Huntley Outlet Mall -A Failed TIF District

Just in case folks don’t remember, the Huntley Outlet Mall was part of a Tax Increment Financing District.

It was raw farm land.

That shows how bad the TIF law is.

And, now:

Crews begin tearing down Huntley outlet mall

Bulldozers began tearing down the shuttered Huntley Outlet Center earlier this week, bringing to a close a 23-year saga of the suburbs’ first failed outlet mall. Full Story


Huntley Outlet Mall -A Failed TIF District — 9 Comments

  1. No worries, residents of Huntley !

    The Huntley Road Pirates will more than compensate for
    loss of TIF revenue by the village through their “Revenue Enhancement Program”.

    “The Friendly Village” Road Pirates never rest.

  2. Cal, help me out here with my memory. Didn’t Mayor Dahmer have another choice at that location, if I remember there was talk of Great America, because of the Tollway.

  3. When will people realize that Illinois under Democrat sway is the problem; a problem that gets worse every damn year!

    All of these nutty ideas to transfer wealth to the state to redistribute to demanding ‘have nots’ (via high taxes, video gambling ever-expansion, TIF schemes, soda taxes, ad nauseum) never work.

  4. Old Man? You forgot to mention the selling of the lotteries, tollways, and parking meters. How stupid are these people?

  5. Is Rauner a Democrat now? And wasn’t Jim Edgar governor when this place was built, smack Dab in the middle of thirty-odd years of Republican rule? To say nothing of the two counties involved that have had probably 100 years of uninterrupted Republican majority…but by all means, blame the DEMOCRATS.

  6. Giving free money to businesses in order to attract them is a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars, pitting municipalities against each other. It’s time for the state to outlaw these tactics.

  7. Another watcher is correct.

    Before there was a Sun City, Great America was contemplating building its park in that same area.

    I cannot recall if Huntley gave it a thumbs down or if other factors resulted in it being built in Gurnee.

    You’d have to go to Gurnee, see what the area looks like and ask the residents there if it was a gain or loss.

  8. Whine, the people DON’T the Great America crime wave loosed on their environs.

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