State Rep. Peter Breen Draws Protest from NYC Planned Parentlhood

From State Rep. Peter Breen:

This Thursday, I have my annual “Cocktails and Conversation” downtown event, at 5:30 pm at Catch 35 Restaurant, 35 W. Wacker Drive, Chicago. It’s an intimate after-work gathering, to bring good people together and recap the just-concluded Legislative Session. I’ll give you a full update on the fight over the budget and reforms, along with the scoop on the upcoming Fall elections. You can click here to sign up. I’d appreciate it.

Now, you can imagine my surprise when I learned that a national Democrat special interest group is planning on picketing my event this Thursday!

That special interest group is “Planned Parenthood Action,” out of New York City, and serves as the political arm of the country’s largest abortion provider. You see, I have consistently opposed taxpayer funding of elective abortions by our government, which are estimated to generate between $15-30 million revenue for abortion clinics in Illinois, for the new 20,000-30,000 elective abortions that will now be paid for with your tax dollars. (Planned Parenthood recently announced its intention to open 4 more clinics in the state, in light of all the new taxpayer money for abortions.) Here’s my Floor Speech this week opposing this abortion funding in the budget:

Whether your primary concern is finances or morals, there’s no reason for the state government to be funding elective abortions. Last year’s “House Bill 40” approved and allowed the elective abortion program, and unfortunately, the General Assembly included unrestricted moneys to fully fund those abortions in this year’s recently adopted budget bill, HB 109.

I don’t know about you, but I’m honored that this national special interest group thinks I’m worth attacking. This group stands in opposition to the majority will of the People of Illinois, who want state government to stop its wasteful and objectionable spending, and instead get to work on lowering taxes and reducing barriers to economic growth.


State Rep. Peter Breen Draws Protest from NYC Planned Parentlhood — 1 Comment

  1. Thank You State Rep.Peter Breen.

    Any Elective Medical Procedures, should not be Taxpayer Funded.

    Keep it simple and emotion out of the equation.

    Have the the Protester’s start a “Go Fund Me” account, for those that need it.

    The Taxpayer’s Say No More.

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