Madigan Introduces Progressive Income Tax Resolution, But Not a Constitutional Amendment

Mike Madigan explaining. Illinois News Network photo.

The following resolution has been introduced by House Speaker Mike Madigan.

If passed, it has no force of law.

It’s just an expression of opinion.

The top Democrat could have introduced a Constitutional Amendment and tried to get it on the fall ballot.

Similarly he could have introduced a Constitutional Amendment to remove that section of the State Constitution that guarantees that public employee pensions.

But Madigan is into politics, not policy.

My guess is that he is just trying to get a roll call which when he can us to criticize Republicans who vote “No” in the fall election.

The resolution is below:

WHEREAS, Because Illinois has a flat income tax, low and
middle-class families disproportionately share the burden of
funding the State’s responsibilities; the combined effect of
all state and local taxes causes hardworking people with lower
incomes and struggling small business owners to pay a higher
portion of their income in taxes than wealthy households and
large corporations; a graduated income tax is a more fair and
progressive way for the State to generate revenue; and

WHEREAS, According to the Institute on Taxation and
Economic Policy, Illinois has one of the most regressive tax
structures in the country, as households in the bottom 20% of
annual income pay 13.28% of their income in taxes, while those
in the top 1% pay only 6.81%; and

WHEREAS, A progressive income tax will stimulate small
business growth; a smaller tax burden will be placed upon small
businesses, thereby giving them the additional resources
needed to reinvest in their businesses and ultimately increase
their net income, providing further stimulus for small business
formation and growth; and

WHEREAS, A progressive income tax will create additional
macroeconomic benefits for the State, as Illinoisans with
smaller tax burdens find themselves with additional purchasing
power; this translates into higher revenues for Illinois
businesses and more robust economic performance for the State
as a whole; and

WHEREAS, Of the 41 states in the country with an income
tax, 33 have progressive rate structures, including most of the
states that border Illinois – Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and
Wisconsin; furthermore, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, and Missouri
all have locally-imposed income taxes; and

WHEREAS, Opposition to a progressive income tax fails to
recognize the ability to reduce the tax burden for the vast
majority of taxpayers; this opposition stems from a desire to
protect the status quo for the wealthiest members of society;

WHEREAS, House Resolution 975 of the 100th General Assembly
provides examples of punitive tax rate structures designed to
derail discussions about a fair and progressive income tax;
such tactics are commonly used by Republican politicians to
protect the ultra-wealthy from paying their fair share; and

WHEREAS, The State of Illinois is the 6th most populous
state in the country; it is home to world-class cities,
enriched communities, renowned tourist destinations, and is a
leader in many areas including transportation, technology,
finance, manufacturing, agriculture, and, most importantly,
access to an unrivaled labor force; and

WHEREAS, There are many positive aspects of this State that
should be applauded and highlighted; unfortunately, we find
ourselves at a true crossroads; years without a full state
budget, forced upon Illinoisans by Governor Rauner, have
resulted in uncertainty and hardships for the citizens and
businesses of Illinois; and

WHEREAS, In spite of the recent, successful bipartisan
efforts to enact a full state budget for Fiscal Year 2018,
ending the worst budget crisis in the history of Illinois, the
State still faces significant financial challenges that cause
continued uncertainty regarding the State’s ability to provide
for the services upon which Illinoisans rely; and

WHEREAS, Things must change for the better through fiscally
responsible and sustainable initiatives that foster economic
growth and cease to be an over-encumbrance on Illinois
taxpayers; this is why proposals such as those calling for a
progressive income tax to be adopted in this State must be
granted due consideration as a means of reducing the tax burden
on low and middle-income families while providing resources for
education, infrastructure, supports for our most vulnerable
citizens, and other core responsibilities; therefore, be it

stand united in support of a fair and progressive income tax
that must reduce taxes on low and middle-income families while
raising taxes on the wealthiest Illinoisans; and be it further

RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
delivered to each member of the Illinois General Assembly and
the Office of the Governor as a testament to our unwavering
commitment to improving the day-to-day lives of families across
this great State.


Madigan Introduces Progressive Income Tax Resolution, But Not a Constitutional Amendment — 4 Comments

  1. When you’re an Illinois Dem Pol, your an Illinois Dem Pol all the way.

    From your first morning briefing on Illinois junk bond status, to your last evening proposed tax increase.

  2. This malevolent little DEMOCRAT bastard won’t rest until
    he runs everyone out of the Sanctuary State of Hellinois.

    And with the help of Jumbo Boy, who is soon to be elected,
    he will surely succeed.

  3. More respect for Mr. Madigan! Just like our sunshine blogger, he is a rising star in Illinois politics. Give it 30 more years and you will see. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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