Looking at the Payroll Records of Bob and Anna May Miller’s Sons-in-Law

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Algonquin Township Road District – Time cards point to vacation manipulation and abuse

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

One thing for sure has become abundantly clear, Bob Miller and his family pretty much did as they wished while working for the Algonquin Township Road District.

As promised in our last article on Anna May Miller’s time card confusion, we now focus on the Miller’s two Son-in-law’s time cards for the same period.

One question:

How does one get paid for hours of work when they never clock out?  

OK, two questions. 

Who did the math to figure out what they really earned? 

The same October October 31, 2016 – November 6, 2016 time card pay dates for Derek Lee, son-in-law to Bob and Anna May Miller, have what most bookkeepers would call a small problem.

Or a large one if this was the norm.

Derek Lee time card.

As you can see, barely, Derek Lee’s time card reflects he clocked in on October 31st, November 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Interestingly he never clocked out on any of those days.

The handwritten time card reflects a total of 24 hours worked, 16 hours vacation, and 4 hours of overtime even though 40 hours had not been worked.

The electronic version of his payroll, much like Anna May’s, reflects two pay periods that this time card “could fall into, however, in this case, there appears to be a clear discrepancy that we don’t need all the time cards for.

The electronic payroll information reflects Derek was paid for 6 hours of vacation time during this period in question.

Why were only 6 hours of vacation time paid when the time card reflects he took vacation two of the days in question, totaling 16 hours of vacation?

Is this yet another way to take a vacation and not lose the full amount of vacation days you have earned?

It sure appears to be the case as the time cards do not match the electronic payroll provided by the Township.

As if that is not troubling enough, why did this family member get paid another $2,250.00 during this period as a “misc.” pay?

Andrew Rosencrans time card.

Looking at Bob & Anna May Miller’s son-in-law Andrew R Rosencran’s time card, the same pattern of not clocking out is clear, as is the “misc” pay according to the electronic payroll, which Andrew got $2,200.00, which was $50 less than Derek.

Of additional concern is the final pay for Andrew.

This was, in fact, a payout of vacation days as there was nothing else on that payroll report and no pay beyond that time like found with other employees.

Considering he had not earned 80 hours of vacation time since April 1st, the beginning of the fiscal year, how can he legally collect those kinds of hours?

The courts have directed that a policy, as was in place with this Road District, requires unused vacation days to be prorated when it comes to a terminated employee.

Clearly, Andrew’s vacation was not prorated for his 2017 employment and we know he had not earned 80 hours of vacation in one month.

What kind of operation were the Miller’s running where employees did not have to clock out, a vacation without losing the vacation days and still getting paid, paid vacation never earned, and the list goes on?

What kind of management style is this?

I digress, the point has been made by their actions, they lacked in managerial ability on numerous fronts.

For those that are interested, the following are Misc. Pay earnings for the Momma Miller and her son-in-laws over a two year, 5 month period.

Anna May Miller – 

  • 2015 -$6,290.00
  • 2016- $9,250.00
  • 2017 (ending in May) -$2,250.00

Total Anna May Miller earnings during this same period – $193,177.80

Derek Lee: 

  • 2015 -$7,600.00
  • 2016- $9,6885.00
  • 2017 (ending in May) -$650.00

Total Derek Lee earnings during this same period – $190,192.11

Andrew R Rosencrans:

  • 2015 – $6,785.00
  • 2016- $6,850.00
  • 2017 (ending in May) – $1,200.00

Total Andrew Rosencrans earnings during this same period – $158,836.44

You can review the electronic payroll records for numerous employees at this link and you will see, the Miller family appears to be treated much differently than other employees.

One pattern that does appear consistent is the large misc. pay during the last October pay cycle.

It’s as if this was their Christmas bonus without calling it that.

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Looking at the Payroll Records of Bob and Anna May Miller’s Sons-in-Law — 14 Comments

  1. Anyone who’s ever punched a clock recognizes the time honored practice of knocking off early and “forgetting” to punch out.

    But I must admit – I’ve never known an employee to attempt it more than once a week or so.

    I’m assuming Mama did the payroll?

  2. NOW if this is not flagrant enough for a theft charge god save us all, the Miller\Lee syndicate has no concern of an indictment, WHY???

  3. I absolutely don’t understand why these people are still walking among us.

  4. That’s the payroll record.

    The work record will just show zeros.

  5. b.m? Wonder no longer. The system is rigged. You are surrounded by crooks.

  6. When when when Mr States attorney are you going make us believe your office is not corrupt? ????

  7. You know the saddest part?

    Only part of 1% of the McHenry county population knows about this.

    The masses are still plugged into the Northwest Herald as “news”.

    Thank the gods that Cal and the other Watchdogs investigate and report on this stuff to put some pressure on the authorities to do something.

    I still fear that the authorities are in on the take (like the Herald seems to be) and will choose to ignore it.

  8. Walking? Fool me once, shame on me. It is one thing to be lied to and I get taken in. It is quite another when I get lied to and I believe your lies and promote you and those lies to others. I promoted Prim. Big disappointment now. I backed Kenneally so heartedly that I even had signs in my yard. What a liar. Although I didn’t back Rauner, I DID vote for him (what choices did we have!). Turned out his progressive wife has more say-so in this state than he does. This is a huge reason why I no longer care to vote (plus the elections are ALL rigged). Unless and until we storm the Bastille, I fear nothing will happen.

  9. Oh, no. Oh, no this is NOT going to stand. The thieves are dancing their way to a “public hanging”. This smells of the brazenness of the whole stinking cabal. The corrupt judicial system is finished. Satan will NOT win this.

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