Motions to Appoint Four Different Trustees on Lakewood’s Tuesday Night Agenda — 34 Comments

  1. If Miller and Lentz had any backbone they would bow out of this mess.

    Same goes for the trustees, stand up to this wackadoodle and put an end to his madness.

    Hey Paul, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way to Georgia.

    Good riddance!

  2. The idea is that President Paul has decreed that the first two trustees are no longer on the board (illegally).

    Then the board that is seated will be composed of those who are left, which is five members instead of seven

    Of the five, he has three votes.

    The President does not vote except to break a tie I believe.

    So the motions to “restore” the two illegally ousted trustees will fail.

    Then motions will be made to put in their replacements.

    Those will pass.

    Supposedly this will be followed by the President tendering his resignation.

    The newly constituted board will then vote on an interim village board President.

    This will be one of the people who voted to reconstitute the board as they will now have five votes out of seven.

    Had this not been done, the other faction would have four votes out of seven and would select a different interim President.

    Pretty neat trick, but unfortunately completely illegal.

    It is a coup de etat.

    Lawsuits will then result to oust the illegally seated board and interim President.

    Meanwhile Paul will have left town.

    Nice huh?

  3. The Herald has a story today where they had contacted Stuart Diamond, who is a founding partner of Ancel, Glink one of the leading, if not the leading, law firm in the state that represents municipalities, who has confirmed that Serwatka’s move is completely illegal.

    Meanwhile the bloggers here have been strangely silent about what anyone who cares about democracy would consider to be an outrage.

    You can bet if this was Bob Miller or Jack Franks doing something like this the comment section would be overflowing.

    Let’s hear somebody defend this.

    Drain the swamp?

  4. Sorry known this is one of the superheroes worshipped on this blog, this is his church

  5. They cannot reappoint a village trustee that has never been (legally) removed from the Board.

    Those 2 trustees are still trustees and any attempt to have them barred from attending as trustees, or removed from the meeting should result in the immediate arrest of those attempting the removal.

  6. But who will the police obey?

    And where is the Lakewood Village Attorney on all of this?

    Shouldn’t he be putting a stop to it?

  7. BTW: These were the same tactics used by Lenin and the Bolsheviks to take over the Socialist Democratic Labor Party and form the Communist Party.

    Lenin was known for unwillingness to “bear opinions which were contrary to his own”.

  8. A crap, incompetent Trustee that you just happen one time to agree with, is still a crap Trustee.

  9. Then, DJ, your remedy is to vote him out in the next election, not support a usurpation of democracy and the Rule of Law.

  10. You’ve never seen it Cal, because now a municipal executive is finally working for the downtrodden taxpayer who gets constantly screwed over by their local, regional and national governments.

    Even well meaning mayors, governors, and even President Trump are overcome by the sheer size of entrenched bureaucracies, controlling special interests and squealing sellouts like Jason “I support Bobby Miller’s kleptocracy” McMahon (AKA “Jason of the Taxonauts”) and the peevish, double-crosser known as “The Tyrannosaurus Rex” Patrick “the self-appointed Rex” Rexroat.

    Finally a leader who won’t be owned and stand for us! That’s Paul Serwatka.

  11. Now, however, anyone who was associated in any way with Serwatka will be tarnished by his maneuvers and will have no hope of election or re-election.

    His opponents will ultimately triumph as a result of his own actions.

  12. Yes Ricky. Governing is hard.

    That’s why we should break the law if things don’t go our way.

    Seig Heil!

  13. Maybe all of Paul’s supporters should come to tonight’s meeting wearing red armbands with the letter “S” in the middle.

    They could sew some flags too.

  14. Landsakes! Serwatka trying to clean things up!??

    Heaven Forefend!

    Just think what this could lead to!

    The nattering nabobs of negativism chant in unison: Serwatka’s a real meany!

    And a Fascist!

    A Town-Dictator far, far worse than Boss Tweed, Mussolini, Fidel Castro and Jim Crow COMBINED!

    A homicidal maniac running dear Lakewood trying to set fir to the place with a torch!

    The World As We Know it (graft; high-taxation; cronyism. nepotism, theft, oppression; tone-deaf municipalism) Will End Forever!

    Oh God, he must be stopped. Something like this could spread!

