Citizen Inaction Gives CL Park District Ability to Borrow $3.5 Million

The Crystal Lake Park District could have asked voters for permission to borrow $3.5 million to pay for these purposes:

  • 2 playground replacements
  • 1 dump truck
  • 1 pickup truck with plow
  • Lippold synthetic turf replacement
  • Lippold flood relief projects
  • Several outdoor tennis court/basketball court repairs/replacements
  • Pedestrian crossing project
  • Administration building window replacement

But its Board decided to take the easy route, instead.

A notice was published in the legal notice section of the Northwest Herald saying that if enough people (3,010) signed a petition, a referendum could be forced.

Such a process is called a “backdoor referendum.”

It peitition-driven referendum passed, then the bonds could be issued.

Since a month has passed since the “notice” to the public with no such petition having been filed, the Crystal Lake Park Board can now issue bonds for $3,5 million without further concern about public feelings.



Citizen Inaction Gives CL Park District Ability to Borrow $3.5 Million — 11 Comments

  1. Seems like an antiquated law done us in. No one reads the paper let alone answers “public” postings. The park district has always been elite crooks.

  2. Debbie or ‘Little Debbie’ as she likes to be called is no taxpayers’ friend.

    $3.5 million on our backs. Thanks Debbie Gallagher. Another Miller ally!

    She richly deserves to be tarred and feathered. I’m tired of being her chump and enabler for her taxoholism

  3. They just raised our taxes again…..blame ourselves….to busy to protect our own interests.

  4. Hmm, You snooze, you lose ?

    The “Magnificent Seven” have NEVER met a project they couldn’t fund.

    Any bids on these projects ?

  5. Yea Jim busy trying to keep food on the table,bills paid,raise kids,stay in the house!!

    I think its more like irresponsible people spending other peoples money!!!

  6. The bulk of the cash is needed because the CLPD has entered into a doom loop cycle where they issued debt and then need to issue more debt when the original issuance becomes payable.

    Of the $3.5 million in new debt, $2.4 million of the proceeds will be used to make payments on debt service that is coming due this fiscal year.

    As I indicated before, the $3.5 million in new debt puts the CLPD at their maximum statutory debt ceiling.

    Sadly, the CLPD has the cash on hand to make the required debt service payments, as well as engage in completing the identified capital projects this year without issuing any new debt.

    They could have chosen a path that would lead to the ultimate end of any debt burden on the taxpayers, but have chosen the exact opposite path and have chosen to burden the taxpayers to the maximum allowed under the law.

  7. And fiscally conservative citizens don’t want to run for park board.

  8. Let’s see who gets the gets the business/$$$…. account for every dime.

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