Internet Sales Tax Hike Advances with Support of Local State Senators – Roll Call

Pam Althoff

Former State Senator Steve Rauschenberger must be smiling.

His family operated a furniture store in Downtown Elgin and took up the cause of charging sales tax on goods purchased over the internet from other states.

Ironically, it was a U.S. Supreme Court decision in a case brought by Quill Office Supplies in the early 1990’s that established that people did not have to pay sales tax on products purchased across state lines.

Karen McConnaughay

Illinois passed a bill that said if a company had a nexus in Illinois, such as as a firm promoting Amazon products, that firm would have to collect the taxes for Amazon or another similarly situated company.

With the vast expansion of Amazon and the distribution warehouses in Illinois, of course, the company now collects taxes on its Illinois sales.

At that point Amazon withdrew from such relationships in Illinois.

Dan McConchie

Now comes a Rauschenberger successor, Democrat Cristina Castro, with the support of

  • Pam Althoff
  • Karen McConnaughay
  • Sen. Dan McConchie

to “level the playing field with” with brick and mortar stores.

Sponsors have titled the bill the “Marketplace Fairness Act.”
supported by the following State Senators representing McHenry County
The bill exempts smaller businesses who

  1. the cumulative gross receipts from sales of service to purchasers in Illinois are $150,000 or more; or
  2. the retailer or serviceman enters into 200 or more separate transactions for sales of service to purchasers in Illinois.

The bill passed the Senate 39-10-1 last Tuesday.

$750 in addition taxes is expected to be collected.

The roll call for Senate Bill 2577 is below:

The Senate Roll Call on Senate Bill 2577, which is intended to increase sales tax collections for state and local governments.


Internet Sales Tax Hike Advances with Support of Local State Senators – Roll Call — 11 Comments

  1. Shame on them. It only postpones the inevitable collapse.

    These loons are like the orchestra that played on the Titanic’s deck

  2. Do you see how you were set up? Classic problem, reaction, solution. Illinois is very evil.

  3. Driving more people out of Hellinois one tax at a time,
    and ever closer to fiscal it’s demise.
    When it comes to taxes in Hellinois more will never be enough
    for the greedy power mad vote whores.

  4. There’s a case that is going to be heard by SCOTUS this year called South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. SCOTUS will probably overrule their previous decision in Quil Corp vs. North Dakota (1992) and let states collect taxes on internet sales. The four liberal judges plus Kennedy will likely side with states, and it wouldn’t be surprising if more reliably conservative judges, like Thomas, also joined in overruling Quil.

  5. They attempted this a few years ago. I was against it then and against it now. Let your legislators know how you feel.
    Eventually there will be nothing left here to tax!

  6. @Dinah_Mite

    That orchestra distracted the passengers. This doesn’t postpone anything, merely hastens it. The legislature has already figured a way to spend more than they take in. Highly unlikely they would apply any of this to debt reduction. There are just too many needs to fulfill. It’s for the children, dontcha know? 😉

  7. Meanwhile the looming pension disaster continues to advance. Now we have another so-called Republican, McSweeney advancing legislation to transfer his Township, Algonquin, to the County.

    Wake up people! If this goes through, and the voters of Algonquin Township vote to dissolve the Township, y’all in the rest of the County are on the hook for Algonquin Township’s Pension liability!

  8. Algonquin Township employees are in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, as are McHenry County employees.

    IMRF is the best funded public pension system in Illinois.

  9. Why doesn’t anybody dare ask where all these taxes go?

    Is that racist???

    So what, I’m fed up funding the Welfare State, illegal alien invaders, jailbirds, the disastrously incompetent Chicago Public ‘Skoolz’, Rahm (aka Tiny Dancer) pet projects, Tyrant Madigan’s kleptocracy.

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