Real Estate Tax Bills Coming Monday

Property taxes will soon be flying out of homeowners’ wallets.

McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller mailed property tax bills on Friday.

Since they didn’t come Saturday, I’m guessing they will arrive in most mailboxes Monday.

McHenry County Blog will present some analysis, the first portion of which compares what categories of tax districts have asked from out checking accounts over the last two years.

The source for these figured can be found as follows on the County Clerk’s web site:

You will note that three types of governments are asking for less money this year that last year:

  • County government
  • Townships
  • Park Districts

And the total tax tax is up 4/10 of one percent.

Last year total taxes went up 7/10 of one percent.

If there became a trend line, it would be good, but not enough to lower tax burdens.

Under the Property Tax Cap, tax districts could get up to 2.1% more this year.

The increase in the Consumer Price Index is the same for next year’s taxes.

What is needed, obviously, is for tax districts to cut the amount they demand from property owners.

Some did, as you will see in coming days.

Townships show consistent improvement, but my guess is that is because they had accumulated surpluses that could not be justified.  Algonquin Township’s Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser, for instance, cut back his Road District by a hard 5%…meaning that it cannot be reimposed without a referendum.

McHenry County’s tax cut, on the other hand, can be reimposed in next year’s tax levy.

For some reason, the official report to the Illinois Department of Revenue does not indicate the County tax burden decreased by the 11.2% that County Board Chairman Jack Franks has been touting.

Tax District     % Change   % Change
  2015 2016 2015-16 2017 2016-17
County $76,289,016 $79,424,611 4.1% $71,839,960 -9.5%
Township 26,289,626 25,151,660 -4.3% 24,392,838 -3.0%
Municipalities 69,033,381 68,878,510 -0.2% 69,624,891 1.1%
Schools 52,371,7423 526,711,840 0.6% 536,291,327 1.8%
Comm College 31,683,235 31,660,260 -0.1% 31,755,871 0.3%
FPD 42,984,879 44,580,143 3.7% 45,508,226 2.1%
Park 15,825,100 15,194,971 -4.0% 14,959,818 -1.5%
Sanitary 684,538 689,186 0.7% 701,210 1.7%
Library 16,949,241 17,261,084 1.8% 17,54,5674 1.6%
Cemetery 45,314 35,915 -20.7% 46,607 29.8%
Conservation 19,572,805 19,507,875 -0.3% 19,508,031 0.0%
Misc. 625,175 638,511 2.1% 653,788 2.4%
Total $823,699,732 $829,734,565 0.7% $832,828,243 0.4%

These are from the official records sent to the Illinois Department of Revenue, which are linked above.

The figures reflect only taxes billed to McHenry County real estate.

For example, only the real estate taxes sought by the Village of Algonquin which are collected from McHenry County real estate are included in the municipal line.

When looking at the community college line, remember that McHenry County College does not cover Algonquin Unit School District 300. That is served by Elgin Community College. MCC also goes into Kane County, which doesn’t show up here.


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  1. Sunshine blogger, please make this a 37-part investigative report. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  2. Home for sale signs will begin to appear immediately following homeowners receipt of property tax bill.

  3. Available on-line with complete history since first tax bill – bump of $141 or 2.3% over last year – LITH.

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