How GOP Committeemen Voted in the County Convention

In a massive step toward transparency, newly-elected Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen has released who voted for Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary at Wednesday’s Rep;ublican Central Committee Convention.  (Treasurer Rachael Lawrence was elected by acclamation.)

Plane Alan ALD 1 260 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Venezio Thomas ALG 2 98 Evertsen Kearns Tirio
Skinner jr Cal ALG 7 88 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Cosler Jim ALG 12 103 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Heuel Rita M ALG 13 87 Evertsen Kearns Tirio
Lawrence Rachel ALG 21 93 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Penze Jackie ALG 23 145 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Gibbons Robert ALG 27 67 Evertsen Wheeler Garza
Pletz John ALG 35 111 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Covenah Rodney ALG 41 130 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Robertson Sandra “Sandy” ALG 43 112 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Mader Gary ALG 54 120 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Swanson Glen ALG 62 115 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Carlson Jackie BUR 3 159 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Miller Glenda L CHE 1 162 Daniels Kearns Garza
Matteson William CHE 2 183 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
O’Neill John CHE 3 99 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Hayden Michael P CHE 5 208 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Naylor Roger H COR 1 177 Daniels Kearns Garza
Damisch William COR 2 164 Evertsen Kearns Tirio
Kearns James (Jim) COR 3 146 Daniels Kearns Garza
Rein Michael DOR 1 91 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Rostron Richard A. DOR 2 94 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Hill Tina R. DOR 5 88 Daniels Kearns Garza
Tirio Karen DOR 6 74 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Hemauer Cynthia DOR 7 186 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Keefe Katherine M. DOR 8 74 Daniels Kearns Garza
Regna Daniel J DOR 10 164 Daniels Kearns Tirio
Jung jr. John P DOR 11 239 Daniels Kearns Garza
Zanck Thomas DOR 12 208 Daniels Kearns Garza
Reuter Samuel T. DOR 14 119 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Kennedy Patricia J DUN 1 282 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Skala Michael GRA 1 122 Daniels Kearns Garza
Brettman Orville GRA 4 197 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Thorsen Jeffrey T. GRA 5 80 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Wickham Fredrick W. GRA 7 164 Daniels Kearns Garza
Schofield Carolyn GRA 8 239 Daniels Kearns Garza
Rooney Daniel J GRA 10 80 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Teresi Shannon L GRA 13 135 Evertsen 0 Tirio
Cabay Kenneth GRA 18 99 Daniels Wheeler Tirio
Owens Troy C. GRA 22 82 Evertsen Wheeler 0
Hoffman Charles F. GRA 24 94 Daniels Wheeler Tirio
Camp Joseph GRA 26 208 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Jeske William GRE 1 152 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
McCleary Michael J GRE 2 178 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Goetz Henry GRE 7 198 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Evertsen Diane HAR 1 176 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Sylvester Richard J. HAR 2 167 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Shepherd Mark HEB 1 182 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Fontana LeRoy HEB 2 146 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Randazzo Ross MCH 1 137 Daniels Wheeler Garza
Grubich Jamie L. MCH 2 153 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Macrito John MCH 3 143 Daniels Wheeler Garza
Wallace Craig Allen MCH 4 240 Daniels Kearns Garza
Ziemann Joseph W. MCH 5 89 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Kaminski Michael T. MCH 6 170 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Freund Roger MCH 7 82 Daniels Kearns Garza
Anderson Bob MCH 8 83 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Henry Robert “Bob” MCH 9 148 Daniels Wheeler Tirio
Mullaly Lawrence MCH 10 141 Daniels Kearns Garza
Vick Adam MCH 12 112 Daniels Kearns Garza
Rakestraw Mike MCH 13 93 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Rooney Steven MCH 15 189 Evertsen 0 Tirio
Foreman Gregory L. MCH 16 190 Daniels Kearns Garza
Cocks Judy K MCH 17 139 Daniels Wheeler Tirio
Novak Bruce MCH 18 77 Daniels Kearns Garza
Draffkorn Sue MCH 19 80 Daniels Kearns Garza
Marsala Sam MCH 20 90 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Wheeler Charles “Chuck” MCH 21 177 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Obara Ronald J MCH 22 40 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Adams Craig M MCH 23 70 Daniels Kearns Garza
Glab Andrew “Andy” MCH 26 81 Daniels Wheeler Tirio
Donald Kirk M. MCH 27 162 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Schurrer Christopher G.A. MCH 28 60 Daniels Wheeler Tirio
Sivertsen Erik MCH 29 63 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Condon James E. MCH 30 165 Daniels Kearns Garza
Barla Gary MCH 31 123 Daniels Kearns Garza
Nelson Marsha A. MCH 33 83 Daniels Kearns Garza
Wilcox Craig MCH 34 271 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Keller Brian J. MCH 35 146 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Franzke Justin NUN 1 183 Daniels Kearns Garza
Borchert Robert L NUN 2 99 Evertsen Kearns Garza
Bartnick Brian NUN 4 91 Daniels Kearns Garza
Parrish Timothy J NUN 5 90 Daniels Wheeler Tirio
Lesperance Michael A NUN 6 157 Daniels Kearns Garza
Jennings Kelvin “Lee” NUN 7 71 Daniels Kearns Garza
Napier Spring NUN 8 80 Daniels Kearns Garza
Ofenlock Erik NUN 9 90 Daniels Kearns Garza
Wright James L. NUN 10 146 Daniels Kearns Garza
Daniel Mark Daniel NUN 11 96 Daniels Kearns Garza
McClellan Mary E NUN 12 138 Daniels Kearns 0
Parrish Robert W NUN 13 52 Daniels Kearns Tirio
Vinton Norm NUN 14 160 Daniels Wheeler Tirio
Gottemoller Joseph “Joe” NUN 15 251 Daniels Kearns Garza
Tynis Karen NUN 16 82 Daniels Kearns Garza
Ladd Jeffrey (Jeff) NUN 18 113 Daniels Kearns Garza
van Alstine Andrew “Andy” NUN 19 207 Daniels Kearns Garza
Kenneally Colleen NUN 20 124 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Smith Joni NUN 21 196 Daniels Kearns Tirio
Dowd Eric NUN 24 120 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Ruhnke Margaret NUN 25 86 Daniels Kearns Garza
Shafer Jerry NUN 26 77 Daniels Kearns Garza
Singer Josh NUN 27 87 Daniels Kearns Garza
Parat Elizabeth NUN 28 53 Daniels Kearns Garza
Gonsiorek Nancy L NUN 29 63 Daniels Kearns Garza
Vonderhaar Reva Jean RIC 1 232 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Meyer Matthew RIC 2 186 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Valentine-Garza Tamara A RIC 3 62 Daniels Kearns Garza
Bishop Steven RIC 4 255 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Schnable Kurt A RIL 1 316 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Franklin Tonya J SEN 1 210 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio
Berry J. Dale SEN 2 231 Evertsen Wheeler Tirio

