Tom Matthews Reflects on Corruption

A letter from Wonder Lake’s Tom Matthews:

Defeat Corruption

Both knowingly and unknowingly many accept and

Embrace corruption, for a life of luxury and comfort, at the expense of their fellow citizens, corruption is promoted and maintained by those who have gained questionable control,
prestige, money, influence and an ability to entice others to be corrupt, for their own benefit.

A major goal and tool of this corrupt group is to have the ability to seek control and render revenge on those who oppose them. This group has become so large, that they have become out of control, but with a core group remaining.

TP Mathews and John Hammerand chat at his last fund raiser at the Grand Old Mill in Wonder Lake. 

In looking for ways to stop the burden of corruption, and the denial of justice to our citizens, we must look to the history books has to how the great army’s of evil intensions were organized to conquer and enslave their fellow man.

Like our present day corrupt members of society, they were arrogant and empowered by any early success, but then they themselves were conquered when being deprived of food, fuel and replacement of weapons from their supporting source.

In the present case, the success of corruption is by the sources of support.

In searchingthe internet, it can be found that the Michael Madigan Democratic organizations and funds arebeing supported by listings of 40 pages of donors and approximately 920 contributors.

Allegedly, these may also be known by some as supporters of corruption, when looking to have their personal agendas and interests advanced for their own personal interest and profit to the exclusion of their competition, competitors, and the public.

Please refer to the internet for the published list of contributors.

Allegedly, some believe that some of that list wish to publicly exhibit that they are a supporter and contributor; while others may wish to contribute to the support by gratuity in a shoe box, umbrella or other means.

It is obvious, by daily reports that it is allegedly impossible to stop corruption when many of the leaders, state wide and occasionally at the Federal level are controlling the entire situation.

Allegedly, it is necessary to have a higher authority, as in the U.S. Attorney General and Dept. of Justice, who has the ability to convene a Federal Taskforce, with the assistance of the FBI, IRS and other agencies involved to thoroughly investigate and put a stop to the carnageand restore the Constitutional Rights to our citizens, in order to receive justice to all equally.

In my 60 years of owning and operating several businesses’ I have been personally the victim of many of those who are shown in various classes as donors; to the point of financial assassination. It is unfortunate and sad to say, that my observation, is that many other citizenshave suffered physically, and also been victim of financial assassination.

It should be noted, and explored by the Taskforce, the extent of the extended carnage that often reaches thousands.

Allegedly, the corrupt have built a wall to protect their corruption through legislation of rules and regulations with loop holes to nullify the Historic avenues to gain justice by destroying latches and other procedures to expose those who are corrupt, their crimes, and their victims.

Allegedly, it is estimated and reported that there are very few transactions that do not have some corruption at 1 level or another. Some believe that amount of corruption, collectively, would pay the entire outstanding debt of the State of Illinois.

Please prove me wrong.

Allegedly, when looking at corruption, one must investigate to see who have become partners.

Allegedly, the most obvious example is politicians directing public affairs and labor unions.

This relationship has created and maintained a pension crisis when a worker’s paycheck did not require a deduction for his pension, but in an effort to show a larger paycheck, the pension obligation was transferred to be a public obligation.

There are scores of other relationships to benefit a few at an unconscionable cost to many.

Allegedly, here in Illinois, as well as elsewhere, to get elected, it is not a competing candidate with a program that one must survive; but it is also the number of voters enjoying a better life then your own, through the benefits of corruption.

The hundreds of thousands of corrupt beneficiaries are those who are voting against an honest candidate seeking to return Constitutional Rights and justice to all.


Tom Matthews Reflects on Corruption — 7 Comments

  1. Although this is all true, it is only the opening salvo to the unawakened. It is merely an opening to the dizzying rabbit hole you will eventually fall into in your quest for truth.

  2. Tom, the tools now exist to decentralize the litigation industry and find non-coerced representation for civil fraud suits against corrupt public officials.

    Contact me if you are serious about personally pursuing remedies.

  3. Susan? You make the mistake of thinking that you actually have a chance against the cabal of the illegal “legal system”.

  4. I think this may be the pot calling the kettle black.

    Didn’t this guy own water companies that were always having problems?

  5. @Mrs, having problems and being CORRUPT may be two very different things.

  6. We’re now being preached to by TP Matthews?

    The irony meter is pegged.

    How long did he run the corrupt private water system that was perpetually unsafe for the citizenry, overcharged customers and held municipalities for ransom?

  7. If you’re looking at Townships, corruption follows like night follows day!

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