The Racist Strategy Behind Advancing the Top Two from Primary Elections

The nomination of Republican John Cox as one of two gubernatorial candidates in California should make people wonder how two Democrats could advance to the November election with no Republican on the ballot.

This strategy to eliminate a certain set of people–a minority–from the General Election did not start in California.

It came after blacks were registered and allowed to vote in the deep south.

It came from the minds of those who did not think blacks should be allowed to hold public office.

My source is a state legislator from Mississippi or a nearby state who told me an an American Legislative Exchange Conference (ALEC).

In a person-to-person exchange, he bragged about how successful it had been.

Two whites would come in first and second in contests and the black would come in third.

Hence, the General Election result would exclude blacks.

Just as the General Election result in California in many races excludes Republicans, a minority in many contests as small as blacks in the deep South.


The Racist Strategy Behind Advancing the Top Two from Primary Elections — 8 Comments

  1. If there is anybody who despises racism, they are the republikkklans…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. History records that the Democrats in Congress in the 1860’s fought Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves.

    Democrats wanted Black Americans to remain in slavery.

    As recent as 2010, the Democrat Party honored the death of one of their Senators, Robert Byrd, who was a Klan recruiter at one time.

  3. Maybe that works if you agree to only run two white people or two Democrats or two whatever the in-group is.

    Now if 14 white people and 2 black people ran, you might get two black people in the general election. (In fact,there were blacks elected in the deep south during reconstruction.)

    The narrative going into yesterday’s election was that Democrats could lock themselves out of blue districts because they had too many people running.

    Fortunately for them, the Republicans are so weak that that didn’t happen.

    Jungle primaries are better.

    I hear so often that people would like to vote for a Republican in this race and a Democrat in that race.

    In a jungle primary, you can do that.

    People say they don’t even vote because they don’t want to declare a party.

    Poll taxes and other Jim Crow laws probably did a lot more to keep blacks from getting elected.

    In the modern era, we have gerrymandering for disenfranchizing voters.

    Seems to me like Republicans’ woes in California extend far beyond jungle primaries.

    If you’re getting outvoted 2-1 or more in a primary, you aren’t going to win a general election anyway.

  4. Hello People, wake up.

    As California slips off the edge and people start really considering the breakup of the USA, don’t say you weren’t warned.

    My underground video of the week. Evil Angel won’t like it!

    Scroll Down to “White Supremacy is Everything According to the Left”:

  5. As if my ‘white privilege’ didn’t already have enough to answer for.

  6. This primary technique was developed after poll taxes were declared unconstitutional.

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