Last Name of Nunda Township Road Commissioner Shows Up on McHenry Township Road District Payroll

Mike Lesperance

The Nunda Township Commissioner is Mike Lesperance.

Upon review of the McHenry Township Road Commissioner’s employees, the same last name pops up.

Here are the McHenry Township Road District employees:

McHenry Township Highway Department employees in May, 2018.


Last Name of Nunda Township Road Commissioner Shows Up on McHenry Township Road District Payroll — 19 Comments

  1. Township government…the way to keep your family members drawing a salary.

  2. Provide some evidence that he’s unqualified, a no-show worker, or overpaid in comparison to other employees of the district and you have a story.

    Without that, this is nothing.

  3. Cal your Dad was what and then you did what for the gov, and your almost $100k pension is….?

  4. Just more flagrant nepotism!

    Did the Road Dist. Comm’r of Caledonia Township (Boone Co.) dare ask Sugar Daddy “Pig” Iron Mike if darling little Benton could actually do any work?

    And did “Pig” Iron Mike answer “Are you kidding me?”

  5. Nepotism by proxy!

    Kinda what Jackal Franks did trying to get Blago to appoint his kin.

    Bobby Millerism cubed: “I never hired my own kids, I just got the Road Commish in the next township to do it. Then I hired his kids! Townships are funny that way, ain’t they?”

  6. Townships really have to go.

    They should have been abolished years ago, like they did in my native Wright Co., Missouri.

    Corruption was discovered by the State Auditor:

    “Our audit of the abolishment of the township organization form of government in Wright County
    identified, noncompliance with state law, incomplete township records, and unusual and
    questionable township transactions.”

    No transparency, no oversight, rampant nepotism ….. that’s really what townships are all about.

    I applaud Robert Anderson, exUSMC, for fighting a domestic enemy of the people well into his seventies.

  7. Cal, it’s not a direct quote at all.

    Just a ‘Millerism’ as I said, to illustrate the mentality of how a township goldbrick thinks.

    Miller, once the Township Officials of Illinois President & Official Poster Boy is a perfect representative of government gone haywire with greed and corruption.

    Sorta like a “Spoonerism” or something a prancing loon like Miller would say.

  8. But it seems that Wright County, Missouri, had an auditor capable of looking at and reporting on township government.

    Tell us more, please.

  9. Nob, cal rode his Dad’s coattail/names, and then he showed his arrogance.

    He collects a great deal in pension, but never earned it.

  10. Missouri governor just resigned. Guess we’re done talking about Missouri.

  11. There is a principle that applies to government employees, especially to elected officials: “avoid conflict of interest or appearance thereof.”

    The latter part of that phrase is very important. The standard is not merely avoiding illegal activity or even unethical activity, it is ensuring that the public has transparent confidence that governmental decisions are fair and untainted by personal enrichment.

    What does this mean in the case of Benton Lesperance?

    Should he be barred from working for McHenry Township because his father is Mike Lesperance, Nunda Township Highway Commissioner?

    No, he shouldn’t be barred from holding the job simply because of who his father is.

    However, the principle means the hiring should be held to a higher standard in order to ensure that there was no favoritism, no nepotism.

    Failing to post the job certainly fails this test.

    And stating that his family has been in the road building business is irrelevant.

    My father was an electrician his whole life.

    That doesn’t mean that I’m qualified to wire a house.

    So, I will not assume that Benton Lesperance shouldn’t have been hired, but I will certainly conclude that McHenry Township Highway Commissioner Jim Condon failed to adhere to the standard that he should avoid conflicts of interest or appearance thereof.

    In doing so, he not only casts doubt on his own ethics, sadly he casts doubt on Benton Lesperance’s ethics, and for all we know Benton Lesperance was the most qualified and is completely innocent of doing anything unethical.

    As for the comments about Cal and his pension, there are only two conclusions to be drawn.

    If the authors are saying that what Cal did was wrong and that it is similar to the hiring of Benton Lesperance, then the authors of those comments are stating that hiring Benton Lesperance was unethical.

    If the authors aren’t saying that, then their comments are what is known formally in logic as a “Red Herring”, an attempt to direct attention away from the issue at hand.

    I’ll leave it to the authors of the comments to clarify their position.

  12. The problem is one man all power over levy. and hiring and firing.turn it over to trustees who will stop the nepotism .

    I as a trustee witnessed 2 township workers exposing themselves on conservation land instead of where they should of been working no disipline from Condon.

    It has to stop vote yes for consolidation in november stop the corruption.

  13. Also I would suggest taxpayer’s check driving records of township employees who are driving 260000 lbs trucks on roads where are family members Are you would be suprised who is on the roads

  14. Jim Condon ever act unethically!!!???

    Shhhhhhh. What about all the creditors that got stiffed when his company went BK?

    He just found a better gig: Looting the taxpayers’ pockets in broad daylight.

    Township officials are so good!

    Here’s a real nice recent story about the Road Commissioner of Dundee Township (borders Alg. Township)

    Are Road Commissioners prone to criminality bc they wield so much power they think they’re above the law?

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