Independent McHenry Township Road District Abolitionists Suit Up

Well, “tee-shirt up” might be a better description.

Front: Steve Verr, Jamie Grubich, Ron Salgado
Back:row: Mike Rakestraw, Bill Cunningham, Bob Anderson.

These folks intend to march in the McHenry and Johnsburg parades and seek others to join them.

They are supporting a referendum which will be on the ballot in November asking voters to approve the abolition of an independent McHenry Township Road District starting in 2012 when the term of current Road Commissioner Jim Condon runs out.


Independent McHenry Township Road District Abolitionists Suit Up — 21 Comments

  1. Township government is a mere pittance on my property tax bill, whereas we all know where the real problem is, and screwing around with township road districts is a distraction from the real problems in this state.

    Big ideas a brewing folks, get your shirt and show the world your on board the buckboard>>

    The grass-roots group does not yet have a website, but its members meet weekly to brainstorm ideas and plan a campaign aimed at influencing McHenry County voters to vote for consolidation.

    “Things are going well,” said Anderson, who is working to get Citizens for Consolidation into the McHenry Fiesta Days parade July 22.

    “I’m lining up the people now. We have a tractor lined up with a wagon. Our presence is going to be out there in the public.”

  2. The really important question here is: Who paid for those t-shirts? Sunshine blogger, get to the bottom of this. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww

  3. At the McH townships annual meeting this spring the people voted for the cost of consolidation to be analyzed before the Nov vote.

    When will that report be made available to the public or will Bob and team just ignore that vote?

  4. Perhaps you can cite the statute giving the Annual Town Meeting the authority to order such a study.

  5. Paul Revere nailed it. Township government is a very small part of my real estate tax bill whereas school districts are about 70 percent of it. The low hanging fruit to cut costs and trim our tax bills lies with too many school districts, too many administrators in school districts, too much salaries and benefits for teachers and administrators and an outrageous Illinois Constitutional requirement to give a yearly cola to pensions of teachers and administrators.

    Certainly a number of townships need better management and accountability. But, townships’ costs are not the reason why people are fleeing McHenry County and Illinois.

  6. Predictable? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. The Townships’ graft and corruption is what gets my goat.

    Good luck to these citizens

  8. Whenever I see such a pix I wonder who took it?

    Marlene Lantz? Cal Skinner? NWH? A Japanese tourist? Mr. Palfrey?

    –just asking. I’ll vote yes, though.

    Townships are a complete duplication of golden pensions and perks we can no longer afford.

  9. I saw this comment in the NWH comment section dealing with the same issue:

    This group, as pictured above, appears to include three McHenry Township trustees; Rakestraw, Cunningham and Anderson.

    Meeting weekly to discuss McHenry Township behind the closed doors of Anderson’s shop sounds like a violation of the open meeting act.

  10. LOL wrong!

    So you’re ok with illegal meetings or just disingenuous?

  11. Cindy- Most people are well aware of your “side” of things… posted an article from more than a year ago having nothing to do with this…..#spam

  12. Just? That article is VERY current in explaining to people who may be wondering how we got here. That article goes to motive and shows the history of what has happened. There are a lot of folks new to this fiasco that NEED the background. You are showing your stupidity by thinking you “know it all” and can dis people for trying to educate. Apparently, you have no ability to tie things together to investigate. Ever hear of connecting the dots? BTW Who are you to claim you know the mind of “most” people? I find your comment extremely egotistical.

  13. @the nob

    The Board has already passed the resolution authorizing the referendum to abolish the Road District.

    They’re done with the issue for now.

    I don’t think trustees meeting with other citizens to campaign for a ‘yes’ vote would qualify as conducting Township business.

    Do you have any knowledge that they are discussing other issues as well?

  14. I’m not a lawyer, but 3 or more Trustees discussing any related gov business is illegal or so I’ve heard.

    Wow who’s the one making excuses now? LOL

  15. Give that photo to the police.

    These people are dangerous fanaticks!

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