Support for Referendum to Put McHenry Township Road District Under Township Board

A letter to the Northwest Herald, reprinted with permission of its author, Ned Neumann:

McHenry Township Road District Patronage Compared to the First Richard Daley’s Empire

If a study is ever conducted to show the financial ramifications associated with consolidating townships, or road districts, or making any major rearrangement or realignment of township government functions, it probably won’t show any real savings unless we reduce the size of

The trick is to get that done without reducing the services of government.

Someone once asked Mayor Daley of Chicago, the old Mayor Daley, why the new City of Chicago building with automatic push button elevators still had elevator operators.

In his brutally honest way he responded that it was because those push buttons couldn’t vote.

Some of our township road districts have become like a Chicago style army of patronage workers who will work tirelessly to keep the power structure and their job security in place.

Many of these township road district positions are not in place because they are the most efficient way to get the job done but rather to have positions to staff with loyal supporters who
will help keep things just rolling along.

This is a Republican Party stronghold here in McHenry County.

You don’t see many Democratic Party precinct committee people or operatives getting these township jobs.

You start by being a good, old guard Republican.

It’s not unique.

It’s not unusual or uncommon.

All political parties that are in power take care of their people.

What’s not acceptable is to have any person, of any political persuasion, in an expensive and unnecessary position simply to create a position for a supporter, family member or friend to keep the political machine operating.

We need to get some of these services outsourced and the size of government reduced.

Let’s still do what we have to do, but let’s find a more sensible and affordable way to do it.

It took decades to build these road districts into the behemoths they’ve become and it will probably take years to scale them back to a sensible size, but let’s get started.

Vote “Yes” in November to consolidate the McHenry Township Road District with the McHenry
Township Board, two and a half years from now.


Support for Referendum to Put McHenry Township Road District Under Township Board — 21 Comments

  1. I like this guy!

    But he forgot about township nepotism!

    And that’s a big problem with corrupt townships …just ask Miller how his outlaw sons-in-law got jobs under him, or his wife’s $100K a year job as Miller’s secretary!

    “King” James Condon, McHenry Township Road Commissioner jot his kid hired by McHenry Township, too.

  2. I remember those elevators!

    You would get in and there would be a guy in a uniform sitting on a stool.

    You would tell him what floor you wanted and he would push the button!

    That was his entire job!

    Like you couldn’t do that yourself.


  3. A kin to before self-serve pumps.

    I remember the Purple Martin station we stopped at as a kid.

    The guy came out dirty hands and all, 10 bucks ethyl, he pumped the gas, he checked the oil, filled the washer bottle, you paid from the car, he pulled out a big roll of bills either for change or to stack your payment and you received your free (glass or dish or S&H green stamps).

    Those jobs are all gone.

  4. Without massive cuts in service there will be no tax cuts.

    This consolidation makes sense if someone is hired to lead that has the right type of experience.

    Kind of a waste since the elimination bill should pass.

    We should be asking McDOT on cost estimates so future county levies can be adjusted properly.

  5. Gov. Rauner was briefed on the township dissolution bill when he was here last week. (Not a “secret meeting”, the Governor’s staff set it up as a local outreach effort).

    There is a good chance he will veto it if it manages to get to his desk

    Also the local State Senate contingent is probably opposed.

    Since it only affects McHenry County I would think it odd if the Senate passes something that is opposed by all of the Senators in the only area it affects, but who knows.

    The NWH today reports that McSweeney is going after Diane Evertsen for being at this meeting, calling her an “known extremist” due to old ties to a particular organization (remind you of anything? ).

    She is the County GOP Chairman.

    How could they not go through her?

    Obviously he is upset about something and that something is probably his township bill.

  6. Uniformed guys in elevators asking “Floor Please” and pushing the floor button. What’s wrong with dat? Look at all of the jobs.

    Also, what about all of the ATM’s that eliminated tellers in banks and savings and loans.

    What about those jobs?

    Or the self checkout at some stores.

    Or self-serve gasoline?

    What about those jobs?

    Or only being able to buy meat at food stores until 6 PM to keep the butchers gainfully employed?

    Or iphones, tweets, texts and email eliminating telegraph messages and those who delivered these?

  7. Is this you nob?

    A federal court judge has described former East St. Louis Township Supervisor Oliver Hamilton’s years of misusing public funds as “punching holes in a ship taking on water,” and warned that an agreed-upon sentence of a year and a day “… may not be sufficient.”

    “In reality (Hamilton) … was the antithesis of Robin Hood, stealing money earmarked for the poor and keeping it for himself,” U.S. District Chief Judge Michael J. Reagan wrote in a 28-page sentencing memorandum filed Friday in federal court in East St. Louis.

    Read more here:

  8. Nob, or is this you?

    DECATUR — David Williams pleaded guilty Thursday to theft of more than $500 of public funds during his tenure as Maroa Township supervisor.

    With the guilty plea to the single charge of theft over $500, a Class 3 felony, Williams will avoid prison time.

    However, he will be required to pay $16,637.23 in restitution.

    That’s just less than half of the self-reported $33,340.19 in township funds he admitted to misappropriating.

    Williams, 58, also has been placed under 24 months of “second chance” probation, meaning a felony conviction won’t appear on his record if he completes his sentence successfully.

    He must also complete 240 hours of community service.

  9. And, if a felony is not on his record, he will keep his pension.

  10. Illinois had elevator operators on similar elevators until Jim Edgar was elected.

  11. OREANA (MCT) — Three Whitmore Township trustees have faced calls to step down since the township’s road commissioner was arrested June 21 for an alleged theft of government funds.

    The latest request for Becky Karakachos, Pat Jones and Danny Manning to resign came from cemetery trustee Marshall Conway, who publicly acknowledged the role he played in a long-standing arrangement that apparently led to Road Commissioner Michael Spent’s arrest. …

    2012 case …. near Morris, IL

  12. Townships!

    The more I learn about ’em; the more I hate ’em!

  13. Ricky, you’ll have to post quite a few more township cheats to match just this one:

    In 2012, the mayor, everyone else in the city and the national media discovered that Rita Crundwell, the city’s Treasurer and Controller had embezzled $53.7 million from the city over the past 20 years. How could the treasurer of an Illinois town with an annual budget of $6 million to $8 million steal over $50 million in two decades? Here is the toolkit for municipal fraud, as described by attorney Devon C. Bruce, who litigated the Dixon civil case and obtained the largest municipal settlement of its kind, $47 million.

    Many more where that came from, many more.

    Ricky dude, you must be blind, I just said AT was going down if the legislation passes.

    I’m with Rachael on consolidating Alg Highway to the Township also.

  14. Cindy or Cal, what does is mean?
    Andrew Gasser on 05/09/2018 at 2:03 pm said:
    $500 dollars…. five hundred dollars.
    Nothing to see here.

  15. David William’s offenses(Decatur twp) versus Bob Miller’s offenses (Alg Twp)!

    What is the McHenry County State’s Attorney doing?


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