BGA Supports McSweeney Abolish McHenry County Townships by Referendum Bill

Looking at an email from the Better Government Association, I found an endorsement of State Rep. David McSweeney’s House Bill 4637, of fifteen bills the organization is supported.

The email describes the bill like this:

HB 4637: Allows the board of trustees of any township located in McHenry County to submit a proposition to voters to allow the township to dissolve.

Meanwhile, commenter “LandShark” writes:

Gov. Rauner was briefed on the township dissolution bill when he was here last week. (Not a “secret meeting”, the Governor’s staff set it up as a local outreach effort).

There is a good chance he will veto it if it manages to get to his desk

Also the local State Senate contingent is probably opposed.

Since it only affects McHenry County I would think it odd if the Senate passes something that is opposed by all of the Senators in the only area it affects, but who knows.

LandShark certainly knows more about the meeting than most people.

Certainly more than I.

Perhaps others who were invited or who have friends who were invited who have shared information with them would add details about the meeting.

Contact information for McHenry County’s three State Senators is below:

  • Dan McConchie (217) 782-8010, (224) 662-4544
  • Karen McConnaughay(217) 782-1977,
  • Pam Althoff (217) 782-8000, (815) 455-6330, (217) 782-1977


BGA Supports McSweeney Abolish McHenry County Townships by Referendum Bill — 1 Comment

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