Algonquin Township Officials Fear for Their Jobs

Here’s what popped up on the Northwest Herald’s email about articles of interest on April 26, 2018.

The Northwest Herald has an article today about attempts by Algonquin Township Trustees driving to Springfield in an aapparent attempt to keep their jobs.

Here’s the first sentence of the article by reporter Ed Komenda:

Algonquin Township officials traveled to Springfield on Wednesday to lobby against a bill that could make the path to township consolidation easier.

Can anyone tell me what’s stated incorrectly?

The answer may appear in tomorrow’s NWH correction section, but, in any event, will be revealed on McHenry County Blog tomorrow.

The article focuses on how Algonquin Township tax dollars are being used to lobby against State Rep. David McSweeney’s House Bill 4637, which has passed the Illinois House.

McSweeney labels the Township Trustees “taxeaters,” a term originated by Republican State Rep. CL McCormick from Southern Illinois in the early 1970’s.

HB 4637 is now in the State Senate.  It remains in the Assignment Committee.

Algonquin Township Trustees Melissa Victor and David Chapman

Those reported on the trip are Trustees David Chapman, Rachael Lawrence and Melissa Victor.


Algonquin Township Officials Fear for Their Jobs — 11 Comments

  1. Suffering from local government lunacy fatigue?

    Get a free moving quote at U-Pack Now and take a double dose of doctor recommended f’itol.

  2. David McSweeney started this costly fight. Just another example of total incompetence pushing their own private agenda. Doesn’t matter in the end. We will be steamrolled no matter who wants to “control” us. Shame on David for causing this newest fiasco.

  3. This is a Jack Franks / David Mcsweeney bill.

    It shows no savings.

    This is merely a headline grabber.

    I can understand the PCs and the taxpayers thinking this will eliminate Township corruption but unfortunately if this goes thru it will only give Franks more power to stack municipalities with patronage hires… and they will be Union. (cost will be much higher)

    Just elect good people (not the Miller-goons who sit on this board, minus Rachael Lawrence)
    and never never elect a Miller or one of their relatives/patronage/on the take friends again.

    Clean up Nunda and McH townships as well.

  4. McSweeney is the best State Rep money CAN’T buy!

    He stands for the poor taxpayer.

    Unlike the fellow who keeps snakes as pets, Reick.

  5. Northwest Who?

    I cut my subscription years ago.

    And I’m glad I did.

  6. I attended this “Township Topics Day” under the guise from Township Officials of Illinois that it was an educational event and an opportunity for townships to collaborate with legislators on bills that may affect townships.

    I was shocked when the TOI Legislative director took the podium yesterday morning to call for us to (and I quote) “lobby” for and against certain bills.

    TOI even went to far as to provide each attendee a packet of bill names, highlighted in red or green to “support” or “oppose” the bills.

    I even said so on the phone to Ed Komenda.

    Township Officials may have educational opportunities from these sorts of events, however this was clearly an attempt by TOI to promote its own self-serving agenda.

    I can only speak for myself, but I was not lobbying for or against any pro/anti township bills on this trip. That is inappropriate use of taxpayer funds.


  7. Rachael, can you scan a packet and post?

    I think that we need to “lobby” for the red and oppose the green! 🙂

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