A Look at Bob MIller’s Wife’s Pay After Her Husband Lost the GOP Primary

Another post about Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s wife Anna May, reprinted with permission:

Algonquin Township Road District – Major concerns with Anna May Miller’s April 2017 pay

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –During our deep dive into Anna May Miller’s pay information, there are numerous issues that appear to point to the justification for further review by law enforcement and possible legal action by taxpayers.

  • A pay period for the Road District employee is bi-weekly.
  • Road District employees will be compensated according to the salary schedule at the approved rate of pay for all work up to 40 hours in a work week.
  • Overtime monetary pay will be provided to those employees designated to receive overtime at a rate of 1.5 times their regular hourly rate of pay. This will be provided after 40 hours in a week regardless of the hours worked in any one (1) day.

Policy Manual can be downloaded at this link.

To make this very clear, no matter how many hours they work in a day, they only get overtime after 40 hrs in a week.

So in one pay period, 80 hrs, there should be a break down of each week for hours worked.

The Township Road District conveniently has no time cards in their possession.

The only thing they have produced is a payroll record that only reflects two-week intervals with no documentation as to which week overtime could have been applied to.

The most regular pay you can earn is 80  hrs in a given pay period.

When you are paid for 80 hrs that means you were at work.

There is no provision for conversion of sick leave, vacation leave, or any other leave too compensation while you’re at work and still employed.

Anna May Miller at a McHenry County Board meeting.

Anna May Miller’s pay period of 4/6/2017 to 4/19/2017 has a problem.

She received 72 hours of regular pay and 10.75 hrs of overtime.

We have no clue if she actually worked 40 hrs in one of those weeks before getting overtime.

Without a proper paper trail, she walks on the overtime.

Total hours she claims to have been at work and getting paid is 82.75 hrs.

So if she is at work 82.75 hrs. during that pay period, how on earth did she also get paid to be on vacation for 92 hrs?

Or be sick for 20 hrs?

The policy has no provision for conversion of vacation time and more importantly, no policy at all on sick pay.

During the 4/20/2017 to 5/3/2017 pay period she was paid regular pay for 80 hrs and 5.50 hrs of overtime, making her at work 85.5 hrs during that period.

Once again we see 92 hrs of vacation pay being converted to compensation along with 20 more hrs of sick time.

There is no provision in the policy for sick time, let alone converting 40 hrs worth of it, to compensation.

In fact, the “Paid Time Off” policy clearly states it “..will be paid only for approved absences and for times when the employee would normally be scheduled to work.” 

We know she was not absent as she got paid for 82.75 and 85.5 hrs for working during those pay cycles.

How is the conversion of unearned sick time to compensation not theft of funds? 

Additionally, the vacation policy clearly states the condition for unused vacation time to be paid out is only applicable to those who had their employment terminated or because of a death or retirement.

Anna May Miller not only had not earned that many vacation days by that time of year, as outlined in this article, there is no provision to covert vacation to compensation while you’re still employed according to their own policy.

How is the conversion of unearned vacation time to compensation not theft of funds? 

We believe the irregularities with the spending of taxpayer money with this Township more than justifies a forensic audit.

Based on years of investigating public bodies we are confident a forensic audit of the Algonquin Township Road District will make it real clear for everyone to see, there have been crimes committed.

Sadly, many are quick to defend situations like this and claim nothing is wrong since no one has been charged.  Most would be well advised to realize a lot of crimes are committed where people never get charged.  There are a lot of reasons for that but there are no excuses for it when the facts are known to all in a position to take action.

The truth in this township has been just waiting to be exposed.

That exposure, if adequate, should lead to a forensic audit, just as was done in Iroquois CountyCountry Club Hillsand probably our biggest validation of our work, the College of DuPage.  

During months and years of exposure from those public bodies, we heard the same thing from the locals as we are hearing from so many in Algonquin Township.

There is nothing easy about holding friends accountable to the same laws as other criminals and those that do are true representatives of how our government is supposed to work.

And for all the above and many more reasons, elections have consequences and it can be a two-edged sword.

