NorWest Republican Organization Picks Mike McCleary as Leader

Mike McCleary, a man who has led the Republican organization put together to represent the smallest townships in McHenry County, will do so again for the next two years.

McCleary is from Greenwood Township.  He was one of those caught up in the witch hunt when former State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi was indicted by a Special Prosecutor.

There was no contest for that post this year or for any of the other officers.

Dunham Township Republican Committeeman Pat Kennedy was voted for Vice Chairman.  She has birddogged McHenry County College.

Hebron Village Trustee Mark Shepherd will serve as Treasurer.

Riley Township GOP Committeeman Ken Schnable was selected Secretary.  He has served as President of the Riley Grade School Board.


NorWest Republican Organization Picks Mike McCleary as Leader — 12 Comments

  1. One organized individual who knows and follows the party’s platform.

    We need to clone him!

  2. Well said Greg OMW and Sara.. think what we could do if we had 2 Mike McClearys…

    I am very happy with the election turn out and the selection of the Norwest officers

    Now we can move forward…

  3. This is the same guy who is suing the county for over 75,000 dollars.

    He is looking for a free ride from our tax dollars.

    What is wrong with you people who follow the likes of people like this.

  4. This is what I find wrong with Cal he tells you only what he wants you to know.

    If this was someone he did not like it would have been an article already written.

    McCleary slipped in the parking lot of the court house and broke his a$$.

    Not the county’s fault, but he see’s away to collect some extra money for his retirement at tax payer expense.

    This is the guy you speak so highly of while he has both hands in your pockets.

    It is public record look it up on circuit clerk’s website.

  5. The county doesn’t have insurance for slip and fall? Tax payer’s are going to pay $75,000? I don’t know the guy, but if the issue is the whole truth.

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