!
    Quit spamming, Pam the Scam!

  6. Jason Billin: Who are you? Iron Mike, the township loafer? Get a real job!

  7. Perhaps others will join me in wondering about the lack of courage you show by levying such insults without revealing your name.

  8. The insults flung at this woman are pretty appalling even for this group. Bad breath? Evil Filth? Cheap gutter trash? What a charming group Cal. Don’t you have a ‘delete’ button?

  9. JoeK? You are very close to making the evil filth list. You completely misunderstood that comment on purpose! NO one was naming this young woman as evil filth. The thing about stupid is they have no idea they are stupid!

  10. The county board members are united in the fact that Shannon Teresi is the best choice for Auditor!

  11. And yet “Jason”, you’re here everyday. You know Cal was given custody because his ex made all that up. Cheap lying shot, but then Gain, that’s all you do. How do you type while your lips are suctioned to Jack Franks ass? LOL

  12. Jason Billin, Anger Management is where you should be, you are getting pretty creepy with you slander, based on lies.

  13. Billin are you Jack Franks oldest brat?

    The one who’s called (or was called) ‘the little Prince?’

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