Anna May Miller’s Time Card

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Algonquin Township Road District – Signed Anna May Miller time card appears!

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –During our last article, we mentioned that we knew there were time cards but that the Township has refused to produce them and only provided an electronic payroll record.

Presto, a sampling of time cards has been produced and one, in particular, has signatures on them that appear to be that of Bob Miller and his wife, Anna May Miller.

Can anyone explain why the signed time card dates do not match the electronic payroll dates?

For example, the first recorded work time on the time card below is dated October 31, 2016, a Monday.

The signed time cards reflect a week ending 11/06/16, which is a Sunday.

The electronic record reflects the last pay cycle in October as beginning October 20th and ending November 2nd.

The following pay cycle begins on November 3rd and ends on November 16th of 2016.

The time card simply says “week ending” but does not tell us what pay cycle that falls into.

We contend it falls into two pay cycles when comparing the dates.

Anna May Miller time sheet for late October and early November, 2016.

The time card, best we can figure out, reflects hours worked, but the totals don’t seem to match when you do the math.

  • 10/31 – 8 hrs -10 minutes actual math figures – 8 hrs regular pay and 45 minutes overtime documented for pay. (35 minutes of extra overtime not shown on time card) 
  • 11/01/16 – 4 hrs -30 minutes actual math figures – 4 hours regular pay 4 hours Paid Time Off documented for pay. (30 minutes regular pay not recorded) 
  • 11/02/16 – 7 hrs -10 minutes actual math figures – 7 hours regular pay, 1 hr Paid Time Off documented for pay. (10 minutes regular pay not recorded) 
  • 11/03/16 – 8 hrs actual math figures – 8 hours regular pay, 30 minutes overtime documented for pay. (30 minutes of extra overtime not shown on time card) 
  • 11/04/16 – 8 hrs -30 minutes actual math figures – 8 hours regular pay, 1 hour overtime documented for pay. (1 hour overtime paid yet only 30 minutes overtime shown on time card.)  
  • 11/05/16 – 5 hrs – 30 minutes actual math figures – 5 hours & 30 minutes regular pay and 1 hour of overtime. (1 hour extra overtime even though no 8 hours worked) 
  • The final total line shows only 8 hours regular time and 7.7 hours of overtime. 

Considering there were not 40 hrs of regular hours worked there should not be any overtime paid according to the policy.    

What was she really paid in relation to the time card?

Comparing the above to the electronic version of the payroll, which covers two cycles to fit in the same dates, makes us wonder if one of these records have been produced after things started getting exposed?

Anna May Miller earnings from October to November, 2016.

Anna May Miller earnings from November to December, 2016.

With such an overlapping pay cycle discrepancy we have no way of knowing what was actually paid during this time as the time card does not match the date parameters in the electronic report.

This is yet another example of why a forensic audit needs to take place.

Considering such funds were in the budget of the Highway Department we wonder if this is why the board voted no and ensured the truth would not come out?

Stay tuned for the Son-in-Law time cards for the same period!


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  1. Presto we have a time card!!!!!

    Special prosecutor needed, crooked need not apply

  2. And in her own handwriting and with her signature. Very good work!



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