South School Seniors Seek Patents

A press release from High School District 155:

Crystal Lake South Senior Applies for Two Patents before Graduation

South High School gator.

Caroline Rausch will graduate from Crystal Lake South High School in one week and she has already applied for two patents.

She began working on the first one in eighth grade [in Lundahl MIddle School] with six other girls who were on a robotics team called Fruit Salad.

The theme of the contest was natural disasters and Fruit Salad decided to research floods.

The team developed a kit so people trapped in their car could escape and survive by staying on the roof.

Fruit Salad applied for a provisional patent first, through a patent lawyer.

After that, they had one year to finalize their design.

Once that was completed, the team filed the patent to the patent office and waited two years for results.

Typically, more revisions are requested, but that didn’t happen to Fruit Salad.

“We were really happy when we got our patent because we didn’t expect it to be that fast.

“It seems like a long time that it took us three years, but normally it takes multiple revisions and there’s three years of waiting, so it takes 10 years,” said Caroline Rausch, Crystal Lake South senior.

Rausch began working on her second patent during her junior year with Erin Cook and Rutu Brahmbhatt as part of a capstone course called Engineering Design and Development.

All three girls played tennis and decided to create a machine that would sort tennis balls and check the pressure, so that the tennis coaches did not have to do this by hand.

Rausch, Cook and Brahmbhatt applied for a patent at the end of May last year.

The goal is to submit the revised patent application to the patent office at the end of this school year.

Rausch has been making revisions with the help of her patent lawyer, and it will be sent to the patent office shortly.

As for Fruit Salad, they haven’t decided what to do with the kit.

They have thought about selling it to AAA and have the company market it.

As for the tennis ball problem, Rausch continues to make revisions so the machine doesn’t jam, and it accurately measures the pressure of the tennis balls.

Rausch plans to attend Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering this fall, where she will be studying mechanical engineering, and hopes to get a concentration in entrepreneurship.

“I don’t really like working at a desk like most engineers, I’d rather do the whole engineering process.

“I design it, I build it, I test it so I’d like to have a company that can let me be involved in all of that.”


South School Seniors Seek Patents — 3 Comments

  1. There may well be hope for this Nation after all.

    Congratulations to all involved.

  2. There is hope when they rebel against ‘teachers’ like the fallen angel.

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