Questions About Anna May Miller’s November, 2016, Time Cards

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Algonquin Township Road District – Bob Miller approves bogus time card for wife

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –I think we are beginning to understand why the current Algonquin Township Board wants no part of a forensic audit of the Road District finances.

Doing so would expose so much more than we are able to get our hands on, and we believe it would solidify theft of funds through numerous mechanisms.

We obtained a few more time cards today [May 31st] and once again, Anna May Miller’s time cards have a real problem and it appears Bob Miller signed off on it as the Supervisor.

Math is simple, but the time cards we have been able to review is proving otherwise.

Anna May Miller time cards from November, 2016.

Week ending November 13, 2016 time card has numerous problems to include pay for overtime when no such overtime was worked according to the time card.

  • 11-7-2016 – Total hours worked according to time card – 4.5 hrs before lunch, 5.25 hours after lunch.  Total time adds up to 9.75 hours.  Logic would reflect 8 hours of that is regular time and the balance of 1.75 hours is overtime.  However, Anna May has it recorded as 2.25 hours overtime and Bob Miller signed off on it.  (30 minutes of overtime not worked)
  • 11-9-2016 – Total hours worked according to time card was 8 hours. Four hours before lunch and 4 hours after lunch.  However, Anna May has recorded .5 hours of overtime that was never worked according to the time card.  Bob Miller signed off on this time card. (30 minutes of overtime not worked)
  • 11-12-2016 – Total Hours worked according to time card – 1.5 hours.  So how do 1.5 hours of regular work turn into 1.5 hours of overtime? Bob Miller signed off on this time card.

So just with this one-time card, for one week out of approximately 19 years of work she logged an extra 2.5 hours of overtime that was not worked according to the time card.

During that time she was getting paid $30.00 an hour.

With overtime paid at time and a half, that would equate to $112.50 extra in that pay cycle for time not worked.

The 11-12-16 overtime could be explained away as simply being put in the wrong column so the actual extra would be the added half hour rate.

Normal pay for that should have been $45.00 ($30 hrs x 1.5).

Overtime at that $30.00 an hour rate would be $67.50.

If it was simply recorded in the wrong column, it reflects her being paid $22.50 over what she actually worked.

For those that think this is just a one-off problem, we see the same pattern in the week ending 11-20-16 time card as well.

  • 11-14-2016 – Total Hours worked according to time card – 8 hours.  Why is there 1 hour of Comp time documented? 
  • 11-18-2016 Total Hours worked according to time card – 8 hours and 50 minutes.  4.5 hours before lunch and 4 hours 20 minutes after lunch.  With only fifty minutes of time worked over 8 hours, how does that convert to 1.5 hours of overtime?  Fifty minutes is .83 hrs at the time and a half rate. That amounts to $37.35.  Logging it as 1.5 hours overtime reflects $67.50.  A padding of $30.15 just for that one line entry. 

I suspect if we had all of her time cards we would find a pattern of this type of payroll recording.

Now that we have three consecutive time cards we can actually compare the overtime totals to that recorded as being paid in the electronic payroll period of 11-3 through 11-16-2016.

Total overtime paid to Anna May Miller during the 11-3 through 11-16, 2016 pay cycle was 18.25 hrs, for $821.25.

Time card totals for that same pay period also reflect 18.25 hours of overtime.

That being the case, I think its safe to say she was paid for overtime not worked according to just these two examples.

Finding these errors with just two-time cards makes you wonder what 988-time cards would show us.

Is this the reason they refuse to provide the time cards?

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Questions About Anna May Miller’s November, 2016, Time Cards — 7 Comments

  1. That’s the norm for her hundreds of $1000’s of OT AND never there
    fuel clothing vacations food on and on

    But no professional hair repair

    Priorty vacant

  2. So seeing that our States Attorney is not going to do anything about the blatant theft of township funds, we can all send Gasser timecards and he can mail us a check.

    Then we can go shopping for high end clothes and purses and take a vacation Disneyland on the township credit card.

    The board should be charged as well as the Millers.

    They approved all those expenditures or is it that you can’t fix or charge stupid?

  3. Sue? I like your ideas. Silly me, I thought that would go without saying that every single one of the grifters should have been investigated and charged. Perhaps it was overlooked as no one had suggested it as of yet like you did.

  4. Didn’t they ever have an audit done by an outside firm?

    Is Gasser going to play the nepotism card like Miller and only send checks to his friends and relatives and not people he doesn’t know??

    Come on Gasser our State’s Attorney wants to look the other way right now.

    This BS is way too funny with township and the States Attorney sorry Gasser just seeing the stupidity in the whole thing.

    But you can still send me a check.

    Just make it out as your son- in-law or Wife.

  5. Just use Kenneally math, 5+5=0

    Everything adds up nicely … for the taxpayers’ screwing!

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