Pritzker Cancels CL Chamber of Commerce Appearance

JB Pritzker

Democratic candidate for Governor JB Pritzker was supposed to speak to members of the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce this afternoon at the CL Park District’s Main Beach House.

He cancelled the appearance because of “a death in the personal circle of the Pritzker family, according to theĀ  CL Chamber

It has been re-scheduled for Sunday, June 3rd , the Chamber advises.

The email indicates it was designed as a “Meet and Greet.”


Pritzker Cancels CL Chamber of Commerce Appearance — 12 Comments

  1. He doesn’t mention anything about a death on his twitter page.

    He met with LGBTQ activists four hours ago, wished Muslims a happy Ramadan two hours ago, and tweeted support for the ERA one hour ago.

  2. Keep that rat bastard out of Crystal Lake please.

    Maybe the CL Chamber can stay unbiased and not ask him to reschedule.

    Don’t understand how/why they invited him.

  3. What’s that saying about crooks hanging together, Concerned? Oh, never mind that was birds.

  4. Still nothing about a death on his twitter page, but he put in a dig at Rauner 29 minutes ago.

  5. “Keep that rat bastard out of Crystal Lake please.” Too late, our sunshine blogger is here to stay. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  6. It has been rumored by a certain member of Congress
    (and a member of the DEMOCRAT party) that if Jumbo Boy shows up, CL will tip over.

    Perhaps that is the real truth behind Jumbo Boy’s cancellation.

  7. Tip over? Only the island of Guam could tip over according to a moron Democrat member of the U.S. House named Hank Johnson who stated this to a U.S. Navy Admiral at a 2010 Congressional hearing.

  8. Pritzker wants to put in a progressive income tax in Illinois. A letter writer to the NW Herald today said that Pritzker would have to change the Illinois Constitution to get the progressive tax. The writer also wondered if Pritzker would change the Constitution to get rid of the pension provision whereby retired teachers, school administrators and other government workers get automatic yearly raises in the amount of their pension payments.

    Would the Democrat ultra rich guy Pritzker do the right thing for Illinois taxpayers, including seniors, to unburden them from the ridiculous and lavish government program for retired government workers?

  9. Maybe he thought he should take this time to…put those toilets back in his summer home that he removed to evade taxes.

  10. My understanding is that JB and Rauner are both scheduled at separate dates to answer business related questions by Chamber members.

    The Chamber is not taking political sides between the two and was about having both understand the business needs of McHenry County and of course Crystal Lake.

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