Gasser Not Kicked Out of Algonquin Township Hall

The eviction of Algonquin Township was the subject of a NWH front page article.

Trumpeted by the Northwest Herald, the ousting of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser and his staff from the Township Hall did not live up to its billing.

When the end of the Monday night agenda was reached, Trustee David Chapman said of the relocation motion,

“I move to table until next month.”

Pretty astounded, I asked him after the meeting why he didn’t move forward.

“I never said I wanted to kick Andrew out.”

He indicated that his goal was to get the Township’s Clerk’s documents moved to a more accessible location, that the remote location was not conducive to running an efficient office.

Colleen Schor

We were standing next to the really big break room, so I suggested partitioning part of it for record storage.  There is certainly a lot of room in the basement of the building.

Also tabled was a motion to require all attorneys representing township officials to have malpractice insurance.

Prior to the tabling of the relocation of Gasser and his staff, one of the employees, Colleen Schor spoke during the Public Comment period.

Schor challenged the assertion that her office was “contributing to a hostile work environment.”

She seemed to be saying that moving to an outbuilding was a solution in search of a problem.

“We have a mutually beneficial relationship with [the other employees in the building].

“We do not participate with any of the external drama.

“The burden is on you to demonstrate police reports or documents of complaints during work hours.”

Karen Lukasik

Andrew Gasser

Referring to the dispute “between my boss Andrew Gasser and Karen Lukasik,” both are “rarely in the office.”

Schor pointed out that Gasser was usually on the road and Lukasik taught school.

They “are virtually never in the office simultaneously.

“Prior to uprooting our office it seems you might get all the facts.”

McHenry County Coroner Anne Majewski followed up with

“The Highway Office has always been there and constituents expect it to be there.”

Algonquin Village Trustee Jerry Glogowski added,

“It’s ludicrous to relocate him there [in an outbuilding].”


Gasser Not Kicked Out of Algonquin Township Hall — 6 Comments

  1. A scary bit of info…Lukasik teaching school…having influence on children’s minds? Say it isn’t so!

  2. WTH?

    I can’t believe she graduated with a teaching degree.

    She can’t handle a part-time township clerks job!

    I wouldn’t want my kid being supervised by her at recess!

  3. Oh, come on people . . . Angel will now comment on how we should, Thank A Teacher today. LOL

  4. Saying you are teaching does not mean you have a degree. (Nor does it indicate being any kind of a graduate.) Be careful what you believe and what you interpret.

  5. I’m amused that the people of Algonquin Township actually voted in the current board.

    They act then Think.

    So once again it’s to the courts we go.

    And who do you think the board will blame when they get sued for their own aggravated stupidity?

    Of course they will blame Gasser and his lawyer.

    What legal authority did Jim Kelly give the board?

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