One side acts and does right by the people while the other turns a blind eye and allows it to happen.

What side of that blade are you on?

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A Look at Bob MIller’s Wife’s Pay After Her Husband Lost the GOP Primary — 21 Comments

  1. Salaried employees do not usually get overtime.

    They get a salary.

    They put in whatever time is required as needed.

    Overtime is for hourly workers.

    This is what happens when you have an unbridled power vested in the Road Commissioner.

    Anything he gives to his wife comes right back into his bank account, so he can, in effect, divert more taxpayer money back to himself.

    This is why you need nepotism rules.

    The county government rules forbid this kind of hiring within departments.

    However, independently elected officials such as the County Clerk, Sheriff, Treasurer, Auditor, Court Clerk, States Attorney, Coroner, Recorder, are exempt under state statute.

    Townships don’t have them.

  2. So the only recourse is with the voters.

    In townships with over 15,000 population, the elections become partisan.

    When you have one party that is dominant in an area, the primary (if there even is one) usually determines the final outcome.

    In the Algonquin GOP primary in 2013, Dianne Klemm vs Mark Munaretto for Supervisor, was the big contested race.

    Out of 57,903 registered voters, only 1399 showed up to vote.

    In the GOP primary in 2017, when Andrew Gasser ran to unseat Bob Miller, you had 5421 people voting out of 61, 076 registered. Still pitiful.

    Gasser won by about 150 votes.

    Turnout was the difference.

    That turnout was fueled by a relentless drum beat about the Miller’s nepotism over a two year period, plus better Get Out The Vote efforts by both sides.

    Mary McClellan was also came in a distant third when she ran for judge with her own hiring of her husband being a prominent issue.

    As the lone female against three male opponents, plus being the County Clerk who plastered her name and picture everywhere she could at taxpayer expense, she should have won that in a walk.

    So it does do some good for people to keep pounding on this, but it still takes a lot of effort.

    The more light that is shown on this type of thing, usually in blogs like this one, the better, Angel Lavonna to the contrary notwithstanding.

    Tic, tock.

  3. The millers clearly have some dirt on the states attorney for him to claim not enough evidence to indict, may a special prosecutor need to be assigned or the least investigate our states attorney relationship with the millers in particular the attorney daughter.

  4. Wondering? Where did you get that information on the state’s attorney making a claim? All I have seen is tap dancing and misdirection. Is that an actual quote from someone in the office?

  5. Wondering, was it in a private conversation that the SA said there wasn’t enough evidence to indict? I haven’t read that as a public statement.

    I agree that the best way to move forward would be an independent prosecutor.

    Someone without any ties up in these here parts.

    Wouldn’t Lisa Madigan love ripping some Republican’s to shreds?

  6. Wondering: Cowardly anonymous innuendo, so vague it couldn’t even be slander. You don’t have any courthouse talk, and you are making it up. ]

    If you have some evidence of some dirt, let’s hear it.

    If you have some evidence of illegal collusion between the states attorney and Ms Lee, let’s hear it.

    If not, you’re just another anonymous coward saying an unnamed person said something you don’t even have the nerve to repeat.

  7. Martin you explain no indictment then, this SA has indicted on far less, I agree we need a special prosecutor

  8. Fearless evidence?
    Peerless reticence?
    Tearless hesitance?
    Carless residence?

  9. What case do you have in mind, in which this states attorney indicted on far less evidence?

  10. Look at the big picture, here. It is all part of the civil war that is simmering. Battlelines are being drawn and guess which side you are on?

  11. Keannelly must go!

    Did Judge Sullivan tell him to “lay off” an investigation?

    Did Miller threaten to expose other corruption of public officials?

    Why is Edgar Co. Watchdogs doing this?

    Where’s Prim in all this?

  12. Exactly how can COMP TIME for Krecklow Be justified every December when your salary hmmm
    $10,000 of thousands another travesty that should be returned joke on book keeper

  13. It’s my understanding that Miller did her own payroll with no accountability that in self is a crime

    But I’m sure Becca lee miller advised

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