Reick Criticizes “Short Debate” on McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum Bill

The Illinois House has a rule which limits debate to two people on certain bills.

It’s called “Short Debate.”

Usually bills put on that agenda are non-controversial.

The person speaking in favor of the measure is its sponsor.

Then, the Speaker recognizes one opponent.

Sometimes the topics of bills placed there are very important to legislators who are not recognized to speak in opposition.

Steve Reick didn’t get a chance to speak against David McSweeney’s bill to allow the abolition of townships in McHenry County after passage of a referendum.

That happened with State Rep. David McSweeney’s bill to authorize the abolition of townships after approval by voters in a referendum.

State Rep. Steve Reick wanted to speak against the bill, which affects only McHenry County, but, according to the McHenry Times, he was not allowed to do so.

Instead, Rep. Al Riley, a Democrat from Southern Cook County, got recognition.

“I can’t object too strongly to the manner at which this bill was rammed through,” Reick told the McHenry Times.

“I am sorry, words fail me.”

In explaining his support for the legislation, McSweeney said, ““Right now, it is next to impossible to eliminate township government,” McSweeney said of the numerous petition signatures needed to get a referendum question on the ballot, again, according to the McHenry Times.


Reick Criticizes “Short Debate” on McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum Bill — 4 Comments

  1. Why, because the fix is on, townships are history.

    Reick thinks there should be proof elimination of townships is cost effective, which is laughable since McSwenney is working with Franks and other Dem to get rid of townships for their own political gain.

    Thanks for the effort Steve, but ya know your just wasting your breath.

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