Those sixteen elected Precinct Committeemen who did not attend the Convention follow:

They represented 1,889 Republican voters.

Kurtz Donna ALG 10 101
Majewski Lou Anne ALG 16 142
Cardelli Mary E. ALG 18 81
Ebert Debra ALG 28 109
Pirovano Peggy ALG 40 54
Marhoefer Eileen I. ALG 51 171
Ryan Lisa M ALG 66 66
Haslwanter Frank GRA 3 39
Poznanski Tom GRA 28 68
Klasen Barbara A GRE 3 128
Tenglin Charles H (Tuna) MAR 2 114
Zierer David Wm MAR 3 205
Althoff Pamela MCH 11 158
Samuel Paul MCH 14 130
Provenzano Nick NUN 17 155
Johnson Don NUN 22 168


How GOP Committeemen Voted in the County Convention — 12 Comments

  1. I can understand Nick Provenzano not going.

    But Her Royal Highness, Do-Nothing RINO Senator Pam ‘The Scam’ Althoff, did the math and realized she’d be toast.

    So loser Daniels didn’t have to stage a last minute exit to allow Her Majesty Pam the dying Al Jourdan vote.

  2. I will never vote for Norm Vinton again for Nunda committeeman!

    He told me, personally, he was going to vote for Evertson.

  3. Garza got ZERO votes from her colleagues in Richmond Township. –That sorta tells you something!

    Look who all the ‘Bad/Rotten Apples’ voted for: McClellan (Nunda 12)
    Condon (McH 30)
    Jung (Dor 11)
    Ladd (Nunda 18)
    Hill (Dor 5)
    Draffkorn (McH 19)

  4. Who the hell cares! Colleen start smelling the coffee! Condon and Jung are the sickos that wreck everything. Althoff is even worse. They aren’t Republicans. They are fakes. Why aren’t they expelled from the GOP? They whine and sneer.

  5. We are headed in the right direction starting with transparency and the release of the results of this vote, it was a particularly sweet honor to cast my vote for Chairwoman!


  6. Transparency would have allowed both candidates to address the committeeman on election night.

    Maybe then the new chairman could have addressed her affiliation with the Midwest Minutemen and how she was going to make sure that the views of that organization we’re properly administered by the precinct committeeman in McHenry County.

  7. Transparency?

    This is about who is loyal to the winners and who is not.

    This is a bloodletting.

    Glenda Miller I would sharpen that resume.

  8. Pillbox, yes a 2 minute intro would have been a good thing to do, for the PCs that didn’t know who was running.

    Or for those who had heard the names but didn’t know anything about the candidates.

    You’d have to be living under a rock to not know who Diane Evertsen is tho. S

    he’s been performing Chairwomen duties since Sande has stepped away.

    I’m sure things will start to get attention and priorities will be managed under this new leadership.

  9. Just to remind the “Pillbox”, as you and most others know, the “new chairman”is married to a LEGAL immigrant.

    Those of you who support illegal entry and illegal visa overstays are in my opinion traitors.

  10. Glenda Miller: Rahm will be addin’ your FOUL name!

    The most infamous Rahmbo story of them all is the one that begins with the dinner the night after Bill Clinton was elected in 1992. Among those present at the dinner table was ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, who watched while an overwrought and clearly exhausted Emanuel began ranting at a long list of Clinton “enemies.” As he shouted each name, he stabbed the table with his steak knife: “Nat Landow! Dead! Cliff Jackson! Dead!” Apparently, others joined in.

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