  15. I’m guessing you buy your posts on-line, from ACME, that same place the Coyote used to shop.

  16. If this happens, would any/all Board actions/approvals/etc. (eg. check approvals, payroll, new contracts, zoning) by the new members be considered null and void if this move is subsequently found to be illegal?

  17. **You’ve never seen it Cal, because now a municipal executive is finally working for the downtrodden taxpayer who gets constantly screwed over by their local, regional and national governments.**

    Uh, no.

    We’ve never seen it because it is illegal.

    Good try though.

  18. KnownExtremist are you a shill for the McMahons of the county/ Are you McMahaon himself?

    Maybe we should just have Mr. Diamond become our New Lakewood leader, and have him decree what we should do besides pay him tribute.

    After all, he KNOWS ALL and SEES ALL, much like you purport to do.

  19. I like Paul and I can say he never lied about anything — unlike most politicians.

    He has saved us a lot of dough and cleaned up a rotten police department and terribly mismanaged town hall.

    McMahon, a holdover of the past discredited oligarchs who misran the town, is just being encouraged by bigger fish who don’t want Paul’s brand of take-charge governance, governance that really accomplishes something for a change, to spread.

    Serwatka gave me some hope!

    Now Rexrout actually came to my house to campaign, and I thought he was good, and I voted for him — but I see he’s really just another fake.

    Said one thing to get elected, now does the opposite.

  20. Well Western, if you like some people and don’t like others, vote them in or out, campaign for the ones you like, give money, run for office yourself.

    But don’t use illegal shenanigans more befitting of a tin horn dictator.

    Regrettably, whatever “good” was accomplished during the reign of King Paul I will now be overshadowed by how HE chose to end it.

  21. Serwakta is a nutjob. Best thing that can happen to this town is him stepping down.

    Hard to read the comments hear lauding him.

    You do realize he is leaving right?

    Turned everything upside down and now is leaving.

    Great leader, just great.

  22. Well by the looksof the agenda, it appears as though Serwatka backed off his original and illegal form of leadership.

    Still should be a hell of a meeting tonight!

    Bring popcorn.

  23. No Oak, the agenda remains unchanged.

    This was not just a one off couple of letters to a couple of trustees.

    The agenda reveals that this is a well thought out plan to illegally rig village government.

    You don’t have appointment of two new people unless you are alleging that there is a vacancy.

    There is no vacancy.

    You don’t have motions to “reappoint” trustees unless they previously vacated their offices.

    They didn’t vacate their offices.

    The letters he sent out were non events. They did nothing.

    The sad thing is that Paul was the Poster Child of the local Tea Party Movement.

    If he is an example of what to expect when Tea Party people are given even a small amount of power, we should all be very afraid.

  24. KnownExtremist you are a fool.

    You are the one to wear red armbands!

    I support Paul 1000% I support your deportation to Nowheresville.

    Go get ’em Paul!

  25. Western,

    Rexroat was appointed.

    He did not campaign or go door to door.

    I think most people who are talking about Rexroat on this blog have him mixed up with somebody else on the board.

  26. To Known Extremist:

    My father, my stepfather, and my father-in-law all fought in WWII. My father-in-law was, for a short time, a prisoner of the Nazis.

    For you to compare what Paul Serwatka is attempting to Adolph Hitler is grotesque.

    It is an insult to every veteran who fought in WWII, to every American who lost a father or a brother in that war, to everyone who died at the hands of the Nazis.

    Nazism was evil incarnate.

    Unless you are a complete coward, you will unmask yourself and apologize for your words and never again make that kind of comparison.

  27. It’s reallg shocking how people on the message board support Paul when he is illegally and purposefully rigging our local government. How can anyone be ok with what is going on?

    I’m all for lowering taxes and supported Paul, but not when he is breaking the law and that is going to cost tax payers thousands of dollars in legal fees.

    And for what?

    Even if these moves were legal, you would be ok with these actions without any sort of details and evidence that they are breaking the law?

    You also fully support the fact that Paul hasn’t paid his taxes? And he is the Village President?

    It’s pretty wild that you would blindly support such actions.

  28. Steve? I too have many family members that fought (and some died) in every war from the Spanish American War through Viet Nam right up to Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. We thank your whole family for their incredible sacrifices just to serve our country.

  29. In the spirit of conspiracy theories governing this sunshine blog, I fully support the idea that Golfland Lakewood Village president may be a die hard nazi. Just saying…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

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