Wondering If Majority of Algonquin Township Board Has Realized Attempt to Evict Road Commissioner from Town Hall Helps Campaign to Abolish Township

The following is on the agenda of the Algonquin Township Board tonight:

Old Business:

Township Building space allocation, office & storage space relocation, as well as records storage and consolidation. Relocation of Highway Commissioners office by June 11, 2018.

Guess this is on the agenda because of the likely violation of the Open Meetings Act pointed out by Illinois Leaks.

Taking such action will probably result is still a third article in the Northwest Herald about what appears to many to be a petty issue to many.

(One told me it looked how third graders would act.)

But, maybe the the three Township Trustees in favor of giving Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser the boot, all of whom seem to favor the continuation of their township government, will figure out that such action will merely add fuel to the fire those favoring abolition of Algonquin Township.

A possibility, but I doubt it.

Also I have been told that Road District employees, using Road District equipment not only excavated for the foundation of the Township Hall in the early 1970’s, but also poured the concrete footings, as well as other assistance in its construction.

Budget hearings will start at 6:30, the regular May Board meeting at 7.


Wondering If Majority of Algonquin Township Board Has Realized Attempt to Evict Road Commissioner from Town Hall Helps Campaign to Abolish Township — 9 Comments

  1. Next they will hire Pam Fender to run the road district and sell the road district property.

  2. Unless there is a drastic change in the direction of wind, Alg Twh is going down.

    If proof of a savings before a vote is required perhaps, but still not likely.

    It seems to be about the politics more than how it effects our property tax bill.

  3. You may want to ask why lake jullian is taxed as farm land when in fact they stock a pond ask Dave miller who inherited it from dorthy Miller yet again the gift that keeps on giving???

  4. Has anyone watched the video from tonight yet?

    The rumor is that the clerk had a brilliant, magnificent, marvelous explosion and subsequent meltdown.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  5. Attention David McSweeney, have YOU seen the Algonquin Township Board meeting from tonight?

    The clerk. We did a bad job electing her.

    She should resign.

    I am not sure if she is all there.

    Proud of Rachael, Chuck, and Andrew.

  6. Seriously Cal?

    This board, especially Chapman couldn’t figure it out.

    And who knows what’s going on in Victor’s head!

    Oh she doesn’t like Andrew so let’s follow Her best friends advice and get sued again!

    Great job Melisa!

  7. It’s a parliament o’ fools.

    But that’s what Township misgovernment is all about!

  8. For some reason the video posted on their website doesn’t have any audio.

    Obviously by design since you can hear their idiocy on the other videos.

  9. It’s on youtube. It’s not very interesting and the audio is atrocious (as usual). Someone needs to fix that because recording muffled sounds just doesn’t enhance our trust.

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