Algonquin Township Legal Bills, Excluding the Road District

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Algonquin Township Board & Clerk – “Budget Busters”

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –While the Algonquin Township Board has injected themselves into the Road Districts Budget, is it fair to ask why they blew their own budget?

Algonquin Township Board

The 2017-2018 legal budget, before any amendment, totaled $25,000.00 for the Township, $18,000.00 for the Assessor, and $2,500.00 for the Clerk.  Total Township legal budget, $45,500.00

It appears the Township Board paid little attention to their legal spending, much like they ignored Bob Millers spending.  Legel expenditures prior to the amended budget we pointed out in this article, totaled $96,672.25 on legal bills.

How does one legally spend more than twice their budgeted amount?

The Clerk’s legal bills paid up to the point of the amended budget in January reflects $55,275.00 for legal expense and $351.08 for delinquency charges.

For the curious minds, that is 22.11 times the amount of her legal budget of $2,500.00

Nevermind, this is Algonquin Township where real laws have no meaning.

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Algonquin Township Legal Bills, Excluding the Road District — 7 Comments

  1. The board reacted to Gasser suiting everyone by changing the budget.

    I believe the judges have thrown out Gasser legal claims for both cases at least three times.

    Gasser/Hanlan change a couple words and refile causing more legal costs over and over each time the judges throwing the appeal out again.

  2. Is that Jim Kelly in the photo??!!

    Hasn’t he gotten enough out of my daughter’s taxbill?!

    Answer: YES!

  3. Nob are you saying that ALL of the township’s legal expenses are a result of Andrew Gasser’s action’s?

    You should know that’s not true.

    The hypocrisy here is, that while all the past issues were not solely because of one man.

    There are constant raging screams that anything you don’t like are solely because of one man.

    Ironically they have both held the title of Road Commissioner.

    I agree with SA Kenneally’s claim, that this is a systemic problem.

    Andrew Gasser will NOT be responsible for the next outbreak of Lyme disease, no matter how loud you get, or how many times you say it.

    The irrational outrage is getting old.

  4. “For the curious minds, that is 22.11 times the amount of her legal budget of $2,500.00”

    How much more were Gasser’s bills compared to his budget?

    If ECW is going to claim they’re unbiased, I hope they include that information in a write-up as well, or at least explain why Gasser’s spending is justified if they feel that way.

    Otherwise, people might conclude they’re picking sides.

  5. Murmuring, yes!

    Andrew handled the whole problem wrong, he didn’t need to suit, the path he chose was wrong.

  6. To the Edgar County dude writer:

    The budget is just that, a budget.

    Going over budgeting expenditures for legal work is very common.

    You can’t predict who is going to sue you, what is going to happen to cause legal fees.

    Would Edgar County dude suggest once they reach their legal budget, they should just stop spending on legal?

    That is what reserves are for….in cases such as this.

    I am not defending the township here for overspending, merely pointing out why this happens to legal budgets.

    I am sure some of that overspending has to do with dealing with micro brains like the Edgar County “watch dogs”.

    All these guys do is deal in hyperbole to try and get the uninformed frothing at the mouth.

    Seems like they have found fertile grounds in McHenry.

    Haven’t you folks had enough?

    Or does another SA need to **tch-slap them again?

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