Polling Results for Randy Hultgren v. Lauren Underwood

Loren Underwood

A survey has been taken in the 14th Congressional District.

That comprises all of McHenry County but Algonquin Township and points south to Will County and east into Lake County.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 682 IL-14 voters from April 16-17, 2018. The margin of error is +/-
3.8%. This poll was conducted by automated telephone interviews.

Here are the results:

In Illinois’ 14th Congressional District, Republican incumbent Randy Hultgren has an approval rating of 30%, and 43% disapprove of his job performance.

President Trump has an approval rating of 43% and a disapproval rating of 52% in Hultgren’s district.

Randy Hultgren

Speaker Paul Ryan is unpopular with 35% of voters saying they approve of the job he is doing and a majority (55%) responding that they disapprove.

In an initial hypothetical matchup, Democrat Lauren Underwood receives 41% of the vote and Hultgren receives 45%. Although Underwood is down, 52% who are ‘very excited’ to vote plan to cast their ballot for her, while 40% support Hultgren.

A large majority of voters (83%) indicate they have major (66%) or minor (17%) concerns after Hultgren voted for a health care plan that allows insurance companies to impose an unfair age tax on people over 50.

After voters were given more information about the tax and health care plans, the race ties up with both candidates receiving 42% of the vote.


Polling Results for Randy Hultgren v. Lauren Underwood — 26 Comments

  1. Our sunshine blogger has an approval rating of 388% among those interviewed. 191 days…Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  2. I think you meant Public Policy Polling instead of Public Police Polling.

  3. Blue Polls Matter! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  4. Cal never fixes the errors that I point out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Also, a poll that doesn’t call cell phones and only has Hultgren up 45-41? That ain’t good news for Hultgren.

  5. Welcome to the 21st century to those who have never seen a text shrug.

  6. Public Policy Polling is a Democrat firm.

    They are very inexpensive compared to most other polls.

    They use techniques that many statisticians consider to be unsound – they have been accused of using weighting techniques that move their polls towards the average of other polls.

    I wouldn’t put much faith in one of their polls in the absence of other polls with similar results.

  7. BTW Alabama. I used to be a typesetter. So you landed no real slur there.

  8. Most all of the polls in the 2016 presidential election campaign TOLD us that Hillary Clinton would be our next president. They were grossly wrong. The polling companies were well known and supposedly competent.

    Never heard of Public Policy Polling.

    Randy Hultgren has had no difficulty in winning elections from 2010 through 2016. Results were:

    2010 51% vs 45% for his Democrat opponent
    In 2012, 2014, 2016 he got 59%, 65%, 59% of the votes cast.

  9. **Most all of the polls in the 2016 presidential election campaign TOLD us that Hillary Clinton would be our next president. They were grossly wrong.**

    Try again. Actually, what the polls said is that HRC was going to win by 2-4 points. Guess what – she won by 2 points. But she lost the electoral college.

    The polls were MUCH more accurate than you think.

    With that said, as Billy Bob pointed out, PPP is a pretty lousy polling firm.

  10. If you believe that horrid wretched felonious witch won ANYTHING, I have a bridge to sell you. If you cannot figure out that you are being lied to on a consistent basis by Satanic cabalists, then there is no hope for you ever understanding what is really going down. God save the remnant.

  11. Democrats, liberals and left wing lunatics still cannot come to the realization that their grossly incompetent candidate and thug, Hillary Clinton, lost. A loss to a guy who never ran for political office. She thought that she was “entitled” to be president simply because she was a wife of a president in the past.

    Our Nation does not elect presidents by the popular vote but by the Electoral College. Back in early 2016, Bill Clinton should have told his wife, “Its the Electoral College, stupid”.

  12. Alabama Shake you are quite rude, obviously a democrat.

  13. Per Ms. Underwood:

    “Families are the backbone of our society; therefore, it is essential that women and men have the freedom to plan the family they want. I support unrestricted access to the full range of reproductive health services.”

    Boilerplate narrative used by Democrats and liberals. Since when have a husband and wife NOT had the freedom to plan their families?

    What is her solution to the destruction of the family unit of husband/wife, father/mother thanks in part to Democrat policies going back to President Lyndon Johnson? What is her solution to the increasing amount of out of wedlock childbirths?

    She is just another Democrat who would fall in line and obey Democrat leaders in DC such as Pelosi.

  14. Where are the statistics showing demographics of those polled?

    Poll results seem bogus at best.

  15. ** If you cannot figure out that you are being lied to on a consistent basis by Satanic cabalists, then there is no hope for you ever understanding what is really going down. God save the remnant.**

    LOL – https://tinyurl.com/y8tx6lnc

  16. Hultgren is a Tea Party toady. At the St. Charles town hall last year, he promised to oppose changes to the Affordable Care Act that would deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Has he spoken up in opposition to those very same proposed changes? No. So if you or your child manages to survive cancer and then have a recurrence, you could have to pay for the second round of treatment yourself. How many of you who think Randy is great could afford to do that? Should we just let your loved ones die?

  17. Discouraging how quickly some commenters become thoughtlessly polarized instead of getting to real issues. If you want to end abortion hand out birth control like candy. If you aren’t doing that you have some other goal and you should be honest about it. Anyone not seeking and serving truth cannot be part of “the remnant”. If you are on the side of life you care about feeding housing and clothing people after they’re born, too. Seems many conveniently forget about judge not and love one another.

  18. Randy Hultgren has done great harm to IL-14. In fact, Trump Republicans are on the verge of creating a national disaster. Record deficits, no infrastructure plan, multiple attempts to gut health care for Americans, and a culture of corruption that persists and seems to never end. Make no mistake about it, womens’ rights, workers rights’ and the rights of those seeking asylum are in jeopardy! When the economy collapses (as it does when Republicans are in charge), there will be no money available to stimulate it. Whatever happened to trickle down? Bunch of suckers believed that Republican nonsense AGAIN. VOTE FOR PROGRESSIVE CHANGE – VOTE LAUREN UNDERWOOD AND ALL DEMOCRATS TO SAVE AMERICA!

  19. I support Randy Hultgren for Congress.

    Trump is running circles around the Demokkkrats.

    Will never waste my vote on the Demokkkrats again.

    Thanks to President Trump this Country may have chance. …Vote for Randy!

    Vote for Donald! Vote against any and all liberal,Progressive,socialist DEMOKKKRAT,

  20. Trump and the republicans have turn against everything that we think of as American.

    They stand with dictators and lie to our faces about everything from health care to the environment.

    Right now the republicans that say they want to protect us from pre-existing conditions are still signed on to a lawsuit that is trying to overturn the pre-existing protection clause in the ACA.

    Don’t be fooled people.

    The republicans will work for the rich and the profits of large corporations like the insurance companies, at the expense of the rest of us.

    Democrats need to take back the congress if we are to avoid a disaster.

  21. Joseph said it perfectly.

    Plus we need to elect folks who will quickly react to climate change or we will all be sick, hungry, flooded, at war, and overwhelmed by climate refugees.

  22. Country living Hampshire Illinois supports President Trump and our Veterans!

  23. Hultgren was dumped by the smart voters of the IL-14th on November 6th. Roskam in the IL-6th also defeated by smart voters.

    Both clowns voted against health care for their constituents and then lied about it.

    Taking back Congress is a start.

    We can stop the mail bombs and all the bigotry and hate promoted by this cult leader and his followers.

    Just keep voting out the Republicans.

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