Franks Holds Closed Door Meeting with School Leaders

The time was 11 o’clock.

The place was the County Administrative Building.

The participants had been summoned by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Frnaks as part of his campaign to convince voters that he had not really promised that their homes’ property tax bills would be cut 10%.

Here’s the unambiguous Cut 10 logo used in Jack Franks’ 2016 campaign.  A reader called asking why I continued to use this logo from Franks’ campaign.  I told him it was because Franks had been disingenuous.  Had he wanted people to think he was only talking about cutting the county’s share of the budget 10%, the graphic above should have promised to cut property taxes 1%, which is about what the County Board did.

School superintendents and board presidents attended the meeting, but the pubic was excluded.

So, besides not carrying out his pledge to cut our tax bills by 10%, Franks broke his promise to be transparent.

No one would be surprised, however, if the Jack Franks’ house organ, otherwise known as the Northwest Herald, didn’t have a reporter in the room.


Franks Holds Closed Door Meeting with School Leaders — 10 Comments

  1. Liars figure and figures lie could very well be Franks epitaph.

  2. Consistent with the spirit of this sunshine blog, I want to suggest to our immense readership (approximately 12 souls) this is a secret and perverse meeting in a smoke-filled room where ruthless dictator Jack D. Franks (Jack Franks is a Democrat) and the evil leadership of our school districts will strike a deal to perpetuate the suffering of honest, family values, fiscally responsible, God fearing, gun clinging, oppressed, overtaxed, overwhelmed, compassionate conservative libertarian taxpayers. Thank you sunshine blogger for keeping us informed of Jack D. Franks’ (Jack Franks is a Democrat) every move. And before I even finished this post, I already wholeheartedly believe this ridiculous conspiracy theory. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  3. Should the County allow a politician to use county meeting rooms for political activities?

    There is no state statute that give the county board chair authority over Scholl districts.

    This was a political stunt and nothing else.

  4. God forbid we cut our schools even 1 penny.

    For those interested…i pulled information of the 2016/2017 year for our schools through the freedom of information act…see some highlights below:

    Executive secretary $95,000 a year

    At least 5 teachers in classes between K-5th making $97-$105k a year.

    Music art and band teachers making $95-$114k a year

    26 secretaries on staff all making above $50k each.

    Several coordinators and assistant coordinators totaling several 100k+

    An army of nurses, social workers, phyciologists,director of nurses and counselors.

    A labor expense of over $800,000 a year for food service (not supplies or capital). All why touting the great $2 deal they give people for a great meal. Most schools charge a 3rd party contract fee to serve in the school and collect the money only. Not try to run a food service company on our dime.

    We have stipends give for attendance takers at the schools, several thousand dollars given to dozens of after school coaches, alternates and assistance for doing a dozen or so games.

    These are only the tip of the iceberg too…there are so many more to make your blood boil. Keep in mind that we are the top school tax bracket in the country. So what does that get us for the money???? Well barely 50% in math, reading and science….But dont worry thats just a waste were now more focused on money and staff teaching Spanish when we suck at english. Great priorities D200. Try mastering 1 language first.

    Oh yes all the teacher pay above sounds worse when you consider they have to only work 170-195 days a year vs the average worker doing 250 a year. And most dont get off all holidays and summer…oh yeah they get 8 vac days and personal/sick days too. The days can roll over too.

    In 10 years, the school student population has remained steady at 6,600 but the school budget went from $52 million to $97 million today…nearly double the money but no student increase. Where did it all go

  5. My thought is that

    1) Franks didnt want to be embarrassed when they explained to him he has no jurisdiction over other taxing bodies and

    2) Franks is NOT a transpararent politician. He’s all about games, lies, puffing up his fleshy chest and doing absolutely no public good. It’s all about him tho.

  6. HonestAbe 1, is exactly right.

    I would bet School Officials, included Union Representation too.

    Beware Folks, they are not for the Children, Parents, or Families.

    That group of individuals will be the downfall, Angel proves that with his Tick Tocs . . .letting us know that our time is running out. Angel, your time is almost up.

  7. What school district?

    I’m betting it is a unit school district.

  8. Woodstock D200.

    Cal, the only recourse is lawsuits.
    Nobody attends school board meetings, except teachers+union reps making sure status quo upheld.
    the board cares nothing for taxpayers (see 15 year historical financial data for source of that conclusion).

    the litigation industry in Illinois has gotten fat on bad guy business, but predators have eaten most prey, so litigation industry may be amenable to represent different clientele now.

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