Skillicorn Praises LITH Village Board

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:


Allen Skillicorn

It is a rare thing for government, once it has set a direction, to truly listen to and act on behalf of the people, therefore when it does I must recognize it.

I commend the Village of Lake in the Hills for listening to their neighbors in the unincorporated portion of the Village water system and voting overwhelming to work with them toward a mutual solution for affordable drinking water.

As background, the Village of Lake in the Hills was set to transfer ownership of the unincorporated portion of the Village water system to a private water company in February.

Residents voiced their concern and asked for two 30-day extensions to explore alternatives and present them to the board, which the Village granted.

This past Tuesday, the neighbors made their presentation offering three alternatives and implored the board not to sell the water system and to please work with them.

In a 5-1 vote the Village of Lake in the Hills did just that.

Incredible–local government listening to and working with the people for a mutually agreeable solution.

Hope is restored in the people elected to serve, serving the people of their community, renewing my faith in the governmental process.

Now if we could transplant that attitude into the hearts of all of those who serve in our Capitol, maybe, just maybe, there is a chance to save our state.

Well done neighbors of the unincorporated area. Your hard work, diligence and persistence moved your local government to do the right thing. I have been inspired by you all.


Skillicorn Praises LITH Village Board — 9 Comments

  1. Kinda sad that an official has to praise a governmental body that merely does what it’s supposed to do.

    But that’s why it’s called Hellinois.

    Then Rep Skillicorn, surely you must reconsider the Township Consolidation Bill you signed on to. No plan, no evidence of savings, this is a cherry picked bill to help Jack Franks grab more power in McHenry County! Less help for the people the townships are close to, and the total abandonment of the undesignated roads!!!

    All work will go to Union municipalities costing much more! The county cannot absorb the assistance Townships provide so people who need financial assistance will fall thru the cracks. Not to mention the county will take hold of the township properties and put satelite offices there. What was meant to decrease units of govt. will NOT decrease govt spending! It will increase Govt in the County controlled govt.

    If you want to Fix corruption in township govt. then make the Hwy Cmsnr be part of the board with more oversight by having them get authorization for bills and budget! This will end up corrupting McHenry County more if more power is given to Jack Franks! And that’s just what that bill will do. He’ll stack all those union County jobs! What are you thinking????

  3. Lani? Are we the only two here that see the folly in “consolidation”?

  4. I don’t know but it sure seems like a grossly negligent way to govern.

    These people aren’t thinking OR they’ve cut a corrupt deal

    OR they’re being used and think they’re the ones using Franks.

    LOL Baffoons!

  5. I’m ok with the extension, but come on… this is a dead issue.

    There’s no way they’re going to come up with $X million to fix this situation.

    It’s gonna be sold, and these people are going to pay the private company for water.

    And, unfortunately maybe for them, that’s the right thing.

    It’s a no-man’s land that the rest of LITH has been subsidizing for years, which needs to stop.

    ALGONQUIN needs to step up and take care of it’s unincorporated residents.

  6. Good decision. Unfortunate that my village had to spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees and staff time on a no-brainer issue. Oops I forgot….Ruzanski is a simpleton.

  7. It’s good to see that Allen sees government as the solution to our problems.

  8. Nice to see that Allen will take stances contrary to Liberty Principles PAC and the privatize everything cabal.

  9. Re. Skillicorn, please vote for the township consolidation bill. Don’t fold in front of the fatcats’ fire.

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