Bob Anderson Rolls Out McHenry Township Salary Reductions

McHenry Township meeting on December 14, 2017.

Proposed salary reductions for the three elected administrative officers in McHenry Township have been revealed by Republican Township Trustee Bob Anderson.

They are as follows:

At the May 10th township meeting I will present a resolution (instead of a motion) setting the compensation for the elected offices of Supervisor, Road Commissioner and Clerk for the term starting May 17, 2021


  • Supervisor $45,000
  • Assessor $35,000 and will remain flat for the four year term. Note: The Assessor’s term starts January 1, 2022
  • Road Commissioner $45,000
  • Clerk $10,000 Salaries will remain flat for the four year term.

Insurance, Retirement/Pensions and other benefits:

Supervisor, Highway Commissioner, and Assessor same medical insurance coverage or other benefits as the Township Board may provide from time to time to other full-time employees. These positions will also receive IMRF benefits.

= = = = =
The Grafton Township Assessor’s salary was set at $30,000 for this term.

McHenry Township Trustees will not be paid a salary next term, pursuant to a resolution already passed.
Richmond Township Trustees already serve on a voluntary basis.


Bob Anderson Rolls Out McHenry Township Salary Reductions — 23 Comments

  1. Bob Anderson let everybody down!

    $45,000 for a 2 hour a week part time job!!??

    Should be $10,000 for all 3 township loafers —- and no pension or benefits.

  2. And the slug supervisor has a number of paid full time assistants.

    Does anybody know just how many there are in McHenry Township?

    I can’t get over how many employees there are in McHenry Township!

    Half the people, but DOUBLE the number of my Township, Algonquin.

    Townships blow.

  3. Any person that would assume the duties of Assessor for $35K per year must be incompetent.

  4. Jim, What does the County ‘ASS’essor do? Are you Jim Condon? McHenry Township supervisor?

    Yeah, I know it’s heartbreaking, you’ll never get to have a corrupt, nasty dynasty like Booby “Disneyland’ Miller amassed over 50 years. Get a real job!

  5. Mr. Rifleman, you misfired, but still are on target.

    Jim Condon is not the McHenry Township supe.

    Condon, aka “King Condon,” is that Township’s Road Hog Commissioner.

    What I don’t get from the above picture is why the hell Condon is sitting and grinning.

    He is going to be set out with the trash.

    His own home was foreclosed on, and like Bob Miller, sees Township as an easy way of life on the backs of the taxpayers.

  6. I thought Mr. Anderson wanted to illuminate Township totally now he’s trying to set salaries so you’ve got totally incompetent people being willing to run for the job.

    And actually he still has benefits .there should be no benefits for any elected official regardless of who it is or what office.

    Serving the public as an elected Official should be just Considered a service to our fellow citizens and paid for the time involved should not be a lifetime career.

  7. Grumpy Grandpa should check in with his doctor and get an Alzheimer test.

    Anderson is one of the best things that ever happened to wake up the sheep.

    I’d have cut the salaries more, too. But cutting it by $75,000 is a start.

  8. When your a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    Keep hammering Bob!

  9. Townships are the biggest scam going.

    I moved here from Kentucky

    When I saw “Nunda Township” on my first tax bill, I asked my neighbor what the heck is that.

    This was in the days of Mrs. Sherwood, who was Supervisor of Nunda.

    She was a member of my church, and everybody would say “She’s Supervisor of Nunda Township, etc., etc.” like it was big deal.

    At a function I asked her about townships.

    She candidly told me townships in urban or suburban areas were a complete waste of taxpayers money.

    But she said they really still made sense for rural areas.

    I asked her why she was supervisor then, she said she had to manage welfare payments for aliens who couldn’t get food stamps or welfare.

    And then she said she really did it for her and her husband’s health insurance, and the pay was ‘nice’ too.

    Townships must go.

    We managed without this rip off level of government in KY.

  10. I’ve been reading about the recent carnival of activities at the townships.

    I sometimes turn to the front page to make sure that I didn’t pick up a grocery store tabloid.

    How dare the characters at the townships spout off that we need to stay away and mind our own business.

    The after-hours rifling of files, outrageous legal fees, hiring of friends, family and political cronies.

    Computers wiped clean along with missing hard drives.

    Bonuses given to employees and family members, just because, has been too much.

    I love the statements that “we need to prove the elimination of townships will save the taxpayers money.”

    Here’s the condensed version.

    Eliminate millions in payroll and pensions, sell the equipment, property and buildings so we can start collecting real estate taxes on some of these prime locations.

    Give us a break, the townships went out with the horse and buggy, you know it and we know it.

    We don’t need a taxpayer-funded group hired by the townships to tell us why you’re needed.

    You’re not!

    Stop the township carnival from feeding at the taxpayers’ trough, you’re long out of date.

    We don’t need you, we don’t want you, you need to go away.

    Get on your horse and buggy and spread your remaining fertilizer in a pasture where it might do some good.

  11. WizBang? You are going to be very sorry with that attitude. All of this incompetence will be folded into a MUCH LARGER incompetent body. You will be charged to death with BIGGER and more unrealistic graft takers. We NEED smaller and more accessible governance NOT giving it all to the big government that is totally uncontrollable! Draining the swamp like this is a step in the right direction. Your impatience is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Devastating!

  12. Cindy, Illinois is going to crash and burn anyway.

    Quit defending a useless and inherently corrupt layer of government.

    If you were supervisor, may be there’d be one good township.

    Get rid of them all! That’s what Jackson County, IL did in 1934.

  13. QuietMom? They didn’t know much about the new world order agenda that we are fighting today. Maybe that seemed like a good idea back in 1934. NOt so much now. If you want to fight back against their Satanic agenda, quit giving them wins; like folding your local governance into their huge bloated machine. PEOPLE think!!! You are not using your critical thinking by just giving every power you have away because you found some nasty bit. Clean it up! Put it back into working order! Don’t throw it away! You are going to be steamrolled by what is coming.

  14. I’m outraged by the price of a haircut nowadays!

    Back in the 50’s it only cost $1.75.

  15. And people laughed, when I built a WiFi proof, Internet free survival bunker.

  16. Cindy, the sky is falling, the sky is falling! Don’t you ever get tired of “satanic agendas” and dire warnings of “what’s coming?” It’s always the same with every comment you make…either someone is stupid or misinformed or ignorant or the world is coming to an end. You sound like an old lady so if it makes you feel important I guess you need to try and sound relevant. The world will continue to turn with or without you but your constant repetitive remarks get pretty boring.

  17. So do the McHenry township officials get paid next term or not?

    One line says they will and lists the amounts and another line says McHenry Township Trustees will not be paid a salary next term?

  18. The watcher? Have you not heard …”World without end. Amen.” You are still an idiot!

  19. 45 k a year for road commissioner?

    There are a lot of responsibilities with a job like that.

    People with far fewer responsibilities in that industry (road construction/maintenance) make more than that.

    Maybe Anderson’s plan is to get such incompetent people running for township office that people rebel and eliminate townships.

  20. Grampa:

    The Township Highway Commissioner is by law a 24/7/365 job and to do it right you need a CDL, at least.

    In the winter, he is usually the first plow on the road.

    It is a public safety issue then.

    Where will you get a guy with a CDL for $45k/year?

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