Overly Friendly CLCHS Music Teacher, Former D155 Teachers’ Union President, Convicted of Battery

A press release from the McHenry Countyh State’s Attorney’s Office:


Justin Hubby

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that Justin M. Hubly, 36, was found guilty by the Honorable Judge Robert Wilbrandt of two counts of Battery and four counts of Unlawful Delivery of Alcohol to a Minor following a three day bench trial from April 18 through April 20, 2018.

The evidence at trial showed that Hubly provided his former students with alcohol at his home on several dates.

On one occasion, he invited a 19 year old female to his home and after serving her alcohol, he proceeded to kiss her and touch her without her consent.

On a separate occasion, he had another 19 year old female over to his home and after providing her with alcohol, he touched her without her consent.

The case was investigated by the Crystal Lake Police Department and was prosecuted by Brette Dunbar and Theresa Kaman of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.


Overly Friendly CLCHS Music Teacher, Former D155 Teachers’ Union President, Convicted of Battery — 13 Comments

  1. Not a surprise here, I thought District 47’s History, from the 90’s) with Predator Teachers should have prepared the Parents of Students in District 155.

  2. **Overly Friendly**

    WTF? Seriously? Overly friendly? Want to re-think that headline?

  3. Are IEA stooges’ backgrounds checked for:

    1) sex offender status;

    2) tax delinquencies;

    3) no fly listing and

    4) citizenship?

    This loser can still teach wherever he wants and won’t even have to register as a sex offender given the wrongly-charged crimes by the SA’s office.

  4. My daughter always said he was a creepy teacher.

    But I thought all music teachers were a little off.

    Now I understand what she meant.

  5. Seriously, I’m still completely weirded out by Cal’s headline – “overly friendly”. The guy was just convicted of battery for unwanted touching and kissing. And you call that “overly friendly”? WTF?

  6. Wow. Alabama is proving to be completely stupid on quite a few issues these days. Fluoride your water much?

  7. Are you referring to the quote that said Hubly crossed the line from being friendly to something inappropriate?

    Good god… the guy sexually assaulted young women. That isn’t “overly friendly.”

    Oh, and Cindy? Glad to know that you think its just “overly friendly” when a man sexually touches young women when they don’t want it.

  8. Here is your teachers’ union covering this up.

    Note to Tom, Not My, Pacco, Angel, Alabama, and other progressive Marxist morons: Please do NOT click on that link. You will understand NONE of it.

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