Rauner Touts Value of Trip to Germany

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Governor lauds foreign direct investment during visit with thyssenkrupp

Global Germany-based company employs more than 1,500 in Illinois

ESSEN, Germany (Apr. 19, 2018) — Gov. Bruce Rauner today toured the world headquarters of thyssenkrupp in Western Germany.

Accompanied by a delegation of Illinois business leaders on a business development mission in Germany and Poland, the governor expressed support and gratitude for thyssenkrupp’s continued investment in Illinois.

Gov. Bruce Rauner discusses foreign direct investment with Dr. Donatus Kaufmann (left), during his visit to thyssenkrupp in Essen today.

thyssenkrupp is a diversified industrial manufacturing and steel production company, historically known for its elevator division.

The company employs over 1,500 people in Illinois at two manufacturing facilities in Danville and at its North American headquarters in Chicago. The company operates 325 locations across 6 states.

“thyssenkrupp has identified Illinois as the ideal place for their North American headquarters, and they have invested heavily in border communities such as Danville,” Rauner said.

“I believe that this company knows Illinois’ secret – we have the best workforce in the nation. We hope to continue to leverage this along with our many other assets to attract more foreign direct investment to Illinois.”

Illinois boasts a large global footprint with close to 1,890 foreign firms and 5,600 foreign-owned company site locations. These global companies employ over 319,000 Illinoisans. Additionally, Illinois has consistently ranked within the top three states for new and expanded corporate facilities by Site Selection Magazine, with Chicago consistently in the lead among all metropolitan areas.

“Illinois is one of the largest and most diverse economies in the world,” said Intersect Illinois CEO and the European trade mission leader Mark Peterson.

“As such, we attract companies from across the world in a range of industries. There are few other places in the U.S. that offer a combination of an expansive manufacturing base, exceptional infrastructure to transport goods and services around the world, a culture of innovation, and a world-class city. All of that and so much more is at your fingertips in Illinois.”

Illinois is the largest exporting state in the Midwest, and the fifth largest exporting state in the USA. Last year, Illinois exported $59.76 billion worth of goods and services. Since 2009, Illinois exports have grown by $18 billion, a 44% increase, outperforming the national average of 37%. German exports totaled $3.37 billion.

“If Illinois were a country, it would be the 18th largest economy in the world,” said Illinois Department of Commerce Director and delegation member Sean McCarthy. “Our goal remains to reduce burdensome regulations and foster a business-friendly environment that promotes competition and attracts companies like thyssenkrupp to continue to invest in communities across our state.”


Rauner Touts Value of Trip to Germany — 3 Comments

  1. I wonder if the ThyssenKrupp execs are aware of what a LYING SOB RINO Rauner
    actually is and how business unfriendly Illinois has become.
    BTW, Jumbo Boy is going to eat RINO Rauner alive come the next gubernatorial election
    as many voters like myself will not stoop to the level of voting for a backstabbing liar.

  2. Why doesn’t he just stay there? So what if his yenta wife kvetchs and spits

  3. ABE! Prickster is a GUARANTEED FAILURE, Liar and says he’s GOING TO RAISE TAXES.

    I’ll hold my nose and vote for Rauner before another Democrat Gov.

    I’m not gonna give Madigan what he wants!

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