Richmond Township Road Commissioner Submits Resignation

Richmond Township Road Commissioner David Bockelmann submitted his resignation April 11th, effective June 1st.

Richmond Township Road Commissioner Dave Bockelmann’s letter of resignation.

Applications were requested via the following notice:

Township of Richmond, Illinois
7812 S. Route 31
Richmond, IL 60071
(815) 678-0077

Vacancy Notice

Highway Commissioner

Applications will be accepted beginning May 2, 2018 through May 11, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. Applications may be mailed or hand delivered.

Electronic submissions will not be accepted.

The Position- Township Highway Commissioner

The appointment is for the remainder of the Commissioner’s elected term that end in April 2018. The Highway Department offices and garages are located at the address shown above.

Preferred skills of candidates include:

1) Knowledge and experience with road maintenance, paving, use of
heavy equipment, road snowplowing.

2) Management skills. Ability to handle Road District finances,
estimating revenues, budgeting expenditures, receiving and approving
bills for payment, skill or willingness to learn how to use Quickbooks.

3) Personal skills. Works well with employees and other Township
officials. Ability to train employees and evaluate performance of

4) Follow all the Illinois laws that pertain to the Highway District.

5) Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holder or eligible.

6) Test free of illegal substances.

Applicant Requirements: Registered Voter, Live within Richmond Township for
at least 1 year and be at least 18 years old.

Applicants are encouraged to get familiar with the duties involved. A document,
General Administrative Duties of the Township Highway Commissioner
is available that explains the work.


Richmond Township Road Commissioner Submits Resignation — 4 Comments

  1. I am hearing that Booby Miller is very interested this vacancy.

    Could it be ?

  2. My standard Public Sector resume simply states:

    Have left a path of destruction, lawsuits and malfeasance every where I’ve worked.

    I think it’s under a bag of weed in a upstairs drawer, will find and submit.

    Now, when do I start?

  3. Health issues? C’mon!

    He doesn’t do a damn thing and can run the dept. from Arizona.

  4. Unless Miller has a house tucked away in Richmond Township not going to happen.

    Dave’s done more than most, cut the guy some slack.

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