McHenry Summer Road Construction

From the McHenry Police Department:

City of McHenry has some roadwork planned for this summer.

Here’s what’s going on:

Currently, Ringwood Rd. is being resurfaced from IL Rt. 120 to Spring Grove RD. Expect daily lane closures from now until July.

The area of Timothy and Clover will have a water main replacement. This will restrict traffic in the neighborhood with some driveway access restricted, as well. June-September

PEARL ST./LINCOLN This will go from Richmond Rd. to McHenry Middle School. Start of Construction in Mid-June with project completed in October. Utility Relocation is currently ongoing with daytime lane closures. Daytime lane closures and approximate 1 month closure of Pearl Street Bridge likely in the month of August or September.

Green Street Bridge Rehabilitation Start of Construction right after Fiesta Days, October 5th completion date. Bridge is to remain open to 2 way traffic.

As workers are present in these areas, we WILL be enforcing traffic laws including speeding and distracted driving.


McHenry Summer Road Construction — 5 Comments

  1. Another scam to waste my tax dollars! What happened to our beautiful and safe dirt roads in good old, idyllic McHenry county? 170 days…hear the whisper…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  2. Angel, why are you driving when you have wings?

    Even the sooty, sulphur-stinking, bat-like wings of yours do work, don’t they?

    Why is the City of McHenry paving all the way to Spring Grove RD …….. Does McHenry go that far now? If so, yet another reason to get rid of the township leeches.

  3. Ringwood is being paved by several different agencies including the City of McHenry, Village of Ringwood and McHenry Township.

    The City has 2 sections of ringwood in between Route 120 and McCullom lake rd.

    Also they are not paving all of the way to Spring grove rd they will be stopping East of Solon rd

  4. Machone is a Township flunkey of some sort. I can smell it from here!

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