Comparing the Number of Employees of McHenry County Townships

The Illinois State Comptroller has a data base contacting information about tax districts throughout Illinois.

Looking at 2017 data from those for the seventeen townships in McHenry County, one finds the number of employees running from a low of 2 in Alden Township to forty-five in McHenry Township.

Some of the townships with small populations have more employees than larger townships making me wonder if many of them are part-timers.

The State Comptroller’s web site confirms this suspicion:

“EMPLOYEES: Any person for which your government files a W-2 federal income tax payroll deduction.   If your government provides W-2s for trustees or other elected officials, those persons are considered employees.”

And, if a Township issues 1099’s instead of W2s there are no employees.

A map of McHenry County showing its seventeen townships, plus municipalities. It is dated 2013.

  • Alden – 2
  • Algonquin – 24
  • Burton – 11
  • Chemung – 10
  • Coral – 14
  • Dorr – 15
  • Dunham – 15
  • Grafton – 18
  • Greenwood – 14
  • Hartland – 13
  • Marengo – 10
  • McHenry – 45
  • Nunda – 36
  • Richmond – 25
  • Riley – 7
  • Seneca – 14


Comparing the Number of Employees of McHenry County Townships — 13 Comments

  1. It’s interesting that AL Township has 24 employees while McHenry has 45, Nunda 36, and tiny Richmond has 25.

    What accounts for the smaller population townships having more employees than the largest population township?

    It’s not population.

    Road mileage?

    How many of these work for the Road District?

    How many Road District employees are there per road mile?

  2. Analysis needed. What are the job titles and job descriptions of all of the employees? How many hours did each employee work in the last calendar year? What types of services does each township perform? What is comparison between these townships on types of services? As Shark asked, how many road miles are served in each township?

  3. Strange bunch of numbers I would think the minimum would be 7 as all the elected are considered employees by the IRS and are issued w2 s .unless those in Alden work for nothing.

  4. Shark and Bred – see Mr. Skinner’s earlier ‘If a Township should be abolished…’ post for the road miles –

  5. Nunda probably inflated their employee count by 8-10, to account for Bob Miller’s salary.

  6. Are road district employees included in the numbers above for township employees?

  7. Also, how many of the township employees work under the direction of the township assessor? Way too many questions….

  8. To the best of my knowledge, it is all employees with a W-2.

  9. you know that township road districts maintain 53% of all roads in the state of Illinois and nearly 50% of all the bridges in Illinois roughly 73000 miles of roads are maintained by your local townships so it’s obvious Dave McSweeney is a moron doesn’t care about the neighbor just his own goofy agenda I say if you want more control stick with your local government eliminate your Highway Commissioners and have the board do all of the road district oversight not just approved bills it might cost you more for getting a qualified boss but it would still save you money when it comes to being absorbed by a county or another local municipality the county has two programs a preservation program where they can preserve your road as is but if you have a main road that would be brought up to their spec which is a minimum of 2 feet of Base 6 inch thick asphalt or concrete cut back 30 ft from the shoulder can you imagine your tax bill after that but David McSweeney didn’t tell you that one, personal agendas and Vendetta’s don’t go with politics but that’s just the way it is you just don’t vote for some idiots stupid bill because he thinks it’s a good idea because McHenry County is the poster-child do your homework people

  10. With King Condom at the helm in McHenry, patronage stooges were the ‘order of the day’ … but he’ll be a ‘thing of the past’ quite soon!

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