GOP County Chairman Diane Evertsen Comes Out Against Bill Allowing Voters to Abolish Townships

In a reverse twist on former McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado’s push to consolidate townships, newly-elected Chairman Diane Evertsen has sent an email to some Precinct Committeemen calling for opposition to State Rep.David McSweeney’s bill to allow voters to abolish a township in a referendum.

The most momentum for such a referendum is in Algonquin Township, yet Evertsen did not announce to the gathered Committeeman last night that she intended to send out this email.

Glen Swanson, newly-elected Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman, and McHenry County Republican Chairman chatting Wednesday night at GOP Headquarters in Crystal Lake,.

Here is Evertsen’s email:

You will recall that last November I contacted you with a request to call and/or email Governor Rauner asking that he veto HB 171, which was to be an end run around the voters of McHenry County to bestow upon our current County Board Chairman authority which was not granted by our voters. We were successful in the Governor’s veto due to your efforts in calling and emailing.

It is my understanding that our County Board Chairman [Democrat Jack Franks], without the knowledge or approval of County Board members, has been lobbying to get legislation passed in Springfield (HB 4637) [sponsored by Republican State Rep. David McSweeney] which will impact McHenry County adversely.

The majority of the County Board (21 of 24 members) requests a “NO” vote on this bill, and would appreciate your help in contacting legislators.

During this election year, do we really want to put ourselves in a position of Republicans pitted against Republicans on a bill that is obviously not good enough for the entire State of Illinois?

Here’s a portion of the new legislation:

Section 1. Legislative intent

“Transferring the powers and duties of one or more dissolved McHenry County townships into the county, as the supervising unit of local government within which the township or townships are situated, will reduce the overall number of local governmental units within our State. This reduction is declared to be a strong goal of Illinois public policy.”

Certainly we can all understand the frustration caused when a unit of government does not function properly, and we understand the knee-jerk reaction to ‘do something’.

However, let’s be smart enough to look at the issue in a calm manner and realize that if some people in one unit aren’t performing adequately, it’s time for voters to elect better candidates.

Local government belongs in the control of local people.

Whether a party wants to promote township consolidation or not, what’s the point of reducing numbers of units if you also don’t reduce the cost of delivery of services, or if you cut services beyond what is reasonable?

Does it make sense, and is it a smart piece of legislation, to reduce the units and at the same time increase the costs of delivery of services?

Regardless of whatever else is being promoted, this bill does not serve us well.

There is no realistic plan in this Bill for cost-savings or efficiency to taxpayers, and legislators are once again asking Governor Rauner to agree to cherry-pick State legislation for one or two counties only.

There are 112 counties in the State of Illinois and if this legislation is not good enough for all of them, it certainly is not good enough for McHenry County.

I would ask that you contact Illinois State Senators and express a desire that they vote NO on SB4637 and follow that up with contact to Governor Rauner’s Deputy for our area, Robert Miller (no relationship to the Algonquin Millers) at 630/308-5906, email: An extended contact list for Illinois State Legislators will follow, but you can start with those on the attached list.

Please remember that when you make contact, you are representing McHenry County and I urge you to be polite and friendly. Your help is urgently requested and greatly appreciated.

= = = =
Note the tension between allowing voters to pass a petition to eliminate their township government and Evertsen’s statement: “Local government belongs in the control of local people.”

Not mention in her email is that taxpayers would be guaranteed a cut in property taxes amounting to 10% of the last township levy.

Of course, those who favor passage of the bill and the Governor’s signing it can contact their legislators and the Governor’s office as well.

Find Senate phone numbers and email addresses here.

Find out how to file an electronic witness slip on HB 4637 here.


GOP County Chairman Diane Evertsen Comes Out Against Bill Allowing Voters to Abolish Townships — 29 Comments

  1. This is a very bad and ill conceived or thought out bill. It would force the county to raise taxes as all of the services of the township would devolve to the county without the township tax levy plus the county would not be able to receive Motor Fuel Tax revenues for the formerly township roads.

    It would also provide that the dissolution would take effect immediately after the vote so there would be no chance for the county to develop a transition plan.

    Interim public assistance would also cease in the dissolved township area forcing those people to move to adjacent townships.

    Finally, it ONLY affects McHenry County, not the rest of the state.

    A classic case of throwing the infant out with the aqueous cleansing substance.

    Rumor has it that this is a Franks idea to give him another false feather to stick in his cap so he can try to get a state position from the new Governor, or possibly a shot at an appointment to the U.S. Senate seat which would be vacated by Dick Durbin allowing JBP to make an appointment a la Tombstone Burris but without the wiretaps.

  2. Just peachy.

    The new GOP chair does something to create MORE DIVISION in the party.

  3. Ah ha ha ha I can’t wait to walk and get enough signatures for the abolishment of townships.

    You know that the chairmn’s husband was township government and her good friend Shister was township.

    She will bring the party down the right wing extremist path and leave it with nothing.

    You get what you deserve for voting her into Chairmain of the Republican Party.

  4. Once again, you are being steamrolled. Shame on the people that do NOT understand that this is a terrible thing for ALL in McHenry County. You are going to give Franks the power he wants if you do not stand against this atrocious “consolidation”. Diane is so right to be against this plan. Looks to me like the voters are too stupid to understand that they are being played, yet again. Your completely short-sighted ravings of “Oh, they are wasteful get rid of them” are so unbelievably naive that I cannot see how we ever managed to hold this county together for this long. Did no one learn anything from the last fiasco of let the voters elect a chair? How’s that sitting with everyone these days?

  5. Shut up Cindy. Alex Jones needs your Tim foil brain back.
    Townships are a WASTE of taxpayer $$$$.

  6. Let’s see. More power to Jack Franks or to our sunshine blogger? Let me ask Klaatu Barada Nikto about it. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  7. The picture speaks for itself. The future of the republikkklan party is in good hands. 186 days. Lean forward. Hear the whisper. It is the blue wave coming your way. It is unstoppable; and overwhelming. Repeat after me: Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi…Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. I am a lifelong GOP voter. I hate what this party has become.

    Roy Moore and Donald Trump are your new faces of the party.

    Morally corrupt liars who have nothing to do with traditional conservative views.

    You are sheep to the elephant.

  9. So you might be the guy who stole 6-7 Trump signs in the fall of 2016.

  10. Evertsen, born and bred a township supporter, doing the bidding of the Township Officials of Illinois.

    The party is stuck with her because she was the “lesser of two evils.”

    CCAPOA you’re not alone in your disdain for what the party has become.

    You can add Evertsen to Trump, Moore, Shuster et al.

    It’s a disgusting group.

    Not My First Rodeo, I had to look up Alex Jones…people like him actually exist!


    Now we know where Cindy gets her delusional viewpoints.

  11. Not My blah blah blah has definitely got their panties in a knot. lol Only a snowflake liberal would tell someone to “shut up”. Your opinion on here is rendered valueless because you are a moron. You outed yourself. (BTW you are probably too young to remember tin (Tim sic) foil [since the heyday of tin was in the twenties!] – it is actually aluminum foil you are probably referencing. Which also proves what a goof you really are.)

  12. The watcher 1940? I see you are another complete moron. I have stated loudly and clearly many times that I do NOT listen to Alex because I cannot stand his voice. BTW He is actually Bill Hicks. You people would be a riot were it not that you are so stupid. Do you not even realize that you are detrimental to your cause by being so obtuse? (Now I am wondering what your actual cause could possibly be. To promote stupidity? I got nothing.)

  13. Hey Cindy,
    Only a wacko Alex Jones worshiper would say what you say. Don’t you have a klan rally, Flat earth society meeting or moon landing disputer meeting to attend?!


  14. I almost agree with you, Not (you rodeo clown). Sadly you are wrong. Alexis is not a whacko. He is a shill. I think it is hilarious that you are all bent out of shape over hearing the truth. I could send you some links to enlighten you but alas you are too stupid to follow through.

  15. Stealing campaign signs goes against everything this sunshine blog stands for…which is…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. I called the number TO SUPPORT THE BILL!

    townships are the biggest waste of money after the bloated school dists.

    and townships are unsupervised license to steal ….. just like the Millers did.

    Did this crooked Illinois township clerk accompany the Miller crime family to Disney World on the taxpayers’ dime?:

    Chicago — Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced former Essex Township Clerk Traci Freytag pleaded guilty to stealing taxpayer money for personal expenses including two trips to Florida.

    Freytag, 50, of Essex, Ill., pleaded guilty to one count of theft of government property, a Class 1 felony and was sentenced to four years in prison by Kankakee County Circuit Court Judge Kathy Elliott.

    Freytag was appointed township clerk in August 2014. Between November 2014 through May 2016, Freytag deposited $94,000 of Essex township checks into her personal bank account.

    As clerk, Freytag had access to Essex township bank accounts and was able to write checks from those accounts.

    The scheme was uncovered after a township employee indicated that his payroll check from the township had bounced. A FDIC-OIG investigator then inquired with the State Bank of Herscher, which holds the Essex township account, and discovered the funds had been completely depleted.

    The investigator also discovered multiple Essex Township checks written to and signed by Freytag that were deposited into her personal US Bank account.

    “The defendant used her position as township clerk to cheat taxpayers and enrich herself in a public corruption scheme,” Madigan said.

    “This sentence ensures she will be held accountable for her actions.”

    The FDIC-OIG referred the case to Madigan’s office for prosecution, and Assistant Attorney General Nicole D. Sutcliffe handled the case for Madigan’s Special Prosecutions Bureau.

  17. Landshark: You must be a Miller or Millerite!

    I quote you:

    “Interim public assistance would also cease in the dissolved township area forcing those people to move to adjacent townships.”

    That’s GREAT!!!!!!

    Townships created this ‘interim public assistance’ benefit out of thin air. Before the Civil War the townships could give ‘general assistance” …they still do, even though we now have a gigantic Welfare State (Food stamps, sec. 8 housing, Welfare, Medicaid, blah, blah, blah) But the drone township officials added illegally another level of assistance “interim public assistance”

    I’m getting taxed out of my home because Township officials need more tax money to shower on illegal aliens!

    Go to Hell! They should move! Back to their country of origin!

    Here’s a little something to think about, loser:

    I cross border,
    poor and broke,

    Take bus,
    see employment folk.

    Nice man
    treat me good in there,
    Say I need
    go see Welfare.

    Welfare say,
    “You come no more,

    We send cash
    right to your door.”

    Welfare checks,
    they make you wealthy,

    it keep you healthy!

    By and by,
    Got plenty money,
    Thanks to you,
    TAXPAYER dummy.

    Write to friends
    in motherland,

    Tell them
    ‘come, fast as you can’

    They come in chevys
    and Ford trucks,

    I buy big house
    with welfare bucks.

    They come here,
    we live together,

    More welfare checks,
    it gets better!

    Fourteen families,
    they moving in,

    But neighbor’s patience
    wearing thin.

    Finally, white guy
    moves away,
    . .
    I buy his house,
    and then I say,

    “Find more aliens
    for house to rent.”

    In my yard
    I put a tent.

    Send for family
    they just trash,

    But they, too,
    draw welfare cash!

    Everything is
    very good,
    Soon we own
    whole neighborhood.

    We have hobby
    it called breeding,

    Welfare pay
    for baby feeding.

    Kids need dentist?
    Wife need pills?

    We get free!
    We got no bills!

    TAXPAYER crazy!
    He pay all year,
    To keep welfare
    running here.

    We think America
    darn good place!
    Too darn good
    for white man race.

  18. LandShark (aka. Jim Kearns) is everything that’s wrong with politics. I wonder what the State’s Attorney will find out in his investigation of Grafton Township…

    The Kearns-Evertson team of conflicted high tax “Republicans” will destroy the Republican Party.

    It’s really ironic that liberal Pam Althoff (the ultimate Springfield insider) has teamed up with Minuteman Evertsen to support higher taxes.

    Watch the size of Pam’s pension increase when she retire early.

    A lot more news coming on cougar Pam and Evertsen very soon….

  19. When did McHenry County Republicans stop being the party of limited government?

    I’m looking at your Reick, Wheeler, and Evertson.

    Get rid of townships!!!

  20. LandShark (Jim Kearns), how big will your Township pension be and are you cooperating with Kenneally’s Grafton Township investigation?

    Minuteman/Township flunky Evertsen and Springfield cougar Althoff are joined at the hip to help their Township friends and to hurt taxpayers.

  21. Kearns served as Township Supervisor four years, which is not long enough to qualify for a pension.

  22. Cal Jim is collecting a pension as a county board member for the remaining four years needed to be vested.

  23. Say that again? A bill to abolish the gop? I’ll second that. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  24. Don’t you remember that the County Board killed pensions for themselves going forward?

  25. Glen Swanson is a Wauconda pig, how is he involved in McHenry Politics?

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