Third Document on Bob Miller’s Enormous Back Sick Time Payment Surfaces

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Algonquin Township – Miller’s sick pay becoming more troubling

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –We have obtained a copy of the monthly bills for the Road District in April of 2017 and in that stack of bills is an unsigned letter addressed to Bob Miller, dated April 7, 2017.Of interest in this letter is the fact it is neither signed nor on any letterhead.

Bob Miller defends township government before the McHenry County Township Consolidation Task Force.

The letter claims that the lump sum sick pay for Bob Miller has been suggested to be paid by the Auditor, Mr. Brown.

In this letter, it claims he was entitled to the hourly rate he was receiving in 1993, even though the sick day time frame spanned from 1972-1993.

So are we to understand Miller was receiving the same hourly rate in 1972 as he was in 1993?

We understand sick time is to be accumulated at the rate for which the person was compensated at the time of earning it.

It appears to be highly questionable for the auditor to suggest that all the sick time should be calculated at the 1993 hourly rate instead of pro-rated according to the hourly rate each year it was collected.

Considering this letter is neither signed nor on any letterhead, we question the validity of the claimed suggestion of the Auditor, Mr. Brown.

This letter states that Miller is entitled to 253 days for unused sick time.

We have one question on this claim.

Who wrote this letter and where is a copy of the sick day policy in place between 1972 and 1993?

Also in this stack of papers we received is the legal invoice from Matuszewich & Kelly, LLP.

It appears there are 22.4 hours billed to the Township Road District on matters related to Miller’s sick time issue.

So after Miller takes this matter to the Township, the taxpayers get hit with no less than $3,360.00 in legal bills on the sick time issue, but it may be worth it.

In that billing is 3.0 hrs of billing for “Drafting Opinion”.

I would suggest that Opinion is made available to the public so we can once and for all understand how this unaccounted for sick time was justified.

Considering the attorney billing also points to discussions with the Township Auditor, we can only wonder how that discussion went considering the Auditor, Mr. Brown was adviced by the bookkeeper there were no accumulated unpaid absences for the Road District Office as of March 31, 2017(See Bookkeeper letter to Auditor here.)

I would say it’s time for the State’s Attorney to look at Algonquin Township’s illegal activities much like the Feds did Al Capone.

Charge them with whatever you can prove and send the message, no matter how small or large. Looking back at Capone’s prosecution many laughed at the tax evasion charge but in reality, it was brilliant because it took a criminal off the street.

We suggest the same logic be applied to Algonquin Township.

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Third Document on Bob Miller’s Enormous Back Sick Time Payment Surfaces — 13 Comments

  1. “Have you left no sense of decency?”

    Attorney Joseph Welch to Sen. Joseph McCarthy, “McCarthy-Army Hearings” 1954.

  2. Maybe our investigating law enforcement agencies can crack this case before the McHenry County Blog and The Edgar County Watchdogs do.

    Three separate documents that do not corroborate each other.

    Tic Toc…

  3. They don’t even bother to answer emails anymore. Don’t see how they can continue to cover this stuff up. Anyone else want to tell me how elections change anything? Unethical and irresponsible are words that come to mind.

  4. Miller’s Mayhem – Part three.

    I’ll bet the NorthWorst Herald is all over this – NOT.

  5. Yes Sam, three separate documents that do not corroborate each other.

    From three different people. Anyone else ever need that back up documentation to cover their personal time off?

    I didn’t think so.

    Maybe the Miller’s should try living within their own means.

  6. It would be interesting to run forensics on that letter to see if it was printed on a Township computer.

    Many printers embed a tiny code on printed documents that contains the printer’s serial number and information about when the document was printed, and even printers that do not can often be matched to the documents that they print.

  7. Call in a good forensic analyst on inks and paper age!

    Miller will be burnt toast … crumbly charred toast

    What is Kenneally doing — sitting on his hands?

    Criminality of public officials — even one so ‘untouchable’ as Booby Miller and his awful but brainier Anna ‘Lady MacBeth’ Miller, wife-co-conspirator, should be exposed, proven and then severely punished.

    But hey, this is Illinois!

    Norms of honesty vanished long ago. Just ask Lord Madigan, or the creepy James Thompson.

    Better yet. ask our local Madigan-quisling: the unclean Jackal called ‘Franks,’ calmly licking his bloodied fangs … bloodied by the taxpayers’ claret.

  8. It seems as though many of the charges on the itemized legal invoice relate to the unused vacation pay issue.
    I’d be interested in the the 3/23/17 phone call between the attorney and the Township Auditor.
    The Township’s Annual Audit Reports have, historically, never reflected an accrual for Mr. Miller’s unused sick pay. Mr. Brown has been retained by the Township for at least the last 3 years (and maybe more) to provide the independent audit. The exact language from the FY16 Audit was: “Employees in the Assessor and Supervisor’s offices are eligible to accumulate earned but unused vacation pay benefits. Their vacation pay is accrued when earned. As of March 31, 2016, $28,725 has been accrued for earned but unused vacation pay.”

    Note it indicates that only employees in the Assessor and Supervisor’s offices are eligible to accrue unused vacation pay benefits, and the amount accrued could not possibly cover Mr. Miller’s unused sick pay.

    It is not until the FY17 Audit Report that we see any mention of Mr. Miller’s unused sick days: “As of March 31, 2017, $26,083 has been accrued for earned but unused vacation pay, and $47,382 was accrued for the Road Commissioner’s unused sick days. The sick days were paid in April, 2017.”

    It might be helpful to determine when the Township’s accountant booked the journal entry into the accounting system to record the unused sick pay liability and all of the backup documentation that supports the basis for that entry.

  9. Check the sick pay collected at Grafton Township from Tom Posnaski, Road Commissioner Freund and Assessor Ottley.

  10. Bob Miller says “Who gives a hoot?”

    I say,”I do, crook!”

  11. this is sickening, and only came to light with Mr. Miller’s losing his grip on the township.

    What about Nunda and McHenry townships?

    They are Bad, Bad, BAD!

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