Gasser Sends Letter Demanding Return of Property Purchased with Tax Dollars

The following article from Illinois Leaks is re-published with permission:

Algonquin Twp: 9-page demand letter sent to Bob and Anna May Miller –

Algonquin Township, IL. (ECWd) –Pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, we received a copy of the demand letter from Algonquin Road District Commissioner Andrew Gasser to former commissioner Robert “Bob” Miller and his wife, Anna May Miller was sent within the past week.It is a letter demanding the return of specific items to the Road District that Commissioner Gasser believes belongs to the district.This is not an all-encompassing list as there are items we have found that are not included in this demand letter.

All of the below items are alleged to be purchased using Algonquin Township Road District funds.

  • Blink cameras installed at the Miller household at Road District expense in January 2016 for $299.00
  • 4 iPass Transponders purchased by the Road District
  • 3 American Express Credit Cards
  • Chase Credit Card
  • Capitol One Credit Card

    Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller and Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser after the election.

  • 7 cellular phones associated with the following phone numbers:
    • 847-878-1613
    • 847-875-0548
    • 847-343-3892
    • 847-343-8732
    • 847-970-0571
    • 847-343-3892
    • 224-239-0571
  • All computers paid for by the Road District, including hard drives removed from servers
  • IPAD Air 2
  • IPAD Air 2 Smart Case
  • Hand Tools: shovels, saws, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, drills, Sawsalls
  • Cannon EOS Camera, lenses, and tri-pod
  • Credit Card Points/Economic Benefits associated with above credit cards
  • All Municipal License Plates owned by the Road District
  • Gift Cards including, but not limited to, American Express Gift Cards, Jewel Gift Cards, Barn Nursery Gift Cards, Levenger Gift Cards. The Jewel and Barn Nursery total at least $1,620.00
  • Clothing purchased with Road District funds, including:2 pair women’s Woolrich Kory pants – $98.00
  • Women’s Woolrich Fisher Island Tee – $45.00
  • Women’s Kordel Capri – $55.00
  • Sales tax on the purchased clothing – $15.95
  • Cashmere Jacquard Cardigan Sweater
  • Women’s Supima Stripe pocket Cardigan Sweater
  • Women’s boiled Wool Walker Coat
  • Women’s Print Drape Ballet Shirt
  • Men’s shirts embossed with the words Algonquin Township Highway Department or the Algonquin Road District
  • Women’s Drop shoulder Tuck shirt
  • Women’s Mountain Parka – $99.00
  • Bison Leather belt – $45.00
  • 2 long-sleeve Men’s Woolrich polo shirts Extra Large – $70.00
  • Women’s Raeburn II jacket – $149.00
  • Women’s Woolrich Mountain Laurel Wrap Cardigan – $135
  • Woman’s Chelsae watch – $78.00
  • Men’s Woolridge Fork long-sleeve Polo Shirt – $35.00
  • Women’s Woolrich Plateau Ridge tote bag – $135.00
  • Woman’s Woolridge Restless Brook Cardigan – $99.00
  • Woman’s Sheep Sweater – $78.00
  • Woman’s Woolrich Kenyon Sweater – $69.00
  • Woman’s Alani Cardigan Sweater – $89.00
  • Woman’s Land’s End Fine Gage Performance Cardigan Sweater
  • General merchandise purchased at Car Bath Wash – $214.00
  • Levenger leather tote bag – $384.52
  • Levenger leather black leather pad portfolio $176.37
  • Levenger Brief Bag – $211.44
  • She*Shelpers Western Clothing (believed to be Cowboy Boots) – $215.89
  • Converted funds paid to Robert Miller from Road District in violation of Illinois Administrative Code and in contravention of 24 sworn statements made by Miller – $47,348.00
  • 2 truck loads of salt given away by Bob Miller to Illinois Railway Museum – at least $800
  • Money for meals at Hooters in Brookfield Wisconsin – $288.92
  • Money for Airline tickets for Rebecca Lee – $375.00, and the transaction fee – $9.95
  • Money for Airline tickets for minor child(ren) of Rebecca Lee – $375.00 plus transaction fee of $9.95
  • Payment for Jose Cuervo – $39.33
  • Money for 22 separate Amazon purchases totaling $3,476.28
  • Money paid to Martensen Decorating for services at 1415 Main Street, Cary, IL. – $4,090.00
  • Money for Disneyland Admission – $188.00
  • Payments to Birch for the benefit of others, not the Road District – $13,644.40
  • Payments to Behm Paving for the benefit of others, not the Road District – $110,062.00
  • Sporting Goods from Sports Authority – $590.68
  • Emails of Bob Miller, Anna May Miller, all credit cards statements, all applications for credit and convenience cards
  • All documents electronically removed in concert with IT Connection/Keith Seda
  • All documents reflecting payroll records of Bob Miller for when he was an employee of the Road District
  • All records destruction certificates from the State of Illinois
  • All receipts for all Amazon purchases
  • All legal opinions by Attorney James Kelly to the Road District
  • All lease agreements between the Road District and its employees for storage of automobiles, ATVs and Motorcycles
  • Records related to payments made to Pear Automation
  • Work product of Baxter Woodman associated with the payment of $138,000.00
  • Use of Sam’s Club in house account
  • Records related to HR Green Engineering, Behm Paving
  • Other smaller items

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Gasser Sends Letter Demanding Return of Property Purchased with Tax Dollars — 18 Comments

  1. We demand a return, you have spoiled your wife, girlfriend, daughter, Son in laws, and friends you and your family are crooks and even if the SA won’t prosecute we all know what your family has done, how you look at yourself in the mirror I’m not sure, but you will go to prison and that day make sure you take Vaseline you scumbag crook

  2. Could someone check the Miller stash for a set of black leather chaps and bullwhip?

    Not saying their mine, but these sadism fetish items are missing.

  3. Why doesn’t Mr. Gasser demand that our SA conduct an
    investigation into Miller’s maleficence ?

    Don’t the taxpayers deserve at least that much ?

  4. I don’t, Cindy.

    However, Mr. Gasser should be publicly calling for an investigation
    on behalf of his taxpaying constituents.

    Is he afraid to do so ?

    If he refuses to do so then he is not serving his constituency.

  5. Same old stuff, it’s been dismissed 3 times already and will be dismissed again in August.

    Keneally has investigated, it’s a nothingburger.

    Sure getting libelous tho

  6. Can we demand a return of the legal fees paid by taxpayers for this frivolous revenge fantasy?

  7. Has Mr. Keneally said that there was an ongoing investigation into Algonquin Township and the Road District?

    Has he stated that he has questioned the Millers or a subpoena into the computers used by the Millers that were cleared by them?

    Has he questioned the Trustees during the Millers tenure?

    Has there been questioning of the son in laws?

    So not sure where the investigation is?

    The question is will our SA go after elected officials or is there a different set of laws for them in McHenry County?

  8. I believe this suit is not being paid for by taxpayers.

    Attorney Robert Hanlon is doing it pro bono.

  9. Mrs it is clear you don’t understand how the system works.

    More importantly, what you call a frivolous fantasy cost the taxpayers $0.00.

    Hanlon is doing that one for free!

    But we should care about your uninformed opinions.

    You sound so much like Melisa Victor I can’t help but wonder what you do with the puppet strings,

  10. And how much time did Gasser waste putting this together?

    Doesn’t agree with what my tax dollars should be going towards at this time either….he is no better, at least Miller did his job and could drive a truck.

    all I have seen posted about Gasser is his political stance and alllllllllll the time he is wasting personally doing all of this.

    This has 0 point to it, especially since it is in the courts now.

    Talk about a waste of money, every $ of this guy’s salary has been a waste so far. If he is not doing junk like this hes making selfie videos about the work his guys, not him, have done/been doing.

  11. Frank and Cal- I think it can be assumed that this isn’t “free” its only marked as “Free” on the bills where the hours are just being tallied into the other lawsuite that Gasser has financed Hanlon’s car and house for.

  12. Justa? I think it can be safely assumed that you are either part of this corrupt dynasty or you are just a complete moron.

  13. Oh, Gasser made a demand …. I am sure Miller will get right on it.

    (Sorry, to an outsider this is just funny).

    Also the part about Gasser demanding the State’s Attorney to “do something.”

    That was funny also, I mean sure a Township Highway Official is certainly the person who would know whether they had a case or not???

    It is apparent that the State’s Attorney would not take direction from Gasser, and that he would assess the situation and file the appropriate charges (or not because they didn’t have merit).

    (I am pretty sure by now we can assume the State’s Attorney has looked at this and doesn’t see a viable case … yet).

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