McConchie Multi-Year Vehicle Registration Bill Passes without Dissent

A press release from David McSweeney:

Senate passes McConchie legislation allowing for multi-year vehicle registration

Springfield, IL… Legislation giving motorists the option to register their vehicles for more than one year at a time would provide a convenience and save the state money said State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods), chief sponsor of the bill.

Karen McConnauhay and Pal Althoff are Joint Sponsors.


“GO DEEP 4,” says this license plate.

Senate Bill 2293, which passed the Senate May 1, would allow motorists, beginning in 2020, to register their vehicles for one or two years.

It would also allow owners of trailers to register their trailer up to five years. The price per year would be the same but an individual would be able to pay it up front and not have to change their sticker every year.

Dan McConchie

“I’m all for making life easier for Illinoisans.

“This legislation provides a convenience to those who are able to pay more than one year at a time, and alleviates the burden of renewing it year after year.” said Sen. McConchie.

“This legislation will also ultimately save the state money and provide more efficiency within the Secretary of State’s Department.”

Currently, ten states give individuals the option to register their vehicle for longer than one year.


McConchie Multi-Year Vehicle Registration Bill Passes without Dissent — 4 Comments

  1. Focusing on anything other than entitlement reform and decreasing State government expenditures is nothing more than rearranging deck chairs on Titanic.

    McChonchie’s and McSweeney’s time would have been better spent using every ounce of political capital they had to get Ives elected.

    Nonetheless, the music from the band is pleasant while we sink…

  2. Most States don’t charge a registration fee for trailers, it’s all about the money here in Illinois. If the State saves money by allowing residents to register vehicles and trailers for more than 1 year, why is not some of the savings passed on to us pigeons.

  3. If you wish to register your vehicle/trailer for multiple years
    then you should receive a discount on the fee as an incentive because
    you are doing the state a favor fiscally speaking.

    But no, not in the Land Of The Scam …. Hellinois.

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