John Jung to Lead Dorr Township GOP

Karen Tirio

Three Township Republican Central Committees elected officers Wednesday night.

Today, we will look at the results in Dorr Township, which is comprised mainly of Woodstock and Bull Valley.

Karen Tirio, who was elected Secretary of the McHenry County GOP, had served as Dorr Township Chairman.

Before the township election, Tirio told the Committeemen that she had done the following in the last year and a half when she served as Dorr Township Chairman:

  • Held multiple meetings
  • Recruited 3 quality PCs who are already thirsting for more responsibility
  • Offered supplies
  • Obtained postage for PC’s letters
  • Submitted PC’s letters for publication
  • Hosted statewide Candidate forum in a large venue with food/drink, invited all county PCs to attend

and did it all with no budget.

She told the Committeemen that she hoped that whoever was her successor would be willing to at least offer the same assistance to Committeemen.

John Jung

McHenry County Board member John Jung beat McHenry County Board member Michael Rein for Chairman.

Tina Hill

Tina Hill, former McHenry County Board Chairwoman, was elected over newcomer Richard Rostron for Vice Chairman.

Cynthia Hemauer was elected Secretary without opposition.

Samuel Reuter was elected Treasurer without opposition.


John Jung to Lead Dorr Township GOP — 5 Comments

  1. The Republican Party in McHenry is a joke.

    Only the Midwest Minutemen can save us!!!

  2. Tina “Big as a” Hill back????

    Yikes! She was Pam Althoff’s chauffeur.

    She drinks to forget.

  3. Not onion-head Jung. Please.

    He’s clueless. And he’s a deceitful sob.

    His financial statements are something that need scrutiny.

  4. Personal financial statements? Because we don’t have a right to see those unless they become public due to bankruptcy